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Tricks to Improve Creativity


Every person in this world has the capability of being creative. Everyone has his way own way to showcase his creativity. Some people are good at carrying their creative ideas and some are not. Some people underestimate themselves and lack in their creative approach. People generally appreciate your creative ideas if they are presented with a confidence in your attitude.

As a freelancer you always need to be creative and should know tricks to improve creativity at your work. Freelancers are always working on so many projects that they do face creative blockage at times. In such conditions it is very important to boost your creativity skills. In this article we will be discussing some of the most interesting ways that can help you add more creativity to your work.

Write It Down

The best way to stay creative at work is to keep a notebook or a pad with you at all times. Your mind can come up with many creative ideas at times when you don’t even expect. You never know when a brainwave is going to strike, so you have to be ready. Having a notebook in your pocket which can be used for storing your ideas will keep your subconscious creative mind ticking over. As a creative person or even for a creative professional you need to carry a notebook just to jot down your ideas every now and then.We all believe that creativity is all around us, so it is always suggested to carry a notebook and stay attentive for some creative ideas.

Creative Work Space

Creative people always have a special work place where they come up with their creative ideas. In order to add more creativity to your work you need to find your creative space. Your creative work space can be any library, a park, your own room, public bench or office. The most important thing about your creativity space is that it should be peaceful so that you can think with concentration and are always comfortable with it. Even your daily work area can be used as your creative work space. Try and design your work area with all the things that you feel are important and bring in some innovative ideas. Your work space should be free from all the elements like cellphone, laptops and all other things that you believe can distract you and your focus from work. For a successful freelancer it is always important to have a creative workspace so that he can make his every work a creative work.

Have New Experiences

For new creative ideas try and seek new experiences in your daily life. Making new hobbies traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures and ideas can help you to broaden your creativity space. Taking a vacation with family, friends or even alone can be a perfect way to recharge your mind and body. Go to places where you can really relax yourself and take your mind away from work. Holidays can help you to open up your mind and perspectives to find inspirations for your work. When you travel to a new environment, where is something out of your comfort zone, you can experience new culture and formulate new ways of thinking. Holidays can refresh your perspective about work and living.

Creative Partners

In order to enhance your creativity you can work as a team of creative members. Having a team of creative members can help you to get innovative ideas. As a freelancer you always need to come up with inventive ideas. Practically more minds on a work will generate more ideas then a single mind. When your work demands you to be more creative in your approach try and consult your team for some inspired thoughts.Your team can have members from different fields as they can provide you with their different experiences from their respective fields. So in order to have a more creative attitude of work, try and design your creative team wisely. Discuss ideas with your team members or even a person whom you believe can be a great assist for your work. Try speaking to someone creative from your social circle or even look for some ideas within your family.

Mind Mapping

Your mind is where all your thoughts and ideas derive from. In order to trace out all your ideas and thoughts that are in your mind try mind mapping. It is basically a drawing or the sketch art that can be used to represent words and their relationship with each other or with ideas. When we need to come up with creative ideas at work we generally prefer mind mapping during the brainstorming sessions.For brainstorming your mind you need to think of a topic and try to write down all the thoughts that come in your mind. These can be good thoughts or even your negative views about the topic. Try and gather all the information about it you can find. Now design an outline of the topic with all the resources you have. This technique helps you to fresh your mind for new innovative ideas.

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