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50 Hair-Raising Tattoo Designs For Women


Mickey Tattoo

Cartoon characters are a favorite with the women and this girl got her Mickey to grace the leg.

Sweet Girly Tattoo

Bow with butterfly tattoo design created in pink shade has got a lovely, feminine touch.

Cool Tattoo Design

The sparkling spine design running down the back of the woman makes for a badass catchy design.

Leg Tattoo

Flowers are always a girl’s favorite object and this woman got one of the varieties painted on her leg.

Pleasant Tattoo Design

The camera with the spark and smile lettering stands for the happy soul residing inside every woman who tries to be happy in every situation.

Portrait Tattoo Design

This girl has got the face of a woman tattooed on her arm that looks cool.

Geeky Fandom Crest Tattoo

Inspired from the star wars saga, this tattoo gives vent to the adventurous side of the girl.

Foot Stars Tattoo

The butterfly and stars on the foot are a symbol of hope and inspiration that are necessary to be happy in life.

Lower Back Tattoo

The cute and colorful daisy flowers etched along with a heart symbol looks cute.

Intriguing Backpiece

This tattoo on the back of the girl with a bat’s body and face of a woman looks mysterious.

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