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50 Hair-Raising Tattoo Designs For Women


Mother Mary Tattoo

This woman has got the portrait of Mother Mary and angels on her back for religious reasons.

Crown Tattoo Design

This small, black tattoo carved on the back of the girl symbolizes royalty.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Identical cherry blossom flowers resting on the arm of the girl symbolize beauty.

Behind Ear Tattoo

The small insect carved behind the ear of the girl arouses interest and has got a cute touch.

Floral Foot Tattoo

Pink cherry blossom flowers gracing the foot of the girl stand for the temporary nature of life.

Shark Tattoo

The woman shows off her badass shark tattoo that is also a simile for the inner strength of women.

Mysterious Tattoo Design

The woman thought of this tattoo design as the fairer sex is considered to be an enigmatic creature.

Cute Backpiece Tattoo

Self designed tattoo piece that may not have any meaning but looks cute all the same.

For Her Lover

This girl got this lettering tattoo with the birds to express her desire to be with her love forever.

Cute Witch Tattoo Design

An amusing tattoo design that has both good and evil flavor to arouse the interest of onlookers.

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