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What If There Was No Internet?


The internet has become a crucial part of our daily lives. We live in a world where social media and electronic gadgets reign. Needless to say, the ever innovating technology has made our lives far easier than it used to be, especially in the field of business and communication.

Imagine the world without the internet. What would happen to the people who are so dependent on it? The blogging world will die and millions of people will lose their jobs. That is not a pretty sight, I tell you.

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No More Google


Students and everyone else who turn to Google for help will lose their repository of information. This means that they will have to go back to the old way of expanding their knowledge by browsing through the numerous books in the library which could be very tiring and time-consuming.

Communication Problems


Communication will be greatly affected if the internet becomes non-existent. Cellular phones and electronic gadgets will lose their value. People will have to go back to writing telegrams and snail mails. Instead of Skype and webcams, landlines will again be the best means of communication. No more emails and chats for internet-dependent people. Social media sites will disappear and it will be very hard to keep in touch with your loved ones when they are miles away from you.

Financial Industry Will Bug Down


E-Commerce, where the buying and selling of products and services are conducted online, will also vanish into thin air, knowing that its very existence is dependent on the internet. Business-minded individuals will also have to say goodbye to online banking and revert to the old traditional ways like lining up in the bank and waiting for their transactions to be processed manually.

Say Goodbye To Online Entertainment


Entertainment such as online gaming, video streaming and virtual libraries will be utterly devoid of meaning. The internet is the fundamental block of all these things and if it disappears, we will be deprived of online entertainment for good. What will happen to us then? I bet probably far worse than we could ever imagine.

Negative Impact


The loss of internet will certainly have a strong negative impact on the world. In fact, it could be really detrimental because it would affect the crucial activities of the different sectors of society, from the private citizens to the political moguls and business tycoons.

At this point, we could say that the internet is indeed one of the greatest inventions ever and losing it would definitely spell disaster.

Looking At The Bright Side


But wait, why are we only focusing on the negative side? Of course, it is obvious that the aftermath can be totally heart-breaking but then again, there are always two sides to every story just as there are two sides to every coin. So, let me just ask you this, will the loss of internet bring us any good too?

As much as I hate to admit this, being an internet dependent myself, the disappearance of internet can actually be good too, in some ways, that is.

Some of the positive things that can come out of it are the death of piracy and the minimization of pornography. Cyber bullying will be put to an end and hacking will no longer be a problem.

No More Piracy


Piracy is a serious issue these days considering the fact that so many people offer their continued patronage to it. Why not? You get to watch movies and download music for free. It may be beneficial to us, internet users, but it greatly affects the movie and music industry’s income. Thus, piracy is a crime punishable by law.

Lesser Pornography


Pornography is another problem faced by parents. They have to take the necessary steps such as sufficient supervision and restriction to ensure that their children are shielded from the wanton pornographic materials scattered all over the internet. If there’s no internet, parents won’t have to worry so much about pornography and all other dissolute materials found online.

Cyber Bullying Will End


Another issue that will be stricken off the list is cyber-bullying. The growth of the internet has paved the way for cyber bullies to habitually badger, intimidate and even threaten the weaker ones. Truth to be told, cyber bullying is more serious than it sounds. So many teenagers have committed suicide due to depression and public humiliation brought about by cyber bullying. The internet is indeed not just about positivity.

Hacking Will Stop


Finally, we have hacking as a problem faced by many big financial companies, political subdivisions, government agencies and even private citizens. Computer geniuses can have access to the most confidential documents and top secret files. This may actually pose a threat to the national security. If precious information gets in the hands of the wrong people, dangerous things may come to pass. Imagine what will happen to the world if all the dirty secrets of the different governments in the world were exposed to the public. There would be chaos!

Bottom Line


The internet is an important part of our lives and losing it will be very difficult as it will greatly affect us. The impact it will leave will be life changing. I can’t even begin to imagine life without the virtual world.

If we really think about it, the answer to all the problems brought about by the internet lies on us, internet users. We need to be responsible and we need to have proper internet etiquette.

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