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end up in a sentence

exact ( 4 ) Don't end up in a skip. Since celebrity babies are always big news, the bulges that female celebrities display, as well as the maternity clothing they choose to wear, usually end up in quite a few paparazzi photos. As you walk up Ash Lane do n't take the first gate signposted Tara Center or you'll end up on the woodland walk. Learn more. "How the hell did Dusty end up with someone like you?" It is up to you. Regardless of the artist, all the subjects seem to end up looking stern. 1 The Guardian - Music. end up in a bar. He's seriously putting me to sleep. Example sentences with the word end-up. There are theories that the false rule originates with the early usage guides of Joshua Poole and John Dryden, who were trying to align the language with Latin, but there is no reason to suggest ending a sentence with a preposition is wrong. Department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales will often import designer nursing bras in a wide range of styles, ensuring that the latest nursing bra trend will at some point end up on their racks. Consider really putting your passion into your cake, whether you have a flair for the artistic or a fondness for what's simple and traditional, and you will end up with a one-of-a-kind wedding cake design. Synonym: fetch up , finish , finish up , land up , wind up . You may even end up spending more than you have, which means you get the dreaded "Your card has been declined" spiel or if you happen to have savings, you see it decline every month due to overdraft charges. Britney Spears finds a new man, but will this relationship end up as a complete train wreck like her relationships in the past? She'd never let her kid brother end up like that sadistic bastard. A poorly installed carpet may end up raveling at the edges or showing ripples. End up definition is - to reach or come to a place, condition, or situation that was not planned or expected. 2. phrasal verb. How to use end in a sentence. If you had to change line and say you hit a bump, then I don't know where you'd end up. They aren't wrong, so you can end a sentence with with. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Instead, only write down the things that you must do- not the things you'd like to do This way, you're guaranteed not to end up with a lengthily list (there usually aren't that many things that need to be done right away). Buying the first set of supplies could end up being costly in the long run. If a registry is too small, couples may receive everything on their list but they could end up with many duplicate items or gifts that were not on their registry. harangue another driver, only to end up punched to the ground. There are 50 example sentences for end up, and this page shows no. Most families end up with either a daycare program or nanny situation. vb 1. to become eventually; turn out to be: he ended up a thief. 2. These drains feed directly into rivers and to the sea, therefore any waste that is in a storm drain can potentially end up polluting the ocean. Eagle Pack is a promising option that may end up being your dog's lifelong diet. When she entered the room, he stood up. The company should insure its workers because if uninsured workers end up in the ER, the burden falls on society, not the company. The Chicago Manual of Style onlinesays: ‘Chicago’s preference is to use a colon, but there are times when a period might better serve.’ Which do you prefer? You can invest in a set of flannel sheets that will last for many years and end up saving on your heating bill. end up in a retirement. If you end up having trouble with the shoot because you are too embarassed, remember that you're with a partner you care about and that you are trying to have a good time. Example Sentences. However, it may be a hassle to cancel the service and if you forget to do it, you could end up paying close to $80. As it was, it was like watching bad karaoke, and I end up going back to my tent. Couples who do book through The Big Day Travel may end up with a free registry (see site for more details); those who do not qualify for the free registry will be assessed fees of 7 percent. Approximately 50,000 civilians will end up in the german concentration camps, and an additional 150,000 are transported into forced labor camps in Germany. But if you are serving yourself and someone else, or an entire family, you likely end up toasting at least four pieces of bread at the same time. Otherwise, you might end up looking cakey or crepey. You might end up with a dress that is stitched in the wrong places, or doesn't fit right. If you can, pick up both sizes and return the one you end up not wearing a week or two before the big family event. Some creative scrappers become so fascinated with the tool's capabilities that they end up creating unbelievable products. end-up example sentences. Business end definition is - the end with, from, or through which a thing's function is fulfilled. end up 1. How did he end up on the bankrupt celebrities list? However, in most cases, unless you have a background in camera repair, experts recommend leaving the work to professionals, as it will end up costing you more to fix further damage sustained by limited skills. ... Up Next. Ending a sentence with a preposition such as "with," "of," and "to," is permissible in the English language. Lists that are made up of full sentences are easy to punctuate. The shapes of these pans are quite detailed, making it easy for the baker to follow outlines and shapes when decorating to end up with a finished cake that closely resembles the intended character. It can also correct grammatical errors and improve style issues in your writing, Spell check and punctuation checking is just part of its powerful algorithm. If you have a list of groceries, you won't forget the most important ingredient and end up wasting time going back to the same store multiple times a week or even a day.Making a list also helps you put the chaos you feel into perspective. Be aware that tropical bamboos can end up with rotted roots or disease from over watering. As you can imagine, with stress freely floating throughout your system, you may end up exhibiting many different signs of stress. Find Tickets Dirty Dusting A hilarious comedy about OAP cleaners who start talking dirty and end up filthy rich! I know it's crazy, but I like to know where some things end up. If you do not, you can feasibly end up spending more on fees and interest than you earned through the rewards program. You can enjoy the flirtation if you want, but if you were to end up with him, he's the kind of guy who might do the same to you when you are not around. Over time though, your loved one may end up letting your concerns in enough to seek help for himself. Whatever dress you end up buying, feel confident in the knowledge that your wedding day is more about your connection with people and your wedding vows than any flowers, venue, or dress. With these suggestions, you will be able to buy perfect children's accessories in the bright lime green color you could even end up loving. Example Sentences They are fun places full of young people where, ultimately, you always end up making new friends. use "ended up" in a sentence It ended up being canceled, but it gave us a chance to learn each other's feelings. This process uses large amounts of leaves to end up with a small amount of concentrated essential oil. True or False: It is always incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition. When buying teen guy gifts for the young men in your life, consider his particular interests and personality so that you end up buying the perfect present that's sure to put a big smile on his face. For example, a sentence ending with "put up" or "put up with" is not grammatically incorrect. What to Know. Learn more. In more instances than none, the patient can end up with more than what he or she bargained for -- including bad celebrity cosmetic surgeries. How does the story end up? She had to keep pushing him away, or she wasn't the only one who'd probably end up dead in a few days. Before you dive headfirst into the refurbished Canon digital camera market, there are some factors you should consider to ensure you don't end up sacrificing quality for price. She hadn't thought so, but then again, she never expected to end up in Hell. Most of my cooking is done by " instinct " . We often end up tuning him out. Most of your child's toys will end up in her mouth at this age! Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. Sara has always loved to read so I'm not surprised that she ended up an English major. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. You'll find our house at the end of the next street. If she carries on shoplifting, she'll end up in jail. Unfortunately, the stars don't always align correctly and photos can end up being too dark or too blurry. end up in a coma. The picture quality is very comparable to higher-end cameras, but you may end up doing basic editing when you load it onto your computer. end up in a place. If someone or something ends up somewhere, they eventually arrive there, usually by accident. Take your time and learn how to buy an oven range that best fits your lifestyle and budget and you’ll end up with the ideal kitchen appliance for you and your family. The old goat—their father—had some land out here and now my dear brother-in law is scared to death Paul and me will get more of it than him—if his wife doesn't end up with the whole thing. I didn't know about your child. Not only is making your own centerpieces perfect for crafters, but it can also end up saving money. For example, the sentence, “I.e. They 're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they 're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. 3. Too small a unit and the keys get crammed onto a small keypad, and if your finger is too big you'll end up pressing several keys instead of one. While pranks are often good, clean fun, some go too far and end up involving vandalism, bodily injury, hurt feelings and even crimes. Many Bulldogs end up in rescues because a dog owner did not understand the commitment of Bulldog ownership. They may end up in a state of mind similar to paranoid psychosis, believing that others are plotting against them. Scoring a used trailer is nice on the pocketbook, but if the trailers aren't checked out thoroughly before you purchase, you could end up spending more to repair damages. Jane forgot to discuss her itinerary with us before she left, so we had no idea where she would end up. I usually use a colon, but agree that a full stop sometimes works if the bullet points are paragraphs rather than single se… shore crabs and may well end up wet and muddy. I'm tied up now. Depending on its type, a sentence consists of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses. 3. Perhaps one of the biggest fears people have when they are buying a car is that they will end up with a "lemon.". This is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put. exact ( 3 ) Would I end up liking it? Even over-limit and late payment fees can end up costing you if you fail to pay on time once or twice. With luck, you'll end up with a cake that's fit for royalty and that you'll remember for a lifetime. Composting kitchen and garden waste is a great way to recycle waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, while also producing a natural fertilizer for your garden. Use your concluding statement to set up the next paragraph. is an advanced Free online sentence checker, It can check for run-on sentence and fragment check. No child of hers would end up like Rhyn—tormented, rejected, and abused! To be with someone, often by default. What can start out as a curiosity can end up as a rewarding hobby! With everything so uncertain at the moment, the worst-case scenario would be to end up with nothing. You will just end up with more debt to pay back later. The largest price Vick will end up paying for being involved in something so cruel and inhumane is that it is unlikely that he will ever play football again. If you prune your gardenia too soon, you'll end up cutting off the pretty blossoms. Fill it up. ray tubes disposed of from domestic households end up in landfill. However, if you get a group to make it, then you end up with a personalized group gift that will be treasured for years. shots of tequila at the door you'll end up with a few ' technical ' problems. Financing or leasing will end up costing much more than just purchasing a unit itself. Combine one of the biggest names in scrapbooking with one of the most popular scrapbook tools, and you just might end up with EK Success punches. When I have purchased collections in the past from other companies, I always end up with one color I never use. Example sentences with the word end. This is the next sentence. Don't try to quit your coffee or other caffeinated beverage intake cold turkey because you could end up with a stress headache. You will get through that list and if you don't end up doing some of it, no one will ever notice. Detailed Synonyms for end up in English. During Use Plastic or polystyrene cups from drinks vending machines usually end-up in the bin within minutes of being dispensed. If we insert a gene for making oil of peppermint, we'll end up with peppermint flavored potatoes. 2. Translations of the phrase I END UP from english to french and examples of the use of "I END UP" in a sentence with their translations: If i end up on the internet. Whether modern values will end up making the country better or worse remains to be seen. Be sure to dab it on lightly, or else you may end up with a distinct white spot. They are introduced with either a colon or full stop and each point has normal sentence punctuation. You can also search for the brands you like, and usually end up with a choice of shops that carry those labels. I just hope that I do n't end up with a dreadful troublemaker label for my efforts. 11 to no. 2. If other children are in the home, don't choose a fragile or breakable keepsake, as you want it to endure through the years, rather than end up in pieces days after it's received. The inability to make a short turn on a narrow trail might mean that you will end up having a close encounter with a tree. These storage items are designed to protect your scrapbooking supplies, but if they are stuffed with too many items, they can actually end up causing damage. a) Its object is located in a previous part of the sentence b) It does not have an object in the sentence c) It is separated from its object by one or more modifiers d) A & B e) B & C. 3. Set up the next paragraph. You might end up getting your kid more than one bowling shirt because of the high number of choices. However, if you can use those Christmas stamps to make embellishments on every layout in a 20 page scrapbook, you easily end up saving $10 to $20 on this one project. Stand up! As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when creating a composite of Southwestern designs for your home, so you end up with the type of décor you want. Surely it 's possible to be so well-informed that you end up knowing everything about nothing very much. "Up" Wash up. 4 Don't be mean with fabric, otherwise curtains will, 16 Be careful,[] you could, 23 It's how you handle rejections that determines where you'll, 24 They're travelling across Europe by train and are planning to, 25 Temptation comes to all of us,whether or not we succumb depends on our ability to recognize its disguise,sometimes it arrives in a form of an old flame,flichering back to lift,or a new friend who could, 26 Everybody has difficult years, but a lot of times the difficult years, 27 I used to think the worst thing in life was to, 28 If I cried for every time that i thought about you i would, 29 Sid's got to keep his nose clean or he'll, 30 For many young people, the bright lights of London beckon, though a lot of them, 1 They're travelling across Europe by train and are planning to, 2 Don't be mean with fabric, otherwise curtains will. I can't tell you what we ended up doing. I really think that you and your high school sweetheart will end up together. end up in failure in a sentence - Use "end up in failure" in a sentence 1. How to end an email when you’re nurturing a relationship. contour lines, you'll end up with a picture similar to below. And sometimes, you WILL end up accidentally looking like a pirate hooker, but it will be at someplace like your baby cousins bar mitzvah and all your great aunts will think that you are a woman of easy virtue). While you may know that you want to ultimately end up with a beach theme or a Tuscan theme, you may not know where to begin. I know if you and I aren't there to smooth the waters, they'll end up killing each other or screwing up the entire business. While taking some risks and the ability to think for yourself is part of growing up, teens who gravitate toward self-destructive behavior often end up feeling on edge and out of control. The end up list of example sentences with end up. Over that period of time, you may end up paying as much, or more, in interest than the amount originally charged on the card. Ask yourself: when you make a statement, does it sound more like a question because your voice gets higher at the end of the sentence? Despite all of your careful research and interviewing, you may end up with a lawyer that you do not like, or who does not value your priorities. If you can not pay it, you could end up back in financial trouble. - to come to an end: The party should end up around midnight. Unwilling to alarm them and possibly end up stabbed, he pretended not to know and moved through the room. Celebrities Zone - is where you're likely to end up if you're searching for images of your favorite female celebrities. Be careful not to grind it too much, otherwise you'll end up with a pate-like substance. Don't soak it, because you don't want to end up with drips. I think she'll end up as a Warrior, Damian answered. It's cheesier than a cheese pizza with double extra cheese, and I always end up giggling to myself when watching this. She definitely didn't want to end up like Logan. I hear that Bob and Lucy have broken up. However, you may end up spending a lot of money if you have a particular kind of candy or brand in mind. ‘the end of the year’. If you work with the wrong one, you could end up worse off than before you started, no matter how Christian the service claims to be. Be careful not to over do this design element or you'll end up with a funhouse effect of too many reflections. Anyone who worked for Rod Workham on Project Venus was likely to end up with a bad name. Even when they lay low these stars end up garnering media attention, so it's easy for fans to keep up with what they are doing with their lives. He ended up marrying his high school sweetheart. I know that when mathematical expressions are inline as follows: We used the equation x + y = z. At larger state schools, many of which end up at the top of college rankings, the ratio of students to teachers is very high. We got in a bidding war over a house we wanted to buy, and ended up paying quite a bit more than we had planned. Most stations had one of the Guardians—or Naturals—capable of Traveling great distances the way he did, by using magic to slip through space and time and end up elsewhere. Find more ways to say wind up, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. How to use end up with in a sentence. Candy Mess: If you are unfamiliar with recipes or techniques, you may end up with a molten mess instead of the candy in the recipe. The sun is up. If there is more than one person in a household who orders from the same company, you might end up on the mailing list more than once. Often, a celebrity will show up for a photo shoot and they'll end up with lots of great images. You must be careful, however, as you could unintentionally end up stuck with someone else's unfixed problems, e.g., poor steering, malfunctioning plumbing or a non-functional air conditioner, to name a few. A low introductory rate for twelve months may end up saving you more in interest charges than a zero percent interest rate for only three or six months.

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