Sunflower Tattoos

140 Staggering Sunflower Tattoo Designs (2018 Edition)


The sunflower tattoo is a very bright and beautiful tattoo design that is adored by the people for its meaningful display and rich details. The sunflower has a strong relationship with the sun-god, who is worshipped in almost all cultures in one way or another. The sunflower is said to represent him. According to a Greek myth, the sunflower came into existence after Clytie was turned into the flower due to her constant gazing at the sun-god Helios. Therefore, the sunflower stands for attachment, love as well as unrequited love. Other meanings such as loyalty, happiness, memories, etc. have been also associated with this bright, yellow flower which really looks charming.

The sunflower tattoo is liked by both men and women but mostly the latter are seen sporting it. Among the body parts that are more favored by the women; foot, forearm, chest and back feature in a prominent manner. Butterflies, ladybirds, other flowers and similar other images are also teamed up with the sunflower to create more alluring designs. Below, we have created a post that features sunflower tattoos in different shapes and sizes. Take a look.

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Nice Sunflower Foot Tattoo

The foot of the woman acquires a sunny ambience when the big sunflower tattoo finds a place on it.

Cute Sunflower Tattoo

Glowing sunflower tattoo on the side of the girl, that represents the beauty and bloom of the female body.

Unique Sunflower Foot Tattoo

The twin sunflowers, one big another small, symbolizes the lover and the beloved, that looks very pretty.

Sunflower Tattoo On Forearm

The blooming sunflower, covering the inside of the forearm along with pug marks is a symbol of love that follows one’s sweetheart just like the sunflower follows the sun.

Collar Bone Tattoo

The bright and cheerful sunflower, gracing the side of the chest, makes for a pretty tattoo piece.

Sweet Sunflower Tattoo

Carved on one side of the chest, this sunflower with three leaves peeping from underneath, makes for a lovely display.

Expansive Sunflower Tattoo

Big and bold, the sunny, yellow flower covering the foot looks very eye-catching and imposing.

Symbolic Sunflower Tattoo

The bee coming towards the bright, yellow sunflower symbolizes attachment and dependence that altogether makes for an adorable tattoo piece.

Floral Sleeve Tattoo

This is a collage of sunflower, rose and one pink flower that together bring out a fragrant and bright tattoo piece.

Cool Sunflower Tattoo On Shoulder

A different style sunflower tattoo, with a slight tilt, carved on the upper back that looks very classic.

Sunflower Memorial Tattoo

The girl got the name of her mother along with the sunflower on the side as a tribute to her memories.

Sunflower Tattoo On Leg

Elegant and enigmatic, the sunflower tattoo with dark vines looks very artistic and graceful.

Sunflower With Eyes Tattoo

Big and blooming sunflowers with eyes in the center that create a mystic tattoo piece on the body.

Pretty Sunflowers Tattoo

The three sunflowers, entwined together, stand for the lovely family of the wearer, comprising her husband, child and herself.

Favorite Sunflower Tattoo

This is the first tattoo of the girl, also her favorite flower, that looks very cute and elegant.

Ornamental Sunflower Tattoo

Foot tattoo self designed by the wearer that looks very pretty and acts as an ornament as well.

Intriguing Sunflower Tattoo

Back tattoo with a wolf in the middle of the sunflower that has a secretive meaning, known only to the wearer.

Stunning Sunflower Tattoo

Splendid sunflower tattoo carved on the shoulder that looks like as though it has grown on the surface of the body.

Profound Meaning Sunflower Tattoo

Three sunflowers with peace sign, earth and yin-yang symbol in the center that stand for peace, joy and harmony.

Loving Memory Sunflower Tattoo

Carved along with the name of the deceased person, this sunflower tattoo stands for adoration.

Sweet Memorial Sunflower Tattoo

Tattoo with sunflower and quote that represents the attachment of the wearer with the one who has left for his heavenly abode.

Sunflower Design Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo will surely dazzle your bicep area if given the right background to it, like in this picture.

Sunflower Back Tattoo Design

This elaborately colored and super detailed tattoo on your back can tell a story and looks like a tattoo fairytale.

Sunflower Tattoo Foot Design

This wonderfully outlined, minimalistic, colored, and simple sunflower tattoo not only looks feminine, but also symbolizes charm.

Dot Work Sunflower Tattoo

This beautiful dot work sunflower tattoo on sternum is not just beautiful but is also a symbol of spirituality.

Sunflower Tattoo With Quote

This colored sunflower tattoo all along your side can be beautifully incorporated with a quote or text. The result is of course, gorgeous.

Green Leaf And Sunflower Tattoo

This tattoo of a sunflower on your arm showcasing bright and vibrant colors with the hue of purple color can easily be one of your favorites.

Pleasant Sunflower Tattoo

This vivid and brilliantly colored sunflower tattoo is not only visually pleasing but also highlights the tattooed area perfectly.

Appealling Sunflower Tattoo

This sunflower tattoo perfectly capturing the summer vibe on your shoulder with it’s brightly colored petals and leaves can be your next tattoo option.

Design For Sunflower Tattoo

A real looking sunflower tattoo on your arm, with subtle colors and mauve shades of yellow can be the perfect option for first timers.

Sunflower Back Image Tattoo

A fairy-tale like tattoo on your back with the image of a sunflower in the mirror and complete with a thought provoking quote is a rage among tattoo lovers.

Bright Sunflower Tattoo Design On Shoulder

This brightly colored tattoo with geometrical designs, visually appealing and bright colors, is the option for ever tattoo lover seeking a flower design.

Sunflower With Rose Tattoo

The combination of a wonderfully colored sunflower tattoo paired up with an equally impressive rose tattoo is the best way to go.

Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo

This incredibly detailed sunflower tattoo along your shoulder with abstract and one of a kind design, will accentuate your arms.

Delicate Sunflower Neck Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo on your shoulder with brightly colored and visually appealing shades of yellow and green is not only feminine but also charming to look at.

Intricate Sunflower Back Tattoo

This bunch of beautifully colored and intricately detailed sunflower tattoo on your back looks like a painting.

Shaded Sunflower Tattoo

This 3D, colored sunflower tattoo, with the best style of shading one on every petal showcases the uniqueness of your being.

Sunflower Tattoo With Name

A giant colored sunflower tattoo on your hip along with the name of your loved one in beautiful font is the perfect way to remember them.

Radiant Sunflower Tattoo

This big sunflower tattoo on your back representing womanhood, grace, and charm is a win win situation.

Graceful Sunflower Tattoo

A big sunflower tattoo teamed up with a nice big message or a quote along the side of your waist is the perfect way to honor someone.

Simple Neck Sunflower Tattoo

A simple, delicate yet classy looking sunflower tattoo on your chest can accentuate your neckline.

Sunflower Image Tattoo

This psychedelic looking sunflower tattoo along with some abstract colors and unique effects is a rage among psychedelic lovers.

Fine Sunflower Tattoo

This perfectly geometrical and delicately symmetrical sunflower tattoo along with various different shades of yellow and green definitely is one of a kind.

Twin Sunflower Tattoo

A unique and differently colored bunch of tattoos is not only one of a kind but also accentuates your neck line from behind.

Delicate Sunflower Tattoo

A colored sunflower tattoo on your back, along with a few blue dots around it, gives your tattoo a magical and a fantasy like vibe.

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