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A traditional Palakkad curry made with lady`s finger. Mangalore cucumber more kulambu. Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu is a regular kuzhambu or stew that is made across many Tamil households. Its a South Indian recipe that is served with rice. Kara Kuzhambu / kulambu is an everyday curry made for lunch. Grind to a smooth paste and add to the simmering curry. Kondakadalai mullangi puli kuzhambu / Chickpeas radish tamarind curry recipe for rice . Replies. Labels: okra, veg curry. Dr Rashmi Madhu. Its a simple recipe that is flavorful and tastes delicious. But it’s such a simple recipe … This dish is best eaten with rice and appalam or papad. Either with any one of these veggie or with combination of veggies, you can make this puli kulambu following the same … My hubby also likes tangy taste. Use gingelly oil or groundnut oil … Southekayi sambar-Mangalore cucumber . … Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu Recipe – Ingredients. Reply . This okra curry/ Ladies finger curry is made with coconut. … Try to get the young vendakkai for good Vendakkai to make Puli Kuzhambu fry the Vendakkai till golden otherwise the Kuzhambu will turn sticky. Vendakkai puli kulambu with coconut. Karuveppilai Kulambu . August 14, 2012 at 9:25 pm . Reply Delete. It tasted heaven and I kept the suspense till H had his lunch. Freshly … Me and my sister got hooked up by its taste and asked the person who was serving, the name of the dish. Sambar. Vendakkai puli mandi , is basically a chettinad recipe, with vendakkai | ladies finger based gravy, pairs well with plain rice. Vendakkai Podi Curry also known as the Vendakkai Poriyal is a delicious South Indian dish made with the combination of fresh lady fingers spiced with sambar powder and paruppu podi. share this. Reply. Roasted Onion, dry red chilli, coconut, tomato . Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu / Okra Tamarind Curry (with Coconut) Tweet. Like all kuzhambu recipes, the recipe for vendakkai puli kuzhambu too differs from home to home. It is always the authentic Madhwa style Gojju that is made in my house. Add grated coconut towards the end and roast well. But thank god finally when i was casually talking to a friend about this recipe she gave me the idea and finally made it. The smell of shallots, garlic and fresh ground masala … Okra (vendakkai in Tamil), the summer-fall vegetable that’s usually found in gumbo in Southern American cuisine is the main star of this traditional hot and sweet pickled side dish called Vendakkai Puli Pachadi. Roasted Fenugreek seeds. Reply. Reply Delete. My mother never made puli kuzhambu. Tamilandu style Vendakkai puli kulambu is an authentic curry recipe of tamilnadu with ladies finger and tamarind. If you are looking … veena. Glad you liked it :) Cheers Maria. … It turned out so yummy, i love it to the core. Wash and dry the ladies … And my MIL makes this version of gojju called Kai Rasa, which is another traditional … Priya Suresh April 27, 2011 at 3:10 AM. Bhindi Curry Recipe. Replies. 5 comments: Unknown April 1, 2016 at 4:24 AM. Okra Curry | Vendakka Theeyal Okra theeyal or curry is a very authentic and traditional dish of Kerala with the blend of roasted coconut flavors and tamarind.This curry is best served with steaming hot rice.Shallots also play an added flavoring to the curry.Theeyals were always my childhood favorite and still too.So,try &enjoy ! Vendaikai Mandi . Puli Inji/Inji curry recipe is authentic Kerala recipe with tamarind. When not making okra sabzi, I make this recipe, where okras get all the flavor from the gravy. It is super simple and easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat as well.    Serve Vendakkai Podi Curry along with Jeera rasam and Steamed Rice for a simple and easy weeknight dinner. you can add 2 tsp sambar powder instead 1 tsp chilli and 2 tsp coriander powder. Sangeetha April 8, 2016 at 10:43 PM. Its usually served with rice. Vendakkai Puli Kulambu Recipe or Vendakkai Puli Pachadi. This curry is thick and creamy with the coconut, ladies-finger, and tanginess of tamarind. Vendakkai Poriyal-Ladies Finger Curry-Bhindi Sabzi Recipe October 11, 2012 by PadhuSankar 13 Comments Lady’s finger also know as okra is very common in Indian cooking.Okra is known as Vendakkai in Tamil and Bhindi in Hindi. Vendakkai puli kuzhambu recipe is okra or bhindi in a tangy tamarind and coconut curry. Share . Vendakkai puli kulambu. Vendakkai/Bhindi/Lady Finger is my most favorite vegetable. Maria Jose. Yellow pumpkin sambhar. Reply. This kuzhambu is what i recently made and i got a serious addiction to it. Yumm tongue tickling puli curry.. Everyone in the family liked it. Tangy curry... Looks delicious and yummy:) Reva. September 1, 2012 at 4:25 pm . Adding egg to Vendakka curry is new to me, may be I can try it sometime :) Cheers Maria. That time my hubby asked me to make chicken gravy when I was in the middle of making that veg curry. This finger-licking vendakka puli curry’s aroma and flavor are so delicious that you will enjoy this curry. Vendakkai Puli Kootu (Ladies’ finger Tamarind Kootu) is one of the traditional kootu variety. Cooked Ladies’ finger is tossed in tamarind juice along with sambar powder, salt and finally dal is added along with tempering to make this kootu really delicious and tasty. Usually she add brinjal, drumstick,okra and pearl onions. I tried that .. it came out very tasty. This is a simple puli kuzhambu with coconut paste.One of my friend was asking me the recipe for puli kuzhambu with coconut and muttai i prepared puli kuzhambu with okra for Her and to share it on my space. Vathakulambu is my all time favourite … I tried this recipe. This Lady's finger tamarind gravy is prepared by frying Lady's finger in gingelly oil and cooking it with grinded indian masala and tamarind … Thank u soo much for ur chicken biryani recipe.. Though i have tasted in a friend’s place very long back, i couldn’t recollect the recipe. Sorakkai masiyal-One pot. For more ladies finger recipe. You are welcome Veena! Carrot mullangi sambar. In the meantime, wash and drain the rice. Posted by Sangeetha M at 4:17 PM. August 27, 2012 at 10:31 am . / Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu Recipe / Lady’s Finger Kulambu Recipe (with coconut) Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu Recipe / Lady’s Finger Kulambu Recipe (with coconut) April 21, 2015 By Aarthi 29 Comments. How to make vendakkai puli kulambu - Stepwise procedure with pictures [Simple, Easy] Shallow fried vandakkai [okra] Tamarind. One fine day I started making Okra/Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu for Saturday lunch. So I prepare this puli kuzhambu frequently. Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu pairs well with idli or rice. tamarind extract should be thick or you can adjust it water according to your peference. Here is how to do Vendakkai Kara Kuzhambu. ! Making vendakkai puli kuzhambu is easy and can be made in 2o minutes. Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu | Okra in Tamarind Gravy Recipe. With the same recipe instead of okra you can also use brinjal, drumstick, broad beans, Paruppu … It’s a must-try gem from South India (especially Palakkad, Kerala) where it’s usually a part of the more elaborate feasts served during festive times. Now Iyengar Hotel Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu is ready to have for lunch along with Rice. This is served along with rice for lunch with any dry curry or kootu for side dish. I luv all ur recipes. Kara Kuzhambu is generally made with a choice of veggies like drumstick, brinjal etc… but I heavily fall for kara kuzhambu made with vendakkai – ladies finger. Oh Happy to hear from you … Reply Delete. Reply. Vendakkai Puli Kulambu | Okra Curry | Puli Kulambu Vendakkai Puli Kulambu, an easy, tangy & tasty kulambu goes well with rice. Vendakkai sambar; Ladies finger fry For more side dish recipe. Though i have heard this, happened to taste this in my neice wedding, i recently attended in India. Vendakkai puli pachadi recipe,i am trying out for the first time. In this video we are going to see how to make Vendakkai Puli Kulambu in Tamil. Whenever she makes this Kuzhambu, I usually eat it for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of my collection of tangy curries like Milagu varutha puli is very easy and simple to make. This Puli kootu can be served with any Rasam or thogayal varieties. My mom's Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu is my all time favourite. Grinding ingredients [bengal gram, urad dal, cumin & coriander seeds] Seasoning ingredients oil, mustard, bengal gram, urad dal, onion, red chilli, curry leaves. Milagu kuzhambu. Roasted cumin and coriander seeds. We usually enjoy it in the form of bhindi sabzi served with roti. When a reader asked for this recipe, i didn’t have much idea about how to make vendakkai puli pachadi. Heat a small pan, dry roast the rice (fry without oil) after the rice is half done add the methi seeds and chillies. I either use Clay Pot or Stone Cookware to prepare vendakkai puli kuzhambu. It goes well with rice, Idli and dosa. Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu Recipe , curry okra stew with tomato and onions, easy Vendakkaai Puli Kuzhambu, kulambu with coconut milk, Kuzhambu Varieties, ladies finger tangy and spicy curry for tiffin varieties, Nitha Kitchen, quick Ladies Finger in Tamarind based curry, thokku with vendakkaai, Veg, vendakkai puli mandi

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