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The 25 Best CG Tutorials from 2009


Yesterday we rounded up the 20 best Photoshop tutorials from 2009, so today we’ve searched the internet for the 25 best computer-graphics tutorials from 2009.  Including tutorials in zBrush, Maya, 3DSMax, and Photoshop, these tutorials are in-depth and feature professional results, and as always, they’re all free.  Techniques that are covered include matte painting, character sculpting, rendering and modeling.

Hopefully you find these tutorials useful, and if you think we missed one, let us know in the comments.  Please support this post via your favorite social network, and help our site continue to grow.

The Making of No More Wine
Chaleur et Paix
The Making of Wounded Ork
The Making of Eastern Dragon Rider
The Making of Zhao Zhuang
Create a Neoclassic Living Room
The Making of Neorathmandu
Create an Awesome 3D Future City
The Making of the Hole
Create a Spectacular 3D Space Explosion
The Making of Jimi Hendrix
The Making of 'The Room'
Lord of the Rings Painting Exercise
The Creation of 'Autumn'
The Making of Espilandrhu
The Making of Hellgate's Hunter
Create a Low-Poly Game Character
Blood Knight Advanced Texturing
The Making of 'Rage over Babylon'
Create the Hagia Sophia
Minishading the Minicooper
Walkthrough Painting
The Making of Skullhead Mobster
The Making of Curious 3
The Making of Tallgate
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