The 30 Best CG Tutorials and Digital Art Tutorials from 2010

CG tutorials and digital art tutorials can be an invaluable resource, whether you’re looking to work as a freelance digital artist, for a large studio such as Industrial Light and Magic or Blur Studio, or if you just want an insight into how Pixar makes their films.  Many freelance digital artists, whether for the extra income or just to give back to the community, take their time to create detailed tutorials that show some of the techniques and tips they’ve learned through school and work.

Here are the 30 best cg tutorials and best digital art tutorials from 2010.  Whether you’re looking for 3D Studio Max tutorials, Cinema 4D tutorials, zBrush tutorials, Vue tutorials or more, you’ll find plenty of great tutorials here that will help you work from the ground up to becoming a digital art master.

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Have a great New Year’s celebration, and be safe, and see you in 2011!

Create Spectacular Sci Fi Concept Art using Digital Painting Techniques

Creating the Portal Weighted Companion in 3D Studio Max

Model, Texture and Render a Pioneer CDJ in Cinema4D

The Making of Relic

Model and Render a Cartoon Character

Create a Beautiful Epic Mountain Sunset in Vue

Create an Ambient Occlusion Effect in 3DS Max

Create an Incredible Avatar Inspired Matte Painting of Pandora

Create Volumetric Lights in 3DS Max

The Making of Breakfast Wars

GP2 Modelling, Rendering and Compositing

The Making of ‘Face the Future’

The Making of Old House

Stylish Retro Effect in 3DS Max

Create an Ivy Covered Tree using 3DS Max, Ivy Gen and V-Ray

Making of Punk

Model a Trombone in Hexagon

Making of Classic Living Room

Modelling of the Undead Rogue

Creating a Lantern in 3D Studio Max

The Making of Golden Sunrise in Fairy Land

Creating a Set of Dumbbells in C4D

Magic Liquid Tree in 3D Studio Max

Creating Water in 3D Studio Max

Creating Realistic 3D Grass

The Making of Cross of Iron

Creating an Indoor Scene in 3DS Max and Vray

The Making of Fall

Making of Breeze of the Past

Using V-Ray and Mental Ray Ambient Occlusion

Making of the Conall

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