15 Hip School Newsletter Cover Designs

Most school newsletter designs from way back had a more formal and a traditional feel and look in them as opposed school newsletters today. School publications have evidently embraced modernity through exploring hip and young school newsletter cover designs. Gone are the days when campus school newsletters were just plain and boring gray scale news publications. With the technology and resources that we have nowadays, we can be more creative and imaginative in coming up with newsletter covers that will surely turn heads.

The basic functions of a newsletter are to inform, educate, market and entertain. But remember that these can’t be possible if you can’t catch the attention of your audience and convince them to get your newsletter and read it. Usually, students don’t read newsletters because they assume that they’re boring. What is a possible solution to this problem? Make a newsletter cover design that screams fresh, young and exciting. The newsletter cover plays a huge role in fulfilling the basic functions of newsletters because an interesting cover would be the key to making the students get the newsletter and read it.

Creating a newsletter cover design is not as difficult as it seems. However, if you’re having difficulty in coming up of a creative newsletter cover, here is a roundup of creative and hip school newsletter designs to inspire you:





Let your creativity flow and create school newsletter designs that will turn heads and push your newsletters to their greatest potential. Hope this newsletter printing inspiration post helped you imagine a catchy and efficient newsletter design.

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