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Useful Tips for Freelancers During Slow Times to Stay Active and Productive


Like all other occupations, freelancing is also believed as one of such professions where you will have days when your freelancer work is slow. Every freelance goes through a tough time but he should know the useful tips for freelancers during slow times. Freelancing may look to be quite beneficial but are mostly involved with a constant threat of unproductive days. There will be a dry period where the projects are fewer and you don’t have much work to do. In this article we will be discussing some useful tips that will surely work for you during your slow times at work.

Contact Clients

The best resource for finding new work is to try and make contact with your past clients. When things get slow, drop an e-mail to past clients and see what they’re up to. This can help you in maintaining a proper relation with the client and can even help you to get some work in future. You can get significantly better return on your time by hitting up old clients as compared to search for some new job clienteles.

Connecting with past clients has often been a great way I find new projects and work during slow times. Try and contact your clients whom you believe are in your good list and you have a decent work relationship. Clients, most likely love the fact that you remember them and keep in touch. A good call or a reminder to your past client can be a great idea that gets you the extra project you need right now.

Update Your Portfolio

Make sure your portfolio is updated with your work.  Updating your portfolio is always a good idea to show that you are resourceful and to attract new clients. When you work as a freelancer there is always something new that you can add to your experience list. Upgrading your portfolio can be difficult in times when you have loads of work and deadlines approaching.

When the things get slow and you don’t have much work to do, you can always try and utilize this time to update your portfolio with all your recent work experiences. Go through your portfolio and see what can be added or deleted to it. Revise and edit your copy with all necessary changes. A good and an attractive portfolio can be quite handy in order to lure new clients for future projects.

Plan Your Future

As a freelancer it is very important to have a proper vision of your future and career. When it comes to plan your future professional career, there’s no better time than a slow season of work. Write down your personal as well as professional goals for the season ahead. Try and be ambitious when it comes to plan your goals for the future. A higher goal set means that you will give a great work effort to achieve it.

Plan and share your desired goals with your family or someone whom you feel can help refine them. Don’t just think of the goals or targets as an alternative try and write them down. This way you will think about them more often and will have a place to come back to check your progress on those goals. Planning is very essential if you want your future to be secure and happy.

Inspire Yourself

No matter how good you are with your work there is always a room for improvement. So in your slow work times you can boost your skills by researching through internet, reading magazines, watching shows related to your work. Doing so can help you can get different and inventive thoughts which you can employ in future in your freelancing work.

When the work rate is slow, it’s always a good thing to take some time researching about for field of work. Adding more knowledge to your cart will be the most qualitative thing that you can do in order to enhance your professional carrier. Staying inspired during the tough periods can be you the upper hand for the times when your clients come rolling back to you.

Analyze Your Work

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