The Frozen Beauty of Antarctic and Arctic Photography

Antarctica and the Arctic regions are renowned for their pristine beauty and largely untouched wilderness, and are some of the most breathtaking places for photography.  Many photographers take expeditions every year to capture magnificent Arctic photographs in the north or Antarctic photographs in the south.  With a variety of wildlife that is unseen elsewhere, juxtaposed against the crisp blue skies, white snow and frigid water, the possibilities are truly breathtaking.

Here you’ll find a selection of the frozen beauty of the Antarctic and Arctic photography.

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Polar Bears by Yaroslav Nikitin

Humans Ahoy by Madhu Reddy

Polar Star by Ville Miettinen

Crystal Cave by Orvaratli

The Arctic by Lindsay Beaumont

Arctic Mountains by Carl Hagen

Giants of the Arctic by Yaroslav Nikitin

Natural Architecture by villiv

Thick Billed Mures on the Iceberg by Yaroslav Nikitin

Amongst Titans by Orvaratli

Iceberg Graveyard by Bill Adler

Aurora Rainbow by Anthony Spencer

Blue Hour Ice by Orvaratli

Country of Elves by Stein Liland

Iceberg by Gerald Zinnecker

Iceberg Window by D’arcy Gue

Antarctica by B-Crue

Antarctic Iceberg by Bill Adler

Penguin Suburbia by Robert Bingham

Iceland Glaciers by Oleg Cheremin

Yamal in the Arctic by Yaroslav Nikitin

Weddell Seal by Yaroslav Nikitin

Iceberg Ahead by Ville Miettinen

Zodiac Near the Iceberg by Yaroslav Nikitin

I have Been to my Promised Land by ucumari


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