Why You Should Turn Down a Freelance Project and How to Do It

Are you overloaded with a number of projects? Do you accept projects without conformation? One thing that every freelancer should consider while taking a project is that you should always take such projects of which you have a thorough knowledge in advance. Secondly try to accept projects related to your specialized field only.

You must gain an appropriate knowledge about the project and the client. As the work performed by freelancers is mostly done from home, many of the clients take benefit of this factor. Mostly the telephonic communication between the freelancer and client is the main reason for this. These two parties are far from each other so the chances of loss or fraud are more. Freelancers might have to suffer monetary loss as sometimes they might work for a fake client. So, a freelancer should be cautious before giving their acceptance for a new project. You must know why you should turn down a freelance project and how to do it because it gets you quality work assignments.

If you work for a fake or unregistered company you might have to face failure or your reputation might decline.Your whole hard work may turn to be useless.

Freelancers may deny for a project because of the following reasons:

1. A situation when they do not need the work as we might have abundant of a similar work

2. Sometimes the work does not fit their goals or talent.

Normally speaking, saying no to work or some project is difficult for every freelancer. The main reason is that freelancers think if they deny some project, their client might refuse to give them work for the next time.

Few things that would help you to make a difference between good and bad projects are listed below. In order choose an appropriate project main thing which will help you in the initial stage is, when you receive a project you must collect right information about it. For this you have to know:

Client’s Reputation

Client’s Reputation

You should check whether the person is having a website or not and do not forget to check for their name in search engine. Consulting other freelancers, who have worked with that person, will be very helpful for you. Ask them about their working experience with that client.

Ask Their Requirements

Ask Their Requirements

Asking a large number of questions well before starting the project would save you from doing unnecessary hard work in a wrong direction.



If you feel that there are certain useless requirements of the clients, these should be negotiated well at the time of taking the project.

Written Agreement

Written Agreement

Whenever you go for any new project, you must sign some written agreement. This would be safe for both i.e. freelancer as well as the client.

Below is a list of some projects which you should never accept:

1. If you already have a number of projects.

2. If the client is speaking to you rudely

3. If the topic is out of your expert field.

4. If the client asking you to work freely.

5. If the project is illegal in some sense.

6. If the client is demanding more work in less money.

7. If the client is behaving in a rude manner.

8. If you know the work is useless.

Some of the ways that would help you to deny or refuse from taking a project from your client

Set Some Rules

Set Some Rules

As a freelancer you should set some strict rules or principles for yourself. Whenever you come across any new projects, do consult these principles. So, accept or reject the project accordingly. Working with such parameters will help you in making decisions quickly.

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