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50 Hair-Raising Tattoo Designs For Women


Both Hands Tattoo

Spiritual tattoo design worn on both forearms with liners that express a desire to capture the lovely moments.

Cute Tattoo Design

The knotted design with a bow, carved on the ribs, looks very pretty and has got a lovely touch.

Thigh Tattoo

This animal loving girl got her favorite animal, the multi-horned stag, etched on her thigh.

Stars And Heart

The zebra theme heart and colorful stars around it create an adorable tattoo design on the foot.

Cute Tiny Tattoo

This small and fuzzy fictional character that loves to dwell in dirt makes for a lovely tattoo design.

Full Sleeve Tattoo

The sleeve tattoos are a popular body art among the women and looks pretty too.

Calf Tattoos

This adorable daughter got the portrait of her father and mother etched on her calf in their memory.

Japanese Lettering Tattoo

Back tattoo with a bamboo and Japanese words that say “celebrate life”.

Sand Timer Tattoo

Women value time and are good at multi tasking, therefore, this hour-glass tattoo is a perfect design for them.

Woman Portrait Tattoo

A self-portrait is a cool tattoo design for women expressing their beauty and elegance.

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