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raleigh park nottingham review

Great service and good social area, would recommend this to anyone x, Good and safe place to live! There is a very good social atmosphere and is closer to the town centre than other halls located at uni park. My phone constantly disconnected from the wifi. 3) room doors close really loudly (good luck if your flatmate has 9am lessons) Great experience, great people, great accommodation. The service is so nice and intimate. A great deal less sociable than catered halls on campus. Far away from everything. There is a grocery store, food options, and bus stops to the city centre and campus right across the street. P.S There is a hidden rivalry with St Peters Court so make sure your not fraternising with the enemy or we will find you! Closer to city which is handy but good 20 minute walk. We love helping people make the best decisions about University life. The cleaners do an average job, in general seems clean but I question whether areas like door handles and the flush on toilets are ever done (I only mention this because I am pretty sure I can see some sort of bacteria/fungi growing). Cleaner doesn't clean bedroom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - we appreciate this is a very difficult time for students, we are currently exploring a number of options to support our students during this challenging time, please check our website regularly for updates. Very good and clean halls. View the full range online today. It chose Nottingham, the UK has its main headquarters. Wonderful social areas and staff. Staff are for the most part lovely especially night staff and maintenance, receptionists not so much. Laundry machines broke down every time I used them. You’ll also benefit from onsite laundry facilities, car parking and bike storage. 6) my sink constantly didn't have hot water. Kitchen is a good size but work space is not ideal if any more than 2 people are in the kitchen. When it comes to choosing a room, you can either go for an ensuite or non-ensuite room in a cluster flat with a shared kitchen and living space. AMAZING! its a really good location with lidl just across the road! Thank you that is really kind of you to say, we are glad to help. There's also almost everything you need around. Rooms are very spacious and the beds are so comfy! Only issue is the cleaners come very early, are very loud and don't do a very good job (I often see them sitting on the sofa with their feet up!!) Almost. Get the best deals on Raleigh 26 in Vintage Bikes when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Ts & Cs apply. Perfect location for people studying at jubilee campus, 2mins away from food stores like subway and greggs and bus stop to the main city are just outside the accomodation. Everything has been decent. http://www.derwentstudents.com/media/1119/raleigh_park_exterior-2.jpg. Room is quite spacious and has a big wooden desk to work & kitchen is enough to share with 5 other people. Sometimes this process may take several minites or even a couple of days. Raleigh Park is an amazing place to stay when you are a fresher at a university. All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chair and ample storage space. I've lived in Post Parkside at Wade for 4 months and am as happy as a clam. We felt that way too towards the landlord (and still do). It allows you to save up some money while meeting a lotttt of lovely people! Overall I love Raleigh park! A bit dated though. Lots of friendly people and lots of events to meet new people. Good bus link. I have shared your review with the scheme manager and if you would email your details to us (Name and Room number) he will get in touch with you to discuss. The kitchen can fit 15-20 people comfortably and the ensuite bedrooms sizes were great! Raleigh Park still expect us to pay the full rent even though my friends and I won't be there utilising their facilities. Welcome to Broadgate Park, a self-catered halls of residence for undergraduate, postgraduate and returning students, offering space to study and relax a few minutes walk from the University of However if you want to keep your stuff in your room over semester breaks and want the indepence of selfcatering, Raleigh park might be for you! 9) minimal space to prep food in the kitchen So we are in the middle of a pandemic (CoronaVirus). The location and the area is really nice, with a lidl right outside which is so convenient. Only negative that I can think of is that it's a 15 minute walk from the jubilee campus. It's been decent. Great place to live. Location is great if majority of lectures are in jubilee (business/economics), but the 25 minute walk has been abit of a dread sometimes. The location of Raleigh Park is the best for student studying in Jubilee Campus as it only requires 10mins of walk to campus and 5 mins of walk to Lidl (department stores). Great location for shops around because there's lidl, tesco, dominos, subway, greggs, wok n go. Their telephone number is +1 416-338-4386. Closer to the city than the on-campus halls, but not too far from campus to be a problem. Ideally situated between the city centre and university park, makes going out and going to uni easy. It's quite "old fashioned". I found raleigh less social then other halls due to a lack of social spaces for large groups. one of the cheapest accommodation but it is in such good standards! Jcr is now only open until 11 which is a downfall. If you think you may need to do this, you should not accept any accommodation offer until you have confirmed whether this will be an option for you. Plain. We’re a leading provider of safe, stylish student accommodation in the UK with room types and properties to suit every personality. The Derwent Students Team. Nice place to be - close to uni park (30mins walk) as well as jubilee (10mins)! Yes you can live with us from January, please contact the us either by phone  0115 855 9008 or email raleighpark@derwentstudents.com, and we will be happy to help. The facilities of the accommodation itself is average but the circus laundry is horrible and expensive. Amazing halls. When I mentioned this all to Raleigh Park staff, I was told to either call the police or welfare as they 'couldn't do anything' about the fact that my housemate had just threatened me [I have anxiety so this was a pretty big deal]. The cleaners are rubbish at cleaning, and shout at each other whenever they come. The staff are unfriendly and make a racket in the mornings smoking outside. Raleigh Park seems to be very slow on this. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. It consists of five courts: Sillitoe, Madison, Roddice, Byron and * We'll create your StudentCrowd account and email you when we have responses to your question. My room is spacious and has everything I need except for a mirror and a bedside table. Raleigh Parkette is a business providing services in the field of Park, . Raleigh Park is rated #10 out of 41 halls at University of Nottingham. Came back for final year. The house is very big and nice, I like the kitchen area and the fact that we have a living room. Good gocial area. You’ll find local amenities such as Lidl, Tesco Express, Domino’s Pizza and Subway all nearby. It's very practical and has everything you need. very hostile environment in my flat and I felt like I couldn't use the kitchen at all. Cleaners were not great and we were changed £10 for each bag we didn't put in the bin. 4) difficult as hell to get the right temperature for the shower (either too hot or too cold) Well priced halls. Worst experience of my life, living here. Personally didnt have too good of a social experience either. Take a tour of our stunning University Park Campus and hear why our students love living and studying here. Only 1 security guard for 1200 people and it's in a relatively run down area. Social experience is good if you find good friends. Basic. Security are lovely though. £200 early booker incentive! The best Cities and Towns to be a Student. 1) spacious room My friend recommended RP for me, now I'm so grateful I choose it .its a very suitable place for me to live and very near to my school. If you a business student it is just a perfect location! We use cookies on our website to ensure you get the best experience and to deliver our products and services. Dear Guest, Unfortunately we do not have our own car park, but we advise our guests to use the Lace Market Car Park located directly across from the Ibis Nottingham, you can access the car park via Pilcher Gate. Nottingham Square student accommodation is a modern Grade II listed building designed with contemporary interiors that retain stunning period features. Welcome to Eluceo. Wouldn't recommend it to a fresher if you're course is mainly on uni campus. Reasonable rent, accommodating staff and the rooms are pretty large for what you pay. Location is good to get into town and near two supermarkets - great for Jubilee campus but University Park is a bit of a trek. Which is what I and my friends have done. Between the terrible wifi and the almost constant drunk shrieking outside, it's a bit s*** really. Raleigh park is great for students, it is clean and modern and has all the adequate needs. I however thoroughly had a decent stay, nothing special but then again you get what you pay for. The Derwent Students Team. The Raleigh Bicycle Company began life in 1885, when Richard Woodhead and Paul Angois set up a small bike workshop on Raleigh Street, Nottingham. My room was a fairly standard size with a good amount of storage space, however the mattress was an awful material and ridiculously squeaky. The site is quite big and they have great social events. The Derwent Student Team. If you choose I am living in the farthings now.It is very close to Jubilee campus of university of nottingham.The repairman is very kind and effective.Good choice! Great location for shops around as there's lidl, greggs, subway, wok n go, dominos, tesco. So close to Jubilee Campus and city centre! Close to the city centre, and local transport links, teams and buses etc. Absolutely terrible experience, flat was dirty when I moved in, it took the staff 6 months to replace the sofas which were broken upon arrival and Derwent Students have been exceedingly uncompassionate during COVID-19 and are demanding full rent payments, bills and utilities included whilst students are at home. The one thing that could be improved perhaps is the response time of maintenance to repair/ replace things. SPC is better because you have a free bus to take you to uni and back.The facilities are okay nothing fancy but it's manageable. But I guess the Lidl across the road and the treasure that is White Horse Cafe almost make up for it. Rent is a bit on the high side. Make your next bike a Raleigh bike. A very spacious, well kept park that has lots to do for all ages. We believe that society needs a new way to support people in school, out of school and in the workplace. StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to vote, comment, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. Overall great atmosphere with lovely people-as long as you're in silitoe. big hierarchy management. The internet is just plain awful, doesn't work most of the time and even when it does its very slow. Friendly staff who are always here to help. Especially when I have trouble to use them ,there will always be someone to help me. students are at the bottom. Love the fact that it is so close to all that I need whether it's going to classes or going shopping, Best value for money and good accomodation for first years, Raleigh Park has been very hospitable to me and my peers. There are quiet study spaces so you can use the free wifi to complete your assignments before you next seminar. Overall really good place to live! You’ll find local amenities such as Lidl, Tesco Express, Domino’s Pizza and Subway all nearby. Raleigh earned an award in one of the Great British Design Quest owing to its enormous contributions to the biking community. The cleaners don’t do a very good job. The mixture between living with boys and girls also means you can find that special someone a lot quicker. Raleigh Park is a great place to stay as people are friendly and helpful. The rooms themselves are quite small but nothing out of the ordinary for uni accommodation. Reviews take into account everything from value for money, hall I had a great time here. The laundry is heavily overpriced and the machines are not terribly reliable. Accommodation is good could do with bigger fridges and thicker walls. He also threatened me. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to social areas to hang out with friends. I the position of RP very much, and it is also very cheap. 1) the carpet in the room is horrible Thanks for all the questions that have been solved for me! I have really enjoyed staying at raleigh park, I love how close it is to lidl. I'm really enjoying living at Raleigh park so far! During my stay here I found the halls very unsociable and found it very hard to make friends and integrate within the block. We know that … I'm loving my time at Raleigh park! Had one of my best years here and the staff were very helpful and the spacing of the rooms was sufficient. Most of the staff are pleasant enough, although one individual who works on reception is always pretty moody and never seems bothered about much. Nice to live, lots of freedom and not very far to everything you need. Based closely to both University of Nottingham and Nottingham town centre, Raleigh Park offers safe, comfortable and effortless accommodation option for students. Great sized rooms, kitchens are good size with sofas for living space as well. Raleigh park is very reasonably priced especially in comparison to other similar accommodations. The apply for the accommodation is simple.I can apply it by personal computer. Perfect area and definetly the place to be in first year. Also pretty good for older students, I love my block, and I am having a great time at Raleigh park. Raleigh Park seemed perfect, a good location and well reviewed but when applying for accommodation I found out about Riverside Point. Today, Raleigh ensures their product development engineers and graphic designers continue the innovation that has put Raleigh on the map ever since 1887. Raleigh is one of the world's oldest and best-known bike brands. Area has been decent. Raleight park has one of the best values for money, Ralegih park is reasonably priced and located at convinient area, just all you need. The accommodation is in a great location for those studying on the Jubilee campus. Social engagement activities are limited but then again I never attended to many of them. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Raleigh bike types Raleigh bike features to consider Raleigh bike prices Tips FAQ Buying guide for best raleigh bicycles Some cyclists want to explore winding trails, some want to speed along roads in comfort, and others simply want to get from point A to point B without falling off or getting too winded. The facility are very considerable. Thank you for sharing your concerns,we understand that this is a frustrating time for students. The location is perfect for my course, friendly staff, very homely place. Gave it 3 stars because cleaners don't do their job properly, staff can be sometimes rude and the walls seem thin as I can usually hear my flatmates. StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to report, vote, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. We'll send you an email so that you can verify your free account. The 903 bus will take you to uni park. But a 35min walk to uni park. There seems to be a lack of social cohesion or encouragement to socialise unless you live in Sillitoe Court, and also, living at Raleigh Park (off-campus) it can sometimes feel like you are somewhat excluded from many of the social aspects of the university, which is a bit s***. Security is great. Was forced to go back to my flat without any help or suggestions on what to do for the 5 hours until Welfare were available. Location is fab for my course (QMC). However, it one of the furthest away from campus and the bus is very busy so getting to university could mean a 40 minute walk. Kitchens are really functional and there is plenty of storage space (fridge, freezer and cupboards). Laundry service was a decent price, proximity to Nottingham Uni campuses was quite close although it varies from campus to campus.

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