Weather Photography: Juxtapositions of Extreme and Serene Phenomena

Weather photography can be truly extraordinary.  Many of us, while driving, looking out our windows, walking outdoors or just relaxing on a beach, admire the magnificence of nature and have witnessed powerful storms, beautiful sunsets and majestic clouds.  However, capturing these moments through photography is a challenging task, so today, we’ll be looking at some spectacular weather photographs.

This post showcases an amazing juxtaposition of the extreme phenomena seen in nature, from towering thunderheads to tornado supecells, against the peace and serenity of foggy sunrises, soft rain, moonbows and more.

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Thunderhead by Nicholas T

Nebraska Supercell by Mike Hollingshead

Foghorns at the Golden Gate by Patrick Smith

Teamwork by Muha

Dust Devil by Jim Reed

Bank of Montreal by Guajava

New Melones Lake by Encouragement

Rainshower by Curtis Forrester

Vampire Season by Annadriel

Blue Hour by Jim Patterson

Big Storm Approaching by Stein Liland

Warm and Cold Winter Sunset by Romeo Koitmae

Stormy Tundra Pond Cloud by Jon Cornforth

Moonbow by Garry

Duality by Parabola Pop

Jim Reed

Winter Heavens by Peter Unterweger

Nebraska Supercell by Mike Hollingshead

Foggy Sunrise at Golden Gate by maxxsmart

Winter Magic by Darvin Atkeson

False Alarm by Claudio AR

Sparky Shortgrass Prairie by Michael Menefee

Redwoods California by Kevin McNeal

Polar Light by Attention Zold

Red Tips by Cody 26

A Walk in the Rain by Marcel Germaine

Waterfall from the Clouds by Cristiano Pellagracci

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