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Top Reasons to Avoid Freelancing


Many young people tend to have second thoughts about how they should work. They cannot make up their mind whether to continue as a permanent employee or to start as a freelancer. In fact the decision depends on the individual. Both have their pros and cons. Some prefer the stability and security of a permanent work; others prefer the freedom of freelancing. Whatever way you choose, the decision is entirely yours. In the end what matters the most is that you must be satisfied with your job. And this satisfaction comes only when you are aware about a host of things that include top reasons to avoid freelancing. Before deciding whether you should leave your current job and opt for freelancing, you must understand why you should avoid freelancing.

No Job Security

Compared to freelancing jobs, permanent jobs have several benefits. Permanent jobs are more stable and secure than temporary or freelancing jobs. As a permanent employee, you are sure of getting a pay packet at the end of the month. This ensures you that can budget your expenses for the coming days. After handling a position for a while and putting in a good performance in a permanent job, you are sure of a promotion and larger pay packet. With a permanent job in your hand you can always make good investments. A freelancing job does not offer above advantages. Freelancers cannot enjoy the same rights from the organization as regular employees do.

No Fixed Working Schedules

A permanent employee will have fixed working schedule, while a freelancer does not have any fixed working schedules. The permanent employee can always ask for compensation for working overtime, while freelancers are not entitled to such benefits. These are some reasons, why should opt for a permanent income rather than choosing a freelancing.A permanent job is lucrative in many ways as you will have fixed timings for work. A permanent job offers you more free time to do what you want, when you are not working. When you are freelancing, you will not be able to plan your holidays or enjoy your vacation. You will never know when you will be called upon to work. Many at times, freelancers are called upon to work with the agencies, if the regular employees are not available. A freelancer’s time is not his or her own.

Absence Of Employee Benefits

Permanent employees are able to reap the benefits of retirement schemes, while freelancers are not entitled to employment benefits and perks. In many cases, freelancers feel like they are always waiting for the right opportunity to come up. Permanent employees have access to facilities like health care, insurance accident coverage and several other benefits while the freelancers are not under any such group coverage. They can also opt for such benefits, but they have to pay it from their pockets. Many a times, private coverage tends to be costly and freelancers cannot afford to pay for such benefits. As a freelancer it is very difficult to get quiet days, when you need not work. Even if you are not working, it means that you will not be earning income on those days. Since you will be costing the company, no one will be ready to keep you without work.

No Bondage Between Team Members In Freelancing

While permanent employees will be able to bond with their coworkers, freelancers are not able to make long-lasting relationships with their coworkers. As they are moving from one job to another frequently, they will always feel like a new person in the crowd. Permanent employees get all the benefits of going to work place like attending parties, meetings, picnics etc. A permanent employee is able to be a part of the social circle while a freelancer is not able to enjoy all these social events at the workplace. Permanent employees can even win awards, while the freelancers do not have much chance to do so. Permanent employees also have the chance to work in a team, while freelancers seldom get such opportunities.

No Mentors For Freelancers

Permanent employees get the chance to be mentored by their seniors, while freelancers have to look after themselves. They have to find somebody to guide them through their learning process. If you re a permanent employee, you will also get a chance to train a fresher after some time.

No Permanent Income In Freelancing

Freelancers have to keep a track of their expenses, while permanent employees do not have to. Freelancers have to keep an account of the work they are doing for several clients. Many a times clients do not make the payments and the freelancers do not get money for the work they are doing. For the freelancers, it is either feast or famine. Sometimes they get work in plenty, at other times they do not have any work in hand. They also have to set up a specific amount of their income to pay up for the employer portion of taxes. For the permanent employee, taxes are cut off automatically from their salaries.

Freelancers Do Not Have A Permanent Role At The Workplace

Sometimes a freelancer may start a project, but will not be able to finish it as the employer may ask other people to complete it. All these situations may be a little painful for the freelancer. A permanent employee has a say in his office or workplace, while a freelancer does not have much a say in his workplace. All these situations can be a little frustrating for the freelancers especially if they have to work against their judgement.In many ways a permanent job is better than freelancing. However, it does not mean that freelancing does not have its merits. If you are a freelancer, you can always choose your work.You can also choose the type of work you want to do. You need not be answerable to anyone while you are freelancing. You can always make your own choice, whether to earn a steady income and have a secure future or opt for the freedom of freelancing. Whatever decision you make, it should be a wise one and which can help you and your family to lead a happy and secure life.

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