The Best Free Apple iPad Resources

The Apple iPad 2 was recently unveiled, and with that, the price on the existing iPad dropped significantly.  With the tablet PC and mobile computing market really taking off, consumers are expected to pick up devices like the Apple iPad or the Motorola Xoom due to the nuance, power and user-friendliness.  Naturally, designers and developers will be expected to create sites and tools that are functional on mobile devices as well, and one of the best ways to be on the cutting edge of design and development is to keep up with the newest devices.

Here you’ll find the best free Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2 resources available.  While the full functionality, screen resolution and other features of the iPad 2 aren’t completely known, Apple does a good job with backwards compatibility and these resources, wallpapers, icons and tutorials should be applicable to both the iPad and the  iPad 2.

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