Stunningly Detailed Digital Art Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers are a great way to spice up your computer.  Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle or traveling around the world with your laptop, nothing is more comforting than being able to boot up your computer and see an amazing artistic scene.  Digital art wallpapers combine various techniques, including photography, photomanipulation, 3D, vector and painting to create an amazing scene.

In this collection, you’ll find a collection of stunningly detailed digital art desktop wallpapers for you to use.  Collected up from deviantART, desktopography and other wallpaper sites, these wallpapers are all incredibly detailed and beautiful to look at.

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Dream by taenaron

The City Wallpaper by dpainter

The Escape by Jaxe

Dubai Ruins by Jonas de Ro

Magnus by Anthony Harmon

Tahiti by Fel-X

Go by NeonDreams

Nimue by DianePhotos

Winter Night by Fel-X

Smiling at the World by Narciso Arellano

Pelican on the Ocean by DeepBlueNine

The Killing Moon by Funerium

A State of Sublime Ecstasy by Nevs28

Cinabre Wallpaper by DianePhotos

Fight for Alpha by SpaceJump

Starbase Roddenberry Dawn by Euderion

Waiting for a Better Day by NKeo

Genr Birthday by Frelon

Magic World by Chicho21net

Desktopography 4 by Jonathan Wong

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