Worst Absolute Pitfalls of Freelancing You Must be Wary of

Freelancing refers to working on one’s own terms and conditions. Freelancer works for a number of companies. Unlike the traditional office-goer, a freelancer is not obliged to work for a single company. Freelancers believe that working on one’s own terms and discipline is the best way to stay happy. Such people do not want to spend their life working for another person’s dreams. They can’t tolerate the nagging nature of their bosses; therefore choose freelancing for their own freedom. The need of opting for freelance works has also risen because of recession. Recession has rendered many people jobless. The jobs available in the market pay less and do not match their education qualification. So, people are left with no other choice than freelancing.

Sometimes the work of freelancing can create difficulty. As you have to promote your work yourself, only you would be responsible for generating profit or incurring any loss. Fear to complete work on time i.e. within the mentioned deadlines, better than the competitors is always there. Don’t think that there is no boss, so you will have no pressure in freelancing. Everything has multiple positive and negative things related to it. Similar is the case with freelancing, it has a large number of pros like it promotes creativity, brings self-discipline in individual, relaxation in working hours but as mentioned earlier it also has some cons. Below are some of the worst absolute pitfalls of freelancing.

No Stable Clients

No Stable Clients

Freelancing is such a way of working in which a person has multiple number of clients. None of them would give you projects regularly. So you have to spend most of your time in understanding the behavior of your client and keeping a regular check on the changing work nature

Irregular Income

Irregular Income

This is the main pitfall which every freelancer has to suffer. A situation may come when a number of clients are approaching them for work, while at some other time there would be no clients and you will therefore have no work to do. No work leads to no pay.

Women are Dominating The Freelancing World

Women Are Dominating The Freelancing Worl

This could be a pitfall for men, as a recent study shows that 60 percent of freelancers market is dominated by females and the rest 40 percent of the market is captured by men. Most clients prefer females because of their regular and hardworking nature.

No Work if no Marking Strategy

No Work If No Marking Strategy

Freelancers being the only owner and boss of their work would get work if they market their previous work. For this they will have to be active on social networking websites like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You have to update your profile constantly.

Fear to Complete Work Before Deadlines

Fear To Complete Work Before Deadlines

Completing work well before deadlines, always haunts freelancers. They do not get a sigh of relief until they complete their work. This is also one of the main pitfalls of freelancing. Work submitted after the mentioned timeline may lead to loss of the faith of that particular client. That client will not approach you next time.

Unfaithful Communication Modes Used

Unfaithful Communication Modes Used

Most of the work assigned by the clients of freelancers is through the medium of telephone or internet. Face to face communication is the best way to exchange information but this is not possible in case of freelancing. The use of telephones could lead to many misconceptions and the work assigned might not match the standards of clients.

No Time to Enhance or Improve Skills

No Time To Enhance Or Improve Skills

With the growth in the competition level in the field of freelancing, these people spend most of their time in completing more of their work in lesser time. So, they have no time to improve their skills. Upgrading one’s skills is always beneficial as this would acquaint you with latest technology.

Different Requirement Requires Variance in Setting Standards

Different Requirement Requires Variance In Setting Standards

Different requirements of freelancers and their varied learning capabilities make each of them different from others. So particular rules or standards set might work for one but may not go well for some other freelancer.

Unpaid for Completed Work

Unpaid For Completed Work

This is also one of the worst absolute pitfalls of freelancing. Many times it is seen that clients do not pay money to freelancers. Even if the work of client is completed on time with best quality, some of these take the benefit of informal communication. So, they do not pay the finalized due amount.

Self-Payment of Taxes

Self-Payment Of Taxes

A freelancer is responsible for making the various payments and collecting money from their clients. Unlike the many government or private organizations, freelancers have to make the payment of taxes themselves. This wastes a lot of their time.

Difficult to Maintain Self-Discipline

Difficult To Maintain Self-Discipline

As freelancers have no boss, there is no one to judge their performance. No regular office timings make them relaxed as these feel that the work could be completed during any time of the day. So, maintaining self-discipline is also one of the main pitfalls of freelancing.



This is a situation which most of the freelancers like when they start-up with freelancing as some of the people leave jobs because of the bad behavior of their co-workers. Later a situation may come when sitting alone at home becomes intolerable. One starts getting frustrated and loses interest in work.



This is another important pitfall of freelancing. One should never keep such a thing in mind that the work could be done tomorrow. As that next day will never come, you will again postpone it to the coming day. Do not roam during the day and leave work for night as this would disturb your next day.

Lack of Organization

Lack Of Organization

Prioritizing one’s things will not allow you to fall, but if you lack in organizing your things this would just waste your time. Take an appropriate amount of time to make a to-do list and set your long term and short term goals.

Growing Competition

Growing Competition

With the increasing unemployment a large number of people love to work as freelancers. More people with their varied talents are entering this market. This is a major pitfall, so every individual needs to brush up one’s skills thoroughly in order to attract more and more clients.

By now you might be aware that freelancing is not as easy as it seems to be. Although freelancers have flexible timings, no pressure of boss, more control and can relax whenever they want, there are a number of pitfalls of freelancing.These might deteriorate your performance if you are not prepared. Freelancing is no doubt a better option than traditional offices. Working for overcoming these pitfalls will make your work more entertaining. After working on these one will start enjoying the work and will put in great efforts to get maximum output.

Worst Absolute Pitfalls of Freelancing

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