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50 Hair-Raising Tattoo Designs For Women


Heart Locker Tattoo

Carved on the forearm, this tattoo with a knotted embroidery looks quite beautiful and artistic.

Feather Band Tattoo

This colorful, beaded feather tattoo inspired from tribal art resembles a cool ethnic accessory.

Wool Tattoo

The knitting work inspired by her motherly instinct made this woman get a tattoo for herself.

Leapord Print Tattoo Design

This shoulder tattoo expresses the hidden animal instinct inside the woman who rarely comes to fore.

Feather Tattoo Design

Light and soft, just like the women, this tattoo makes for a sweet style statement.

Crow Tattoo

A black and grey tattoo art on the back with a crow and flowers stands for freedom.

Knotted Tattoo Design

Carved on the back, this tattoo design with a knot work and floral bunches on both sides is looking graceful.

For Dear Daddy

This daughter expresses her love for her father with the lovely flower tattoo.

Hummingbird Backpiece

The tiny humming-bird carved inside a curvy frame represents the small and beautiful world of women.

Neck Tattoo

This graceful tattoo design is a symbol of love and life that creates a pretty look.

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