Top Things Every Freelancer Should Do Now and Forever

Freelancer is a person who works independently. He or she is not liable to anyone else. These people work like independent contractors and provide services to clients. They generally work from home and work with a great level of comfort zone. Those who are their own boss or are not willing to work under pressure prefer such jobs. Mode of payment varies for all. Some are paid on project basis while some are paid according to their time devotion. They perform according to the directions of the client and produce the product similar to their requirements.

Such people are considered self-employed. These are not committed to a particular employer for a long period. In fact they work for a particular project and then work for some other client.They are very creative and work with utmost devotion. Being the sole owner and employee of the task, a freelancer has to perform multiple roles.

Some top things that every freelancer should do now and forever are:

Role of Accountant

Role Of Accountant

As freelancers are themselves the owner of their tasks, they have to play the role of accountant. They have to maintain all their books, files and taxes. They themselves have to maintain their financial budget in such a manner that no monetary imbalance occurs.

Role as a Human Resource Manager

Role As A Human Resource Manager

Complete responsibility of the work is on the freelancer, he or she will have to become his or her own HR manager. So you will have to keep a strict check on your leaves and health. Your leave will lead to your loss.

Role of a Collecting Agent

Role Of A Collecting Agent

To perform this responsibility freelancer will have to become a little annoying, to ask for due payments. He or she will have to send emails or call the responsible authority to pay the money for your work. For receiving the money on time, one needs to remind the client’s time and again.

To Act as a Marketing Team

To Act as A Marketing Team

Freelancers will have to market their business on regular basis. There would be no one doing this work for them. They will have to prove their work better than others. For this they will have to follow multiple marketing techniques. Advertising their work will attract more and more clients for them.

Role as a Project Manager

Role As A Project Manager

A freelancer has to play a role of a project manager. As they have no higher authority, they will have to decide timelines by them self. There would be no one to remind you for completing your work. You will have to plan your work accordingly and finish your work in that time period.

To Act as a Customer Service Team

To Act As A Customer Service Team

When a person starts with a business, he is always told to keep a good relation with his customers. Freelancers should also treat customers equivalent to God. Satisfying your customer should be your sole motive. If you will not take their complaints seriously they will switch to other freelancers.

As a Client Representative

As A Client Representative

In order to keep your clients happy you will have to act as their representative. Communicating with them will make you understand what they actually need and you will therefore provide your service according to their need.

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