Unusual, Creative Business Cards

Your business card says a lot about your brand and your companies (or your own) personality. The vast majority of business cards are overly formal, business-y and bland, which makes it particularly striking to see cards that have been designed beautifully, or have something unusual about them. Creative designers have a knack for creating business cards that are memorable, eye-catching and full of personality.

We’ve pulled together a collection of interesting, creative & beautifully designed business cards that (unlike a lot of cards) are unlikely to be thrown away in a hurry.

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Salt Business Card

Crux Business Card

Laptop Business Card

The New Black Business Card

Jake Moore Business Card

Hairdresser Business Card

Vintage Business Cards

Vinyl Business Card

Ninja Business Cards

Bearded Business Card

Andrew Clark Business Cards

Seated Business Card

Flok Business Cards

Stephane Business Card

Another Bloomin Designer Business Card

Pleased To Meet You Business Card

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