The Luminarium Exhibit #14: Energy

The Luminarium is a modern international art group with talented artists in both the digital and traditional realm from all over the world. Pursuing originality and creativity, the Luminarium focuses on creating online art exhibits for anyone to enjoy and experience.  The group releases a new exhibit every 2 to 4 months, providing fresh and inspiring content on a regular basis. Every release carries a different theme for the artists to interpret, pushing them to illustrate and visualize their unique views on the subject creating organic and exciting exhibits.

The Luminarium presents their 14th exhibit, titled ‘Energy’. Sound, movement, and life, they all have one thing in common…energy. Energy can be found in some of the strangest and subtle forms, from right here on our very own planet to the deep areas of space. Energy is everywhere. We may not always be looking for it or see it with our eyes, but hidden beneath what we cannot see is something powerful and once it takes over you, there’s no stopping it. It’s up to you to harness that energy and use it.

Here are some of the best artworks from the latest Luminarium exhibit.  You check out the whole exhibit here:


Climate Capsules by priteeboy

Tranquility by taenaron

Critical Mass by Tigaer

Chaos Experimental by Kenzo and Obstination

Energy Nightmare by Elf

Star Forge by Phoenix-06

Fusion by Smiling-Demon

Volcanink by grungetv

T’Mara Endevous by tsarye

Satan’s Energy by akenord

Galaxy News Radio Antenna by Kuldar

Monday Morning by adcar

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