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50 Hair-Raising Tattoo Designs For Women


All of us like to wear tattoos. They are a cool style statement that are popular among the men and women in equal degree. Both the groups go for different kinds of tattoos as their likes are obviously different from each other. Talking about women, the fairer sex loves to have tattoos that are similar to feminine traits and they unwittingly go for such designs as tattoos. For example, flowers are one tattoo design that is very popular among them as it looks pretty and has a soft touch, very similar to what women are like nature wise.

Still, all of us have an individual taste and even among the women, each has got a different liking and while going for tattoos they display the same inclination. Moreover, women have got different dimensions to their personality. They are soft, caring, and beautiful and much more but there is also a side to them that is adventurous, naughty and sporty. Here, we have created a collection of 50 tattoo designs for women to tell you more about their likes and taste. Take a look and see for yourself the different dimensions they display with the cool body art.

Kitty Tattoo

The woman poses with her pet cat who she got carved as a tattoo on her arm to express her love.

Neck Tattoo

A different style dragon tattoo carved on the back of the neck that looks pretty.

Cute Deer Tattoo

The fast-moving and innocent deer sitting on the leg symbolizes sweet fragrance.

Fancy Forearm Tattoo

The girl has got a cool tattoo that covers both her forearms and symbolizes the inner strength of a woman.

Star Tattoo Design

The stars are a simile for ambition and this girl has got them on her shoulder to symbolize the same.

Ribs Butterfly Tattoo

A black and grey tattoo design with butterfly and vines, etched on the ribs, looks very graceful.

Cute Pug Tattoo

Lovely tattoo with the poker faced pug presented as a butterfly looks quite creative and sweet.

Peacock Backpiece Tattoo

The colorful and slender peacock covering the back of the girl makes for a charming tattoo piece.

Wings Tattoo

This girl has got feathery wings drawn on both sides of her back that stand for her desire to fly.

Fox Tattoo

A simple fox figure carved on the side of the belly that looks quite amusing.

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