Why You Should Turn Down a Freelance Project and How to Do It

Avoid Attending Calls

Avoid attending Calls

Sometimes the new project might be that of your favorite client, if you are busy it is extremely difficult to refuse the work. One better option to save yourself from taking the project is you should stop taking their calls.

Give Reference of Another Freelancer

Give Reference Of Another Freelancer

If you find the project interesting and somehow you have shortage of time, you should give the reference of another freelancer. This shows your willingness to work and your helpful nature.

For New Job, Access Merits

For New Job, Access Merits

Before taking up new client’s work, you should make a proper list of the merits and demerits of work. If pros are greater than cons, you should accept the project otherwise leave the project at once.

Follow Your Instinct

Follow Your Instinct

Sometimes your instincts or sixth sense plays an important role in making decisions. I am not saying that you should always follow it but just take it into slight consideration. These might save you from future difficulties.

Be Prepared With Responses

Be Prepared With Responses

After choosing a career as a freelancer, you will have to deal with a number of clients. With the passage of time you would be aware about the needs from other side. If you are not interested to work be well prepared with your response.

Ask for Written Contract

Ask For Written Contract

If you find the project interesting but have a doubt of authentication of the clients work, demand for a written contract from him or her. In this recession time it’s hard to find jobs. Most of the people prefer to remain unemployed, as they are not being paid according to their qualification. This also plays an important role in choosing freelancing as their career. In order to earn more money these people love to take all kinds of projects. As some of these are the only earning hands in their families so most of these have a pressure to accept all the opportunities. Accepting projects is good in monetary terms but sometimes this thing might not be beneficial. Such projects could prove to be dangerous. Few projects might give you a fake illusion of being trustworthy but these might turn to be fraud at some later stage. Taking a wrong project might lead to monetary benefits these might affect your reputation in return.

I strongly believe the fact that being a freelancer; it’s very difficult to refuse taking a project. Well the above mentioned tips may help you to turn down some projects. With the passage of time you would be acquainted with ample knowledge to differentiate between the right and wrong projects. Refusal to wrong project might hamper you financially but this would be beneficial in long run. Your family and friends would respect your decision later and with the time your reputation would surely improve.

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