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50 Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away


We have recently seen many inventions and advancements, some of them related to technology while others cover everything ranging from healthcare to creative arts. But when it comes to capturing all these moments and achievements, nothing does a better job than a well timed photograph. After scouring through the web for such photographs, we have managed to pull a modest list of  The Top 50 Pictures that you must check and share with your friends.

Lone Chamios Above the Clouds By Rado Gadoczi


UFO Spotted In Seattle By NothingI5True

Sunrise at Easter Island By Pierre Lesage


Nature Overtake The Great Wall of China By Trey Ratcliff @

Brusells Flower Carpet By
Gaston Batistini

Contrast In Krakow By Martin Ryczek



Cloud City, Dubai By Sebastian Optiz |


The Space Selfie By NASA


The Eye Of The Moon By Lynn Sessions |


This Is Norway By Simo Räsänen


Coal Train At Sunset By Tom Danneman

Forces of Nature By Martin Rietze |


Moon Jelly By Alexander Semenov

The Stained Mapparium By Bob Sacha for National Geographic

Whiskey On the Rocks By The Town Sheriff on Flickr

Down the Spiral By Colin| Wikimedia Commons


Waves Of Time By Chell Hill

Arora Australis From Space By NASA/JSC/JOE ACABA

The Tsunami Cloud By Gary Brink | photofrenzy2000 on Flickr

World’s Coolest Subway Entrance By Abigail Gawith | alg24 on Flickr

Horizon Rainbow In Paris By Bertrand Kulik

MoonRise Time Lapse Over LA By Dan Marker-Moore | DANOR.ST


First Flight By


Forest On Shipwreck By Bruce Hood |


The Rocky Wave By G.A. KOUT |


Abandoned Railway Paris By Mister Boubou on Flickr


Roman Pool at Hearst Castle By Trey Ratcliff |

Face Plant By Archie Campbell |

Yokohoma Cherry Blossoms in Bloom By Agustin Rafael Reyes

Poolside Mountain View By The Cambrian Hotel

Under Water Perfection By Sarah Lee

When Art Meets Nature | Artwork by Nuxuno Xän and Photograph by Rosali Rodrigues


Ponthu’s Beech By Christophe Kiciak

The Sky Whale By (nz)dave on Flickr

Yale’s Rare Book and and Manuscript Library By Lauren Manning

San Francisco Fog By David Yu


In The Heat Of The Moment By Kawika Singson |Taken by Chris Hirata

Praise The Sun By Anton Jankovoy |

An Albino HumpBack Whale By Jenny Dean


Invisible Reflection By Laura Williams



Tallest Waterfall In The World By Adam Klukowski (ENT108) |

Exploded View Of Volkdwagen Golf Mk2 By Hans Hansen

Airplane View Of a Distant Storm By Haley Luna

Face Of an Iceberg By StrummingMusic on Reddit

Portland’s Famous Japanese Maple By Scott McCracken

Grand Canyon Light Show By Rold Maeder

The Gorge At Watkins Glen By Peter Rivera

We are sure you enjoyed our collection of The Top 50 Pictures of the Year for 2013 as much as we liked collecting them. If you have any personal favorites or better suggestions, feel free to mention in the comments section.

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