The Ultimate Guide For New Freelancers

Some people think that freelancing is an amazing job because of the perks that go with it while others find it rather unstable and a little risky. Both perceptions are true to a certain degree, considering that freelancing is all about flexibility and freedom. In other words, you get to work anytime and anywhere you want but it doesn’t mean that you can take the job for granted.

You should know that takes a lot of hard work and determination to climb the ladder of success in the world of freelancing. If you plan to quit your job and take on freelancing, you need to be ready to face the very tough competition.

Creating a Profession Profile

When you decide to take on freelancing, the first thing you need to do is to create a professional profile on one of the many sites that serve as platforms for freelancers and employers alike.

It is important that you establish a solid ground before you begin to look for clients in the future. What you need to do is to gauge your skills and work on your weaknesses. This will enable you to compete with other freelancers.

When you create your profile, make sure that you state the truth and not over exaggerate as this can cause serious trouble. For instance, you can’t say that you are skilled in programming when clearly you aren’t. What if someone hires you to do some programming job? How will you deliver the project that you don’t even know how to do to begin with? The important thing in creating a profile is to be honest and professional.


Market Yourself and Your Skills

Once you have developed your confidence and you become comfortable with your skills, you will be able to compete with other freelancers. This is the stage where you market yourself. You can begin by bidding on projects that you know you can do. It may take a while for you to find a potential client especially if you are new in the world of freelancing so don’t lose hope. Just keep marketing your skills until someone will notice you and give you your first freelance project.


Build a Killer Portfolio

Once you have started working with different clients, you must start building a high-quality portfolio. This is where you highlight your best works to attract more employers.

Expert freelancers know that portfolios are essential in their line of work. A freelancer with a killer portfolio is more likely able to get more jobs as compared to someone who has very little experience.

As you gain more experience in the freelancing industry, you will become better at the job. Don’t forget to update your portfolio and add your latest work which you think deserves to be given merit. Just keep in mind that your portfolio is one of the most important elements in getting the attention of potential employers.


Use Social Media to Market Yourself

It is a smart move to make use of the many social networking sites to market your skills. You can take advantage of social media by posting ads and work samples that could possibly attract potential clients.

One thing that you could do is to give out freebies and some valuable information in the form of ebooks or videos. This could lead you to more opportunities and you might just bump into someone who could be interested in your skills and services.


Time Management is Essential

You might get the wrong impression as to the work schedule of freelancers. It is true that they have very flexible working hours but it doesn’t mean they are not required to manage their time well. In fact, time management is a vital part of freelancing.

When you take on a freelancing job, you need to learn to discipline yourself and make the most of your time because if you don’t, you will never reach the pinnacle of success.

Learning to balance your work schedule is necessary if you want to maximize your income. You need to allot enough time to one project before taking on other jobs to avoid conflicts and to dodge time pressure.


Deadlines Are Very Important

As a freelancer, you have to follow deadlines strictly. You need to finish your projects on time and deliver them to your client on the agreed date. This develops trust and when your client trusts you, there is a possibility that you will be hired again.

Employers don’t like freelancers who cannot finish their work on the given due date. It makes the latter look unprofessional. You might want to avoid this if you want to take your freelancing career to the next level.


Don’t Be Naive

There are so many scammers online and as a freelancer, it is your responsibility to be wary of them. You need to make sure that when you accept a project, the employer is legitimate and pays on time.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be suspicious of everyone who wants to hire you though; you just need to be on your toes and hope that you don’t fall into the hands of a scammer.

Job offers that seem too good to be true are most likely a scammer’s bait to lure you into working for them and when you have finally finished the project after working so hard for several days and nights, they just disappear into thin air without even paying a single cent.


Freelancing is Not for Everyone

The truth is: freelancing is not for everyone. It takes a really hard-working, motivated and skilled individual to get ahead in this kind of career.

You have to know that although freelancing is all about freedom and flexibility, there is no consistency in the income and work load. It means that you may have so many projects today but come next week, you’re as good as unemployed because you can’t find someone to hire you for your services.

It is important to prepare yourself to face that kind of scenario because it is not uncommon in the freelancing industry. You have to understand that competition is tight and that you have to work hard to be better than the rest.


Take Freelancing Seriously If You Want To Become Successful

You will not excel in this kind of job if you don’t work hard for it. Taking freelancing for granted won’t get you anywhere so if you really want to make a career out of it, you have to be very determined. Knowing the do’s and don’ts will surely be a big help.



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