Useful jQuery Plugins for Every Project

jQuery plugins can enhance the usability, functionality and overall experience for any website, and they can also significantly save development time when creating a new website.  Although there are a lot of different jQuery plugins to choose from, and generally it depends on what your project is, there are some jQuery plugins that are useful for a variety of projects.

Here you’ll find some useful jQuery plugins for any project that you’re working on.  Best of all, you can use them right out of the box or even modify them a bit to to meet your specific needs.

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jQuery BBCode Editor

Bbcode is useful for simple editing and guest users, and helpful for posting comments. This plugin provides custom settings for you to make your own bbcode editor, and you can even modify the source code for your need.


Exposure is a jQuery plugin for rich and smart photo viewing that can handle very large amounts of photos.

jQuery YouTube Plugin

Basically this jQuery plugin implements the YouTube Player API pretty much to spec. I’ve omitted some functions but believe I have captured most of the functionality a developer will need to implement a youtube player.

PoshyTip Tooltips

I started looking for a tooltip plugin that allows easily creating stylish tooltips and also includes the most useful features for such a script. However, I wasn’t pleased with the results I found so I ended up writing a completely new plugin and am now making it available for all.

InputNotes jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin to add notes below textareas and input fields based on regex patterns.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll has been called autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages. But essentially it is pre-fetching content from a subsequent page and adding it directly to the user’s current page.

jQuery xColor Plugin

The xcolor plugin is an easy-to-use jQuery extension to manipulate colors in all imaginable combinations. jQuery

This jQuery button gives you a uniform click count button -tall or wide- that people can also use it to retweet your post.

Inset Border Effect

It’s a very simple but neat effect. The images have a border, but unlike CSS borders, it covers up part of the image. I wanted to use this effect in one of my galleries so I went ahead and experimented a bit and came up with the following jQuery plugin.

Apple Zoom

What made me wonder is if it was possible to turn this static image into a fully functional “Retina effect” with only jQuery and CSS. This is exactly what we are doing today. So grab the demo files from the button above and read on.


jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter Widget with @Anywhere support that simplifies the integration of Twitter services into any website.

Form Validation with Hints

We designed this JQuery plugin to make the form validation task easier for users and developers. Just mark the required fields and assign them validation rules to check before submitting the form. Contains a predefined set of common validation rules and let you create your own ones.

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