Using Your Blog to Promote Your Business

The entry into the 21st century brought about many changes, and as we move forward toward the second decade we can expect to see even more in the way of promotional technology. Business owners no longer have to rely on expensive newspaper and magazine advertising nor are they limited to promoting a website that does nothing more than act as “show and tell” for the products and services your company provides. Today in the 21st century we have the advantage of choosing blogs instead of just a website. However, there are some things you must do in order to make sure your blog works for you.

Professional Content is Essential

You don’t want to rush and put information on your blog that is full of grammatical and spelling errors—you will represent your company in a negative way. Readers will judge you by the content on your blog, so you want to make sure the content you post is of a high quality and is representative of your company’s image.

Treat your blog the same way you would treat a direct mail sales letter: correct grammatical form, no spelling errors and proper punctuation. If you treat it as a low-budget way to advertise your business, your sales will suffer accordingly. The informality of a blog, however, does not mean you want to present it in a haphazard or sloppy way.  What you want to strive for is presenting your content in a professional but informal way that appeals to the average reader.

If you are not a good writer or don’t have the time to devote to writing the content, hire a staff writer or freelance writer to maintain your company’s blog. It’s important to make sure the blog is professional looking, appealing and accurate; if you are unable to meet the criteria, it’s worth your time and company’s reputation to hire someone who can do it for you.

Update Your Blog’s Content Regularly

Those who come to your site regularly do not want to see the same content all the time—that is the easiest way to drive traffic away from your site. While you want to use the content on your blog to promote your business, you need to make sure you have articles that are fresh. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the old posts, but you want to have fresh content for visitors to see when the browse recent content.

If you can’t update the blog on a daily basis, you do want to make sure your customers know when to expect new content. Some of the things to consider when posting content on your blog include the following:

  • Update your blog whenever you have a new product or service line
  • Add new content on a regular basis—whether you choose daily, weekly or monthly it should be on a regular schedule so that your readers know when to expect new content
  • Blog about any promotions or sales you are running. Many of your customers rely on company blogs for this kind of information
  • Consider the concept of adding guest blogs, especially those who have expertise in your product and service lines. This will improve your readership and build your credibility.


Easy Navigation

Your blog is only a small part of your entire website, but you still want to make sure it is easy for readers to navigate from your blog to your website. The purpose of the blog is to provide readers with a way to find out about the products or services you sell without making it appear to be a sales pitch.

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