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chicken liver catfish bait

This Creek runs into the Ohio river but it’s pretty far up stream. The next morning I caught 3 more. One other thing, only make enough of these liver balls for one outing of fishing. Author Topic: Garlic dried chicken livers For Catfish bait (Read 17480 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. If you are fishing a pond or river and not catching anything and think that catching some eating size channel cat would be nice, I find liver to be an excellent bait. Fishing for catfish with chicken liver can be really effective. here in Central Ga. they really do work, day or night. We have a cow processed every year and never eat the liver. . My second bait is perch small to mediums I fish them live anything bigger than the mediums I use as cut bait. I’m of the opinion that chicken liver is one of the most overrated, overhyped baits ever. Circle hooks work well for other catfish baits, but not for chicken liver. Never said they don’t work. Treble hooks keep chicken liver on longer. Larry check out this is how I’m fishing now. Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure will cure up to 8 pounds of chicken livers. For the next 3 hrs we each caught a channel every 5 to 20 mins. Chicken livers are one of the best baits to catch catfish because they work. Many anglers immediately start discussing using chicken liver for catfish bait in my encounters with them . My surgical net just turned white after 15 minutes after soaking blood red for a week with livers in it. do you cut the fish or just hook them. Your email address will not be published. I guess you’d have to be there, but it works for me. The cereal serves as a binder that gives the bait the proper consistency. I would love to hear more about baits you prefer over chicken liver. You can store it for weeks in the fridge for future trips. A feeding catfish will eat almost anything. I ask him what brand of corn was he using. If that helps the best statement is what they are hitting. It is Rooster Livers, I use them every time I go fishing. Hello. Just love Cut up Shad for Blues & Live Minnows for Channel depending on heat of the day. To keep the bait on the hook, (I NEVER use treble hooks!) Incorporate your additives. Channel catfish aren't my favorite for eating, but they're one of my favorite fish to reel in. Curing chicken liver for catfishing is an excellent way to create plenty of catfish bait at once. Add water a little at a time, stirring constantly, until the the flour begins to form a dough. Possibly the weirdest thing we’ve ever read to catch a fish – chunks of ivory soap have … The one with liver on it gets used the most. But next day may not work as well. Hotdogs , stink bait, corn , dip baits in order. Harker Heights Tx. Usually in the 1-3 pound range. Anyway, we decided to go fishing at the last minute. Fish will also tear it off before you have a chance to set the hook. I don't know, but it's worked well for me. For catching numbers of channel catfish it’s hard to beat prepared baits. I will have one set up to catch big fish, with an appropriate bait. Chicken livers and worms have been and always will be my go-to. You DO NOT want to dispose of your bait balls into the river where a fish could potentially swallow it and die. Another mistake is putting an oversized piece of liver on the hook. You can buy a roll of elastic surgical netting at the store and use it as a bait holder. (For big channels 15lbs+ ) I’ve never caught blues or flat heads on livers tho. Take 2 lbs of chicken liver and 32oz. Though the thing to remember is science class from your school days, ‘connective tissue’ that are still attached to some livers really help hold liver on. I thought that these two items were the best baits when it came to catching channel cats. Hook it into a quick clip. Not to mention it breaks rather easily. I think chicken livers, stink baits, and homemade baits are all part of a well rounded arsenal of baits. Another trick when using a treble hook is to tie off the liver with … I love using livers. Have fished my whole life, used many bates. XD obviously they are they are they produce fish And yeah if your going after monster 30+ pounders bigger baits work but I have caught 80+ catfish in 2 months with liver all pretty big biggest one 22 and 30 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that swear by them and you’ll always hear of that one trip where Fred’s uncle Joe caught so many fish on livers that he lost count. For blue cat shad, live or dead, is definitely better. If I showed up to fish with a fishing guide and he was using liver I would be disappointed. I am 36 now. A 50 pounder? Don’t get me wrong thank you for the help but I wood love to find a better bait wether shad or a home maid baits that’s better God bless the help. Participant. . The juice and smell from the meat in the water is a powerful attractant. This deer was really bloody. Live shad & Lager Minnows, Blugill, even live Goldfish never let me down. OP. Does it have real blood? When targeting channel catfish punch baits and dip baits will out produce (or produce as well) as liver in most cases and have proven time and time again to be much less hassle to bait the hook with as well as keep on the hook. I use other baits as well but I always take the giant with me.Works in the dear old south. The egg loop knot is a great knot … Chances are that a change of catfish bait can change your overall performance and increase your catch rates. The reason is simple: livers produce catfish and lots of them. Garlic will give homemade fish bait that special odor known to attract catfish and carp to the hook. The strong odor of the garlic will … Liver & Soft Bait Rigs. If … It’s a bit time consuming, but you can do this while watching the tube, and you’ll have all of your baits ready BEFORE you get to your honey hole. They are not an exact match though and could be compared to a dieter satisfying a chocolate craving with an artificially sweetened carob candy. If you follow the steps outlined above you shouldn’t need any of these to keep the chicken liver on the hook, but I want this to be a comprehensive guide, so I’ll cover them all. If you choose to add coloring, food coloring will stain anything it comes in contact with, including boat carpet so beware! Catfished for a couple of days this week with chicken livers on Old Hickory Lake. Posts: 108. If you’re horrified at the idea of creating catfish stink bait recipes then I suggest looking for other types of catfish bait recipes such as channel catfish bait recipes or catfish dough bait recipes. But using raw chicken livers, some like them fresh, some like them stinky rotten. We also have a dough bait recipe that you can use chicken livers in as well. Be sure to store your chicken liver mesh balls in the same container as your unused liver, so it can retain it’s bloody juices and not dry out, and keep them refrigerated. Check out the Ultimate List Of Catfishing Tips. Should You Really Be Using Chicken Livers For Catfish Bait? For rod and reel, I strongly prefer chicken liver, although there is always the problem of perch and turtles stealing your bait. I enjoy sharing with others especially ones with kids,, Hey now lol I have used both and agree with most but I use a eagle claw 1 0 hook and do not tie livers on or any the mentiond thoughts I like turkey livers chicken is by far the first I used have found out that with any livers u choose freshest is best agree that freeze thaw freeze makes them all soft and as I say jelly like not good for fishing nvr heard of a punch bait hook me up more info and where u guide at as it is one of my bucket list items bit I would like or enjoy a lil more than average catfish trip willing to get in down and dirty to have a good time catching releasing as I usually put back what I catch one or two pan size for dinner rest back for future sport I’ll end my book on that note hook me up catch me up tight line me back and or reply back plz so I know yr truly what it says u r thank u for your time. We’re do I find channel cats when’s it 95 degrees in the day time I’m trying to let my 8 yearcold catch his first catfish. I want to toss another bail in the mix. Who knows? Most grocery stores sell fresh chicken liver in a plastic container for a few bucks. Lost my pole over that one. Oh, I suppose I should explain a little. Berkley PBCCD-CLVR PowerBait Chicken Liver Catfish Bait Chunks in Artificial Bait. . From the manufacturer. Of course it works better if "served" to the catfish fresh. Then put your hook thru the panty hose and bait, will stay on hook and still give off the smells of the liver as the water and aromas will travel thru the panty hose, and bait stays put. Matt is a painter and part-time writer who loves fishing and metal detecting. After that it was many smaller channels. Twice I caught 2 at the same time. Re: chicken liver + kool aid [ QUOTE ] I have alway been told that catfish love chicken livers mixed with cherry kool aid. It was about 2 hrs before dusk. Have a rag handy for easy clean up after handling them. The next morning I fished 8am-1pm & caught 25. 10 mins later I landed a 45lb flathead!. TEXANA: GOOD. When I use chicken liver bait, I fish from the shore, using a rod holder and a fishing bell clipped onto an eyelet near the top of the pole. I used to live in Phoenix, AZ and when fishing the lakes at night, we found that the catfish much preferred to hit on chicken livers. To make a small amount of catfish bait, place about 1 cup of all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl. The trick is to keep the chicken liver container on ice inside of a cooler, not in the sun, otherwise the meat melts and it's difficult to fish with. Ivory Soap. Chicken livers are a popular bait for catfish but should you really be using chicken livers for catfish bait? One of the great debates to using livers for bait is the best way to keep them on the hook, because this is the biggest challenge to fishing with them. Line rated for at least 12 pounds is ideal. I tried this little secret of ours at the Ohio river which is 10 mins away. STEP 2: When it's mixed, put it in some small dishes...then put whatever you're not going to use in a freezer. Chicken livers are the best bait I have used caught multiple blue cats off of them in the last week I have caught 6 big blues biggest one 22 pounds they have never failed me your main argument they are messy and and don’t stay on the hook don’t be a pussy your fishing your getting messy ether way second take some sowing thread and wrap it on the hook it won’t go no where and if you can’t get cut bait orr live bait they are cheap and easily obtained unlock live bait or cut bait. Theyll find it. I am one of these people that like to use Chicken Livers to fish for catfish .. I personally have had no luck with chicken livers,tried them every way Chad described.Found shrimp or cut bait to work much better. Matt writes about various topics. I kept my catfish rod in a holder while I fished for walleye with another rod. Burnsville, MN . I got 8 out of the water and the guy next to me never got a nibble from fresh beef livers. Fresh liver works the best, not frozen. As we discussed earlier, catfish will feed on dead and rotting fish and animals … I still use beef liver on occasion but it must be fresh. Fishing with chicken livers is one of the best baits to use to catch catfish and even other fresh water fish in lakes, ponds and rivers. And, I never found any shad in AZ, so that was out of the question. Never had any luck with artificial bates/shad/cut bait. With their strong, meaty smell, chicken livers draw cats from broad areas. Harker Heights Tx. Just wait until they are on and reel them in. Biggest fish so far is a 62 lb on rod and reel. Next I get a small ice chest and take my liver in it all day and it stays firm all day. I go to beef liver when some other things are not working. Hey gang. If you’re after larger channel catfish then fresh cut bait is a better alternative. Catfish are fair on live bait, chicken livers, and blood baits. They work best with a treble hook. Like I said, I’ll fish next to my dad or other people using various punch baits and dead shad and cut perch and whatnot and I’m reeling them in and they’re sitting there. The livers IME have caught more eating size cats usually channels, while the shad catch the bigger bragging size cats which are usually the flatheads. I use a octopus hook #6. You said there were better baits than chic livers, yet the whole artical is about chic livers. After reading all of this, I feel like I am holding an empty bag. Liver/Raw Meat (Chicken Liver, Beef Cuts, etc.) I said they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. I learned that fresh, raw, thick-cut, boneless, skinless chicken breast catches catfish, and it may work better than liver, stink baits and other cut baits that I’ve been using since I was a kid. We had been mowing lawns all day. Last advice patience. Water stained; 57 degrees; 0.30 low. I am not knocking those that prefer catfishing with chicken livers but many anglers use them because that’s what they think they’re “supposed to do”. Here are the six best ways to keep chicken liver on your hook. I fill or roll the liver in the netting to whatever size I want, and seal it with a paper coated garbage bag type twist tie wire. The thread is 99 cents at Walmart. Just as I threw back a small walleye I had caught I saw my line moving slow and steady straight out. You simply wrap the fishing line around the bait and hook to secure it. How to tie an egg loop knot - Keep chicken liver on the hook for catfish How to tie an egg loop knot and how to use an egg loop knot. For yellow cat, live perch. Lol. Caught three big blues and one nice channel cat all on liver. will stay on hook better. Catfish are good on punch bait, cut bait, and chicken liver. With UV glow added, catfish will see as well as smell your bait. they cannot catch shad or don’t have prepared baits available) or they don’t know any better.

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