Sister Tattoo Ideas

253 Sweet Sister Tattoos (2018 Edition)


We Are Sister Tattoo

Inked in elaborate vintage designs on the feet, these tattoos spell out ‘Big Sis’ and ‘Little Sis’ in proud letters.

Brother And Sister tattoo

The siblings showing their common tattoo as icon of their dear friendship and love.

Love And Peace Tattoo

A unique way of presenting your love and affection through the peace tattoos on the wrist.

Love Bird Tattoo

The tattoo on the wrist with birds flying and designing a heart as a symbol of love.

Money Love And Faith Tattoo

Tattoo of a diamond, heart and a catholic cross representing money, love and faith towards god.

Red And Green Heart Tattoo

With hearts colored in red and green the sisters symbolizes love, passion, happiness, and adoration.

Queen Of Card Tattoo

Sisters showing their tattoos which resembles them to the queens of the four states from the famous novel “Alice In Wonderland”.

Elder Sister Tattoo

An elder sister showing Chinese font tattoo where music notes represent the obsession for music and the pink stars are for her, the blue are for her young sister.

The Irish Shamrock Tattoo

The green Irish Shamrock is a symbolic symbol of the Irish and Celtic community.

Tea For Two Tattoo

Siblings showing their tattoo which has a tea saucer; the only thing that brings them together.

Beyond The Star Tattoo

The sisters showing the star tattoos on their wrist as an icon of their love for each other.

Love Is A Diamond Tattoo

The diamond tattoo on the wrist symbolizing that how precious their love is.

Love Circle Tattoo

Two sisters with their love circle tattoos symbolizing their endless love.

Love Key To The Heart Tattoo

As we all know that love is the only key or open someone’s heart, this tattoo is a portrayal of it.

Four Sister Tattoo

Can we stay this way forever.

Sister Anchor Tattoo

We are anchored to each other.

Arm Foot Sister Tattoo

Allow to run free the fury in you.

Sister Head Tattoo

Worth losing some hair on the head.

Neck Sister Tattoo

The new chic announcement on my neck.

Zombie Tattoo

Zombies are cute too.

Our Tattoo

Raise the curiosity level by inking these characters.

One On Each Foot Tattoo

Why leave the foot empty.

Belated Birthday Bow Tattoo

Legs decked with bows.

Sister Shoulder Tattoo

Strapless dress and the tattooed shoulder.

We Love Key Tattoo

Show your love with matching key tattoos on your arm.

Matching Quote Tattoo

If you and your sister like the same quote then get it etched.

Elder And Little Sister Tattoo

Our feet never looked so interesting.

Sister For Life Tattoo

Love you to death sis.

Sink Or Swim Foot Tattoo

When thrown into the sea the only options are to sink or swim.

Owl and Sky Tattoo

Owls and the sky in complementary colors are a cool matching tattoo design.

Sister Are Colorful Tattoo

If you have many sisters you can all get colorful tattoos on your arm.

Cute Blue Tattoo

You can both get cute blue tattoos on your upper arm.

Purple Flower Design Tattoo

Your sister and you can get matching purple flower tattoos on your ankles.

Designer Name Tattoo

On your feet you can both get your names tattooed with a simple spiral design.

Cute Feet Tattoo

You can both show off cute tattoos in black on your lower leg.

Agape With Leave Tattoo

As a simple tattoo design, the word ‘Agape’ with green leaves works beautifully.

Shamrock Design Tattoo

You can both get matching tiny perfect shamrocks on your feet.

Heart With Wing Tattoo

You can get matching pink hearts with wings on your inner wrist.

Matching Bird Tattoo

Get bird tattoos matched on your waist to show your love for your sister.

Sitting Figure Tattoo

You can both get sitting figures on your upper back in an artistic design.

Cherry Blossom Sister Tattoo

A beautiful pair of cherry blossoms looks great as matching tattoos for sisters.

I Love My Sister Tattoo

Love your sister? Show it with matching heart tattoos on your feet.

Ornate Black Tattoo

You can both get elaborate black tattoos, for your arm and the waist.

Black And Silver Tattoo

Black and silver tattoos at the back of your neck make a great tattoo design.

We Love Colorful Star Tattoo

Love colors? Express it with pink, blue, and orange stars.

We Love Music Tattoo

Show your shared love for music with a pretty musical note design tattoo on your feet.

Love The Bow Anchor Tattoo

Getting a similar tattoo done along with your little or big sis of an anchor with a bow represents oneness and safety.

Cute Honey Bee Tattoo

A small and big honey bee tattoo symbolizing younger and big sis beautifully denotes their admiration towards each other.

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