The Best Wallpapers from Desktopography 2010

Desktopography is a yearly wallpaper collection that is focused on releasing a small set of incredible wallpapers, contributed by its members around the globe.  To quote Desktopography‘s mission: “At their best, desktop wallpapers bring animation to often lifeless computer screens, reflecting the personality of the user and acting as a calling card for creative talent. The Desktopography project arrived in 2005 as a place to download nature / topological themed wallpapers with edits from selected designers. Designers spend about 90% of their waking life in front of a computer so the most appealing genre for a wallpaper would be one that has beautiful design mixed with the all important aspect of being outdoors.”

So, to commemorate the release of Desktopography 2010, here is a selection that (in my opinion) are among the best wallpapers from their collection.

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Enjoy, and have a great holiday week!

Desktopography by Yvan Feusi

The End of Pandora by Heiko Klug

Desktopography 2010 by Jakob Terczewski

Desktopography VI by Unknown

Don’t Blink by Josh Thomas

Magnus by Anthony Harmon

Morning Night by Ranko Blazina

Target Found by Jennifer Cirpici

Archipelago by Martin Stryczek

Turtle by Simon Schulz

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