The Best Easter Egg Designs to Inspire You

Easter is just around the corner, and one of the popular ways to celebrate is by decorating Easter eggs in various manners, and then to display them prominently for the world to see.  After that, the eggs can either be used in Easter Egg hunts, or they can be eaten, but either way, many people put in significant time and effort creating a unique Easter egg design.

In this post, we’ve scoured the web for some of the best Easter Egg designs ever to inspire you.  Themes range from Star Wars Easter Eggs, Portal Easter Eggs, Disney Easter EggsFabergé eggs, and of course, the official Easter egg design from the 2011 White House Presidential Egg Roll.

If you are interested in more holiday themed inspiration, check out these posts and bookmark them for the next holiday season:

Also, if you have your own Easter egg designs that you’d like to show off, please link to them in the comments, submit them at, or email admin[at]creativefan[dot]com with them, and we’ll add them to a user section at this post.  If we get a lot of submissions, we’ll even do a special post showcasing these eggs!

White House 2011 Easter Egg Roll Design

Nannerpus Easter Egg

Easter Eggs by Pralinkova-Princeza

Pysanky Designer Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Fun by KishoKahime

Disney Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs by WooDrew

Fly Fisherman by bbaitystudio

Egg by deymus

Zagreb Egg View by gregorio8055

Easter Egg by floyfreestyle

Portal Easter Egg

Portal Easter Egg

Fabrege Eggs

Sun Egg by protoculturemaster

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