The Best Photoshop Tutorials from January 2011

Photoshop tutorials have had a great start here in 2011, with a lot of quality photomanipulation tutorials, icon design tutorials, digital painting tutorials and graphic design tutorials being created by websites around the blogosphere.

In this post, we’ve gathered up the best Photoshop tutorials from January 2011, to get you energized and empowered with all the latest techniques and trends.

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Piece of the Arctic Pie Photomanipulation Tutorial

Making of Long Journey

Create an Incredible Story Coming Alive Fantasy Photomanipulation

Create a Spherical 3D Puzzle with Photoshop

Radar Icon in Photoshop

Create an Underwater Typography Scene

Create an Amazing Surreal Abstract Heart Photoshop Tutorial

Case Study: Nine

Balance Photoshop and Illustrator for Complex Abstract Shapes

Create a Professional App Store Web Layout

Create Colorful Ornamental Text in Photoshop

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