The Beauty of Sunset: 40 Gorgeous Photographs

Sunset is one of the most beautiful daily sights.  Although they occur every day, the quality and majesty of a given sunset depends largely on the amount of clouds, the amount of particulate matter in the air, the angle of the sun, and the location.  Every so often, all the variables come together just right, and a beautiful sunset is born.

This post showcases the intrinsic beauty in sunsets, by bringing together 40 gorgeous photographs for your viewing enjoyment.  Each was hand-picked for the perfect balance of colors, contrast and scenery.  If you like them, please visit each photographer’s portfolio, linked on each photograph, and consider buying a print to help support the photographers who continue to amaze us all.


Morning in Fire by DanD

Sunset by Antispy

Goodnight Sunflower Field by Donald Fregede

The City Turns Orange by Gilad

Rangitoto Dawn by Chris Gin

From Salvatorescondos Roof by Valerio P

Lighthouse by Gary McParland

Pyramids at Sunset by MoeMoePics

Haystack by Spako

Golden Sunset by Ingrid Brandt

The Burning Bush by Dean Leh

L’espace Mioritique by Alin Stoianovici

Potenga Beach by BlasphemedSoldier

Pigeon Point by NZDave

Once There Was… by Philip Klinger

Cloud Factory by BehindMyBlueEyes

Cuidando o Campo by Eduardo Amorim

Sunset by FutureSport

An Eternal Lullabye by StewLuvULongTime

We Dare Not Breathe by Orgut Cayli

Sunset on the St. Laurent by Canadian-Photography

She’s a Little Bit Country by TJ Scott

Dark Water by Eugen Uidumac

Eternity After Sunset by Juzma

Sunset Fishing by Natasha P

Giant’s Dice by BA2

The Flying Superstar by Hamad Darwish

Trinidad Last Light by Patrick Smith

Sun Fire by SarahSleaze

Sunset by Satomy79

Sunset Blv by Xyrentia

Gates to the Valley by Floyd K. Hopper

Sun Power by BlueEyedDebby

Sunset in the Little Harbor by Kovalvs

Plane and Sunset by JQuicho

Observatory Sunset by dthong

HNL Sunset by ConeINC

Mekong Sunset by Ben

Esterillos Sunset by Len Langevin

Desert Sunset by ahff

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