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The Perfect Clothing and Accessories for Geeky Designers


Last week, Yasmina from DesignFetish contributed an awesomely cool post about the perfect home and office gifts for designers. In the second part of this series, she has rounded up some perfect clothing and accessory items for geeky designers.  Having a geeky office is great, but when you really want to leave an impression and flaunt your design superiority, well, you just have to have clothing to match.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and geeky t-shirt, earrings, pins or buttons, you’ll find some neat items and gift ideas below.  Plus, there’s even a baby t-shirt so you can indoctrinate the young ones in the ways of graphic design and ensure a rich and fulfilling life.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for here?  There’s a few sites that these items were found on where you might find other ideas, namely UnconfessableIdeas and TypographyShop, so check them out if you’re craving more.

Beware: Wet Pixels T-Shirt

Typographic Jewelry – CMYK Pendant

New Document Baby T-Shirt

Typographic Jewelry – Option-Z

CMYK T-Shirt

Graphic Designer Buttons – 4 Pack

Designer – T-Shirt

Kern Rings

Maximize – Minimize – Close Pins

Photoshop Tools Pins

Photoshop “Oh Crop” T-Shirt

Color Pin

Steve Jobs Lives T-Shirt

Sans-Serif T-Shirts

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