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25 Fantabulous Side Tattoos For Women


Tattoos are the in thing in the present times. They are a form of expression, style statement as well as fashion accessory. Men and women get them inked on different parts of their body. Tattoos proclaim the attitude of a person and most of the times one gets them painted when he or she wants to flaunt his/her attitude or they want to make a statement. Men do not have to think much while getting tattooed because they can use most of their body parts for this purpose. Women do not enjoy such liberty and they have to keep more considerations in mind.

This does not mean that they cannot get a sexy tattoo. Side tattoos are appealing and sexy. Women can get them inked in various designs and colors. They can be painted on arms or below the waist or on the sides of the chest. These are considerable options which can be decorated with fancy and creative side tattoo. Here we have given a list of 25 side tattoos for women. You can easily find impressive slogans and gorgeous designs in this grid. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and discover them for yourself.

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Inspiring verse with spaces covering the side.

Side Tattoo Verse

Bats side tattoo

Little bats flying over the words “chemical romance”.

Bats Side Tattoo

Flying birds tattoo

Black birds flying on side uplift the mood.

Flying Birds Tattoo

Fearless tattoo

Stars in the lower side and “fearless” word above is for the edgy.

Fearless Tattoo

Side flower tattoo

Large flower with leaves painted below the waist are sexy and gorgeous.

Side Flower Tattoo

Hot Thai chick

This designer pattern painted on right side of the back will draw the eyeballs of all and one.

Hot Thai Chick

Roses on side tattoo

Two big bright roses covering the waist are hot.

Roses On Side Tattoo

Tree tattoo

This dainty big black tree with red and violet flowers is catchy and bright.

Tree Tattoo

Celtic tattoo

The celtic tatoo design is low fuss and elegant.

Celetic Tattoo

Heart and daggers side tattoo

Heart ripped apart with daggers and a flower above.

Heart And Daggers Side Tattoo

Starry side

Big and small stars painted on side with climbers around.

Side Star Tattoo

Side vines

Green climber interspersed with red and green flowers and leaves.

Side Vines

Tribal tattoo

The tribal design has a wild and mystic look.

Tribal Side Tattoo

Star wars tattoo

The sci-fi loving ladies must try this out for a different modern look.

Star Wars Tattoo

Phoenix side tattoo

Flying phoenix with wings apart painted on front side enhances the waist curves.

Phoenix Side Tattoo

Wild tattoo

Bats and wolf painted on side covering extreme low waist create fantasy.

Bats And Wolf Side Tattoo

Legendary tattoo

Blue curvy patterns surrounding the word “legendary” are cool.

Legendary Tattoo

Musical side tattoo

Colorful musical notations covering the side have a zing to them.

Musical Side Tattoo

The new tattoo

Elongated curvy design in black with dragon like mouth.

The New Tattoo

Cherry tree tattoo

Black tree with red cherries hung on it ending up in wider base are attractive.

Cherry Tree Tattoo

Right side

A vibrant big yellow and red flower with leaves in background painted on right side.

Right Side

Flower tattoo

Green shoot with white flowers on top.

Flower Tattoo

Butterfly Side

Colorful butterflies and flowers painted on side have a fresh feel.

My Butterfly Side

Side stars

A big star flanked by two small stars in black with vines around is a treat to watch.

Side Stars

Geometric tattoo

Black geometrical design painted on side perfectly goes with the waist curve.

Girls Side Tattoo