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air force air logistics centers

The net result of the delay was a significant growth in work-in-process, unfavorable year-end carryover, and the attendant budget impacts. Improvement programs for existing system are being planned, such as High Velocity Maintenance (HVM) and Maintenance Steering Group Three. Although enterprise management extends far beyond the ALCs, it certainly is a substantial part of the ALC environment and is a key part of the ALC resourcing. Personal communication, March 29, 2011. Peter Kraljic. Typically, the Air Force does not purchase software source code; rather, it buys systems and subsystems that are defined by hardware-centric, prime-item specifications. At WR-ALC, the C-17 aircraft are modified and repaired by government employees. TABLE 4-1 Air Force Air Logistics Centers and Their Attributes, this transfer was based on the belief that consolidation would provide economies of scale and place major parts purchases under the management of the DLA—a single DOD supplies purchaser. Production characteristics. “76 SMXG Overview.” Presentation to the committee, January 12, 2011. It is most noteworthy that 1,300 applicants sought this type of professional and personal development in its first year alone. mMargaret Fisher, Air Force Materiel Command. The briefings were both detailed and comprehensive, the tours were open and thorough, and the discussions were frank and responsive to the questions posed. FIGURE 4-1 The Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC) served as the hub for supply chain management for the U.S. Air Force. 14 AFGLSC provisional command was established in April 2007. Looking for abbreviations of AFLC? However, after analyzing AA, the committee found many external factors that affect. In other words, the private-sector pay scale for engineers, for example, could be matched. The C-17 proposal to move to organic support and similar stories on other product lines are key examples of how the ALCs are not being resourced to meet production demands. Software sustainment can be characterized as either (1) the modification or correction of existing code or (2) development of new functions or performance improvements that provide increased capability to enhance weapon system relevance. Undated. lenge to meeting the 50/50 rule. At another ALC, the DLA was “kitting away,” but it wasn’t clear who was building the kits. However, this no longer appears to be the case.12 Since 1992, when Air Force Logistics Command and Air Force Systems Command were integrated into a single major command, the ALCs have been part of the AFMC. Finding 4-8. The re-designation as an air logistics complex and consolidation with the AFSC is part of an AFMC effort that reduces the … Focus the enterprise. Suffice it to say, the sustainment process is hindered by the currently fielded or lack of process management and reporting tools. A Performance-Based Agreement (PBA) has been executed between the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Instal-. The committee did not detect any reluctance or inability by ALC program office personnel to accomplish technology insertion, including the associated master planning and the execution, when opportunities arose. Although continuous improvement is important, when resources are finite and demands great, metrics without standards to be achieved are confusing to the responsible parties, especially. In fact, the flow of funds for depot maintenance and for the Air Force’s flying hour programs has been adequate, although this may not be the case in the near term. SOURCE: Karl Rogers, Director, 309th Software Maintenance Group, OO-ALC. These metrics represent the first concrete evidence that performance of the supply chain is being measured. Accessed May 3, 2011. The Air Force should follow in a more timely manner the statutes that require the depot maintenance industrial workforce to be managed according to workload. Finally, the original architects of the United States Navy’s Naval Aviation Enterprise, including a past commander of Naval Aviation Forces and the current Director of Logistics for the Naval Air Forces. Sign up for email notifications and we'll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they're released. Recent policy decisions to at least source and price data packages are noteworthy endeavors.34 The resource impacts of procuring data packages are understood, and it is encouraging that a more methodical approach to tie data packages to the analyses conducted in support of DoD Instruction 5000.02 Milestone A and Milestone B activities has been observed. 23 In fact, in the Air Force, complex parts are routinely not available within 2 days 20 percent of the time. An ALC commander should be considered a “supported commander,” but many organizations fail to grasp the relationship of “supporting and supported” commander, and therefore operate independently and are driven by their own policies.15 As a result, the ALC receives fragmented sustainment support, which impacts the support it provides to its own. SOURCE: Major General Bruce A. Litchfield, Commander, 76 MXW, OC-ALC. For example, advanced automobiles use upwards of 30 million lines of code, and there exist projections of a 100 million lines-of-code car.41,42 Indeed, software is the major scheduler and cost driver for the development and maintenance of most systems. The ALCs have strategic plans, and in those the committee observed limited metrics for AA and aircraft on-time delivery from production lines. ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Shelia Barnett, 402nd AMXG supervisory general engineer, center, with the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, and her team discuss where aircraft will be positioned in building 125 during construction, at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, Nov. 6, 2020. Cost and schedule metrics for the H-53 and AV-8B. “309th Software Maintenance Group.” Presentation to the committee, February 1, 2011. of funding. The lack of a functioning ERP tool or a strong management information suite and the reliance on outdated legacy information systems are great causes of added complexity and inefficiency in the operation of the entire sustainment enterprise that includes system “cradle to grave” program management, and maintenance, supply, and transportation activities. The committee repeatedly heard that expensive hanger space, tooling, equipment, and, most. However, for one or all of these, there was little demonstrated awareness at key supervisor or worker levels. FIGURE 4-10 The Air Force should recognize that relief from overly restrictive policies, which in a modern industrial aviation setting impede effective and efficient production. Among these are process engineering, workforce and workload planning and scheduling, replacement parts needs and bill of material upkeep, modern equipment technology insertion efforts, and facility management. The metrics that would determine the success of an ALC, such as cost, schedule, and performance, are not widely used and consistently applied across the three ALCs. Thus, the activities should interface with all aspects of operations and processes to ensure that the design goals and or mission objectives are accomplished. These training programs have allowed the ALCs to fairly rapidly meet significant increased demand for shop floor personnel due to retirements and work scope increases. “76 SMXG Overview.” Presentation to the committee, January 12, 2011. bility and is significantly more flexible to change than physical hardware. ALCs have close relationships with local area community colleges and technical schools for training of new industrial employees as well as “upgrade” training where appropriate. 46 Tom Labrie, 76th Software Maintenance Group (76 SMXG), OO-ALC. Washington, D.C.: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense. March 31. There is strong historical compliance with industry software standards across the ALCs. The ALC commanders’ authority has been significantly weakened over the past several years to the extent that they do not have sufficient authority to effectively and efficiently execute the programs for which they are responsible. Actually, the committee found this refreshing, even though there are delicate issues requiring higher-level Air Force involvement, albeit not at an excessive level that might stifle local execution. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. The ability of the United States Air Force (USAF) to keep its aircraft operating at an acceptable operational tempo, in wartime and in peacetime, has been important to the Air Force since its inception. These SILs are major facilities, requiring $100 million or more to stand up and fundamental to system testing. Under the organizational structure, the ALC commander runs the facility as a coordinating and communicating officer rather than an executive with authority to direct all of the key elements of the sustainment process. This workload reflects the increasing trend of electronics, avionics, computers, and ultimately software in weapon systems. ...or use these buttons to go back to the previous chapter or skip to the next one. Finally, the DLA and the AFGLSC each have a colonel designate as the key coordinator of spare parts support at the respective ALC. Accessed March 22, 2011. FIGURE 4-11 Accessed May 13, 2011. gAircraft SLOC—Code for onboard/operational purposes (OFP, fire control, stores management, communications, radar, heads-up display, embedded GPS/ins, digital video recorder, mission planning, etc.). 38 Doug Keene, High Velocity Maintenance, WR-ALC. Sustainment activities should be focused to maintain a system in the status for which it was designed. During discussions at the ALCs and at the FRCSW, key leaders made very appropriate comments with respect to the organizational structure, workforce,29,30. From the mid 1970s until approximately 1990, the ALCs had three primary functions, which, in today’s terms, were material management, maintenance, and distribution. 50 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI): A process improvement approach that helps organizations improve their performance. The Air Force Test Center (AFTC) conducts developmental and follow-on testing and evaluation of manned and unmanned aircraft and related avionics, flight-control, munitions, and weapon systems. SOURCE: Caysie Mercer, OC-ALC. “OO-ALC Mission Briefing.” Presentation to the committee, January 31, 2011. There are disconnects between the engineering resources needed to support production and the resources provided. These metrics immediately resonated with the committee because they portrayed at a glance how the aircraft production lines were doing on cost and schedule. The committee universally came to believe that AA is fragmented, and its accountability is such that it is not a measureable performance criterion for any single sustainment manager. Do you want to take a quick tour of the OpenBook's features? Weapon system management at Ogden Air Logistics Center (OO-ALC). Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website. The Air Force should develop key metrics for sustainment that flow to ALC commanders and that highlight the success or shortcomings of ALC activities, drive appropriate behavior for the workforce, and allow Air Force leadership to assess the health of the enterprise and the adequacy of resourcing for the sustainment process regardless of organizational affiliation. FIGURE 4-5 To not do so ignores the fact that Title 10 has put the components on notice to achieve, and not necessarly cause, significant perturbations in the workforce. The Air Force has made significant investments in software maintenance facilities at the ALCs. To be effective, these processes and. Major system changes cannot be implemented by outside consultants or contractors alone but must have major engagement of the actual management and workforce that will use them. The current supply chain for spare parts, as managed by the Air Force and the DLA, is deficient and often fails to provide parts for technicians in time to affect repairs in an efficient manner. The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC), founded in 1941 and located on Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, manages an inventory of more than 2,000 aircraft including the B-1, B-2, B-52, C/KC-135, E-3, VC-25, VC-137, Cruise missile inventories, and 25 other Contractor Logistics Support aircraft.3,4,5 Additionally, OC-ALC is responsible for all Air Force propulsion systems and management and a sizable portion of the propulsion systems maintenance. 11 A conscious decision was made to not visit United States Army sustainment activities. Recommendation 4-6. Although visual aids are commendable, there was no consistent measure of effectiveness or efficiency across the ALCs or even within an ALC. The increased dependence on software is not restricted to DoD systems; it is also evident in commercial products, such as personal digital assistants, smart phones, games, and automobiles. 55 USN. CPU Central Processing Unit; EDI Electronic Data Interchange; FCL Full Container Load; RFID Radio Frequency Identification; VMI Vendor Managed Inventory; SCM Supply Chain Management; FOB Free On Board; FAS Free Alongside Ship; ETA Estimated Time of Arrival; Gen General; SFMF Semper Fi Mother Fucker; Maj Major; Sgt Sergeant; Col Colonel; Categories. As a result, today there is no integrated or enterprise system that ties all of the sustainment requirements together, easily and accurately ties maintenance consumption to forecasts for future production needs, allows for the engineering officer to manage the mechanic information flow, tracks man-hours consumption or task completion, assists with planning and scheduling, or allows supply systems to meet the consumer demands. Although technology insertion is covered in depth in Chapters 5 and 6, the committee notes here that it observed a limited amount of technology insertion into weapon system and commodity parts and into supporting maintenance equipment at the ALCs. The lack of an integrated planning tool is a serious resource constraint for the ALCs. The enormously complex Air Force weapon system sustainment enterprise is currently constrained on many sides by laws, policies, regulations and procedures, relationships, and organizational issues emanating from Congress, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Air Force itself. 54 Karl Rogers, Director, 309th Software Maintenance Group, OO-ALC. Growth in software size and complexity in modern weapon systems is and will remain a significant concern for Air Force leadership. It is important to realize that all of these factors are inter-related and inter-dependent on an ongoing continuum that affects the ability of the ALC to meet the sustainment goals that are established above the ALC commander.16, In measuring the resourcing of the ALCs—funding, workforce, skill sets, technologies—the committee studied a large number of charts and various planning documents, including the ALCs’ strategic plans. The Air Force should establish streamlined command lines of accountability and authority to allow the ALC commanders clear execution authorities to direct process improvements on assigned programs, maintenance activities, and supply support.

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