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The Importance of a Quality Portfolio


One of the key elements to a successful freelancing career is the existence of a quality portfolio. Expert freelancers know for a fact that building a killer portfolio is one way to attract potential clients.It is through the portfolio that a freelancer gets to show off his most beautiful works hoping to bask in the spotlight, while prospective employers scrutinize them carefully.

Freelancers that are new to the business should know that it is essential to build a quality portfolio if they want to be noticed by potential clients. They should use it to advertise the skills they possess and the services they offer.

Competition Is Tough In The Freelancing Industry

With the growing number of freelancers, the competition gets tougher each day so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to build a quality portfolio that will really get the attention of employers who are seeking to hire freelancers for a specific job. Keep in mind that a killer portfolio increases the chances of getting a new project. Impressing clients will surely guarantee more work load and that means more income for you.

Quality Portfolios Attract Attention

As a freelancer, you have to be smart with how you look for new gigs. Making an attractive portfolio is a wise move as it can easily get attention from potential clients. The trick is to display your best works so that your future employers will consider getting your services. If they are impressed with your portfolio, chances are, they will schedule an interview to check whether you will be a good candidate in their roster of freelancers.

Contact Details Should Be Simple

When posting contact details, be sure to keep it simple and readable. Don’t overplay it by using intricate designs. It’s best to use large letters, preferably black. Pink, green or yellow don’t always work, unless you are a graphic designer and you’re showing off your designing skills and creative streak. Make sure that when a potential client contacts you, you will be reached easily. Include your email and phone number. Most online employers prefer to use Skype and chat, if you don’t have them yet, it’s high time that you create one for yourself for fast and efficient communication.

Make Your Portfolio Downloadable

You probably already know that a quality portfolio serves as one of your marketing strategies and because of that, you need to include a downloadable one in case a prospective client decides to present your works to his company. If you make your portfolio downloadable, it would be much easier for a potential employer to show samples of your work to his partners so they could decide whether or not you stand a chance in getting the job they are offering.

A Quality Portfolio Could Show Your Versatility

Freelancers who possess different sets of skills may show their versatility through their portfolio. Since you will be displaying your previous works, potential clients will be able to judge how versatile you really are if you include different types of freelancing jobs you have done in the past. For instance, the primary skill you are marketing is designing but at the same time, you are also a prolific writer. You should include samples of your work in both areas. This will give your prospective employer an idea of what you are capable of. He could hire you to design his website and write a number of articles once you’re done with the designs. It would be beneficial to you because you will be earning more for the extra work you’ve done.

Learn How To Use Keyword Tags

Another secret that you ought to know is the proper usage of keyword tags because it can really help you a great deal. Search engines will find your page easily if you include keyword tags related to the ad you are posting. For example, you want your portfolio to be seen by potential clients because you are looking for a graphic designing job so you use several varieties of related words such as “graphic designer”, “graphic designing”, “graphics and designs” “online graphic designer”, “freelance graphic designer” “graphic artist” and so on and so forth.

Testimonials And Positive Feedback From Past Clients Can Be Useful

Use your previous employers’ testimonies and feedback to your advantage by incorporating them in your portfolio. Remember, your goal is to attract more clients to maximize your potential income. Displaying testimonials and feedback will give a better insight to prospective employers regarding your skills and capabilities. They will more or less have an idea of what you are as a freelancer and how good you are at the job you have. A lot of potential clients rely on the comments given by your previous employers. They will know whether you are fit to handle the project they are hiring freelancers for.

Why Portfolios Are Important

To reiterate again, the main role of the portfolio is to attract clients so they would give you a chance to work for them. What a quality portfolio basically contains are the achievements and the best projects of a freelancer.A quality portfolio aims to get you a job as soon as possible. It gets you gigs and projects based on the set of skills you possess. Since your experiences are listed on your portfolio, potential clients can look into the details of your previous jobs and decide whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the job they are offering.What makes the portfolio very important is the fact that most, if not all employers, refer to the freelancers’ portfolios to gauge their skills and see how well they do their jobs. At this point, one could say that a freelancer’s portfolio can make or break his career.Undeniably, freelancers with great records and impressive credentials are more likely considered the better candidates as compared to those whose portfolios are stuffed with boring and insignificant works.Needless to say, portfolios play a vital role in the world of freelancing.