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working in saudi arabia as a woman

My husband is a manager and I am an architect. Or will I be forced to wear a abaya? Many companies are reluctant to hire women because of these strict rules. You see stories on the news occasionally of what some poor women are put through, but on the whole most women are unable to complain and have to escape from abusive employers, often ending up living and working elsewhere illegally or waiting for deportation under a bridge in Jeddah or camped outside their own embassy. You will also see separate entrances into various banks that are for women only where women can deal with female staff in a man free environment. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman does however seek to change this with planning to reduce the total unemployment rate in Saudi from 12.7% to 7% in the next 15 years. hi, I am a divorced women and a Doctor, can i apply for job in saudi.. As you already know, females aren’t allowed to drive in the Kingdom and many places such as parks, gyms, and eateries are off-limits to us. Currently, i am enjoying good career in Pakistan at some management level in a multinational Bank. AOA, I am going to get married with a person who has transferable visa in KSA Riyadh. Hi, i am seeking for a job here i m currently on a visit visa. When you leave compound however you will have to cover up and the abaya is very much compulsory. While some reports argue that females in Saudi Arabia are oppressed, others argue that the situation isn’t nearly so dire and that, in fact, women have considerable freedom. A gated community is not really how most would describe them as you enter under the firing line of automatic weapons and in some compounds armored cars and tanks! As you might know, Saudi Arabia started issuing tourist visas from December 2018, which means that now anyone can go there to discover its wonders. Answer 41 of 83: I have been reading some of the posts regarding life for women in Riyadh. It has initiated to set a new environment for all womne in Saudi to improve the standards. Saudi Arabia's Women Are Its Untapped Economic Resource. Women are also allowed to start their own companies in Saudi but this does prove to be rather challenging at times. This is generally overlooked but if you get a police officer on a bad day or a matawa trying to make a point you could be in for a very bad day and this does happen from time to time. It is not that they are not allowed to work as they can, but they hardly encouraged or aided to become fully capable and productive employees due to the rules regarding what women can and cannot do socially. There are few changes in past years, but not too much for women rights. If you walk into any mall in Saudi Arabia and go from store to store you will be unlikely to see a female member of staff, In all my time I saw one store that had female staff and that was a dress shop and only women or families were allowed to enter with little of what was inside being visible from outside. You’re not allowed to leave the country once an empl… my fınacee ıs ıll at the moment there and thınkıng to go to hım Questions about personal freedoms immediately come to mind, such as whether women drive, whether they have to 'cover up' and whether it's safe. Saudi attracts a lot of tough, smart women, as well as a few eccentrics thrown into the mix. Women in Saudi Arabia … Although, more recently, women have begun working as store clerks in department stores or … I have seen young boys maybe only 10 years old driving their mothers so as not to run afoul of this issue. Some do find work as school teachers in the international schools and similar positions but this can be a little dodgy as you should only work for your sponsor and your sponsor will be your husband. This seems to be the greatest employer of women by far in the kingdom although most of the employees are expatriate female workers such as Filipino nurses. In addition to this, he also wants to increase female participation in the workforce to 30% from its current 22%. Admittedly it is easier in a compound as you do not have to … Expat Exchange: Women in the Kingdom: Life as an Expat Woman in Saudi Arabia Any woman considering a move to Saudi Arabia, should really do her research, talk with other expat women in the cities where she may be living in Saudi Arabia, and, if married, discuss the positives and negatives at length with your husband. Your email address will not be published. Find information about working in Saudi Arabia as an expat woman; including recruitment advice, job interview tips, insights into the laws of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia's labour laws plus more. i want to work in suadi arabia. So, what’s it like to be a woman in Saudi Arabia? Till 10 years ago women were not accepted as a part of the working community. Women cannot be alone on the street or with another man than their husband or family. For our Privacy policy and disclosure please read; If you wish to contact the owner of this site; Drinking in Saudi Arabia   With a 74year old grandfather awaiting 350 lashes in a Saudi Jail for possession of Alcohol Saudi Arabia is once again in the news for its  wonderful views on corporal punishment. Do you know european women in this position? When you get to Saudi you can apply for jobs but if you find one the company would have to become your sponsor. Living on a compound is like living in western holiday camp most of the time.. Can u guide me how to get job in banks in Saudi Arabia ıf she ıs not marrıed to hım? If she is found to be alone she will be tried and punished for lewdness or worse and the potential sentences are staggering with lashes being implemented every Friday. SEE ALSO: Single Women Working in Saudi Arabia. by shafprince January 25, 2019, 1:45 pm 1.8k Views. Foreigners wishing to gain employment will need a Saudi sponsor to obtain a work permit. Women being allowed to drive in the Kingdom will make a big difference in the female work force as they will now be able to drive themselves to work without having depending on someone to drive them around. Within Saudi you can only work for your sponsor. Hi, my husband and I are thinking of moving in the Kingdom for a couple of years to earn some money and then leave. Hi, My name is Katie (.. a friend of Pat’s), I have worked in KSA for the past 5 years. Women therefore cannot mix alone with other men which can make many business situations very difficult and potentially quite dangerous for both parties. At first, some women may find the thought of moving to Saudi Arabia daunting. You would be happy to know that women in Saudi Arabia are allowed to work, but certain criteria needs to be met before hand. Good luck, enjoy your earnings and the tax free money – always worth it! D. My husband has been offered a job through dow chemical company and we are thinking about taking it. Second to the hospitals are the various schools and universities, obviously the Saudis have their girls schooled separately and the staff in the schools are all female. Internet is usually quite good so if you can do your work from home then there is nothing to stop you working from the compound. World. Saudi Arabia, located on the Arabian Peninsula, has a population of approximately 26.5 million people, 20 per cent of whom are non-nationals. Just wanted to post my thoughts for future readers. Education or medical fields are the most common fields that women are permitted to work in. 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It is, however, possible for foreign women to find temporary work in fields like healthcare, teaching (with the right qualifications), or real estate. Copyright © 2020 Living in Saudi Arabia. It must be quite a different experience. The pace of business is slower in Saudi Arabia than in … Can a Woman Work in Saudi Arabia? You cannot work on a visit visa. If you do not get permission from your guardian then, unfortunately, you are not allowed to work in the country. Saudi Arabia has also lifted some restrictions on women traveling in the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom, The new guidelines allow women to rent hotel rooms without a male guardian’s presence, and foreign men and women to share a room without proof of marriage.. can i work in some consultancy if my husband give me pick and drop to office. According to Saudi Arabia’s labour law, women are allowed to work in the Kingdom but their office needs to meet specific criteria: There must be separate bathrooms for men and women, security system and private lunch rooms for women where they can pray as well. Female expat spouses who accompany their husbands to Saudi Arabia don’t have it easy. . Up until the 1960s, the indigenous population was largely nomadic or semi-nomadic, descending from a number of tribes. Could a single mother live and work in the KSA? Most compounds have pools and other facilities and most ban Saudi dress – so yes you can wear what you like, even relax in your bikini beside the pool. Having had the opportunity to work for and visit many companies in Saudi Arabia I have seen very few women working in Saudi Arabia. HI Many thanks, How hard is it for an american nurse to get a job over there? This is Why We Should Stop Filtering Our Holiday Snaps. For example, it is the law in Saudi Arabia that women wear an abaya in public places. A Saudi woman watches a soccer match in King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh on Jan. 13. In this article, Nada takes us through the 9 misconceptions about traveling to Saudi Arabia as a woman. please inform me as i am really seeking for this answer. Ayesha Arif. There are jobs available for women, I know of at least two women working in design in major development companies in Saudi, but you would then be under the control of your sponsor and could suffer with regards to being made to live in a different city, refused holidays and exit visas when your husband wants and so forth. Travel is also a major issue, women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, combined with the rule regarding mixing with the opposite sex it can make things very difficult. Working Women. Hi travellers, Are you moving to Saudi soon and wondering as a woman if you can go for a walk? The country remains sparsely populated. Many female domestics have very poor wages, poor conditions and are often verbally and physically abused and even raped. As a woman, how do you feel working and living in Saudi Arabia? he ıs egyptıan muslım. Women may also work in the retail sector which become an especially popular field for Saudi women to work in with more than 200,000 women in this sector. Women in Saudi Arabia to gain new opportunities with changing social restrictions Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman hopes to change the perception of Saudi Arabia as a … It’s been quite challenging being an expat here. This means that there are numerous areas that they are by law not allowed to work in. I am a woman from the U.S. and have lived here for 3 years. Ministry of Labor & Social Development in Saudi Arabia have come up with new rules for working women in Saudi Arabia. Rules for Working Women in Saudi Arabia. So in the west where you may have the sexy sales rep visit you in your office to convince you to avail of their companies services; In Saudi Arabia this could get both of you arrested, jailed and deported if you are an expat. Companies who fail to adhere to these regulations will face penalties. Expat Working and Living in Saudi Arabia – Adventures of an Overseas Worker in KSA. If you have started with your research, then you by now would have noticed that working in Saudi Arabia can be challenging for women. All rights reserved. Firstly, your guardian (who can be your husband, father, brother or even son) needs to give you permission to work. Do they have contact companies for nursing? iam an Architect and my husband is an computer expert. This means that a number of the buildings would require office revamps – an expense that many companies are unwilling to pay. Having had the opportunity to work for and visit many companies in Saudi Arabia I have seen very few women working in Saudi Arabia.It is not that they are not allowed to work as they can, but they hardly encouraged or aided to become fully capable and productive employees due to the rules regarding what women can and cannot do socially. can you reveal the name of that dubai company you mentioned? It is far from easy to work as a woman in KSA, yet the work ethic of the women that I have met there is far better than any Saudi Male and the education and level of common sense is usually far superior. Faisal Al Nasser / Reuters. Saudi activist, Manal Al Sharif, drives her car in Dubai in October 2013 in defiance of the authorities to campaign for women's rights to drive in Saudi Arabia. Most office buildings in Saudi Arabia were constructed with the idea that only men are going to be working there. However, as long as you are respectful and have some understanding of their way of life you will fit in soon enough.A move to the country may be more challenging for a woman due to the variance in culture. Hi me is Monisa. Women in Saudi Arabia can work in the health, education, dressmaking, childcare, and cleaning industries to mention a few. In 2015, Saudi Arabia proposed hosting an Olympic Games without women. Can a woman vısıt a man ın hospıtal Saudi Arabia is also one of the most hypocritical societies that I have ever encountered. So with all of these problems it is difficult to find employment as you would in the west, there are few places you could work where you would be considered safe and proper. If you are coming to Saudi to be with your spouse and they are your sponsor you cannot work. The Magazine Basic Theme by The one company that I knew where women worked was a company out of Dubai and was run by people far more open than most other companies that I had been into, they employed several women in various positions that mixed freely with all of the staff. It is also very…, . Many couples live on various compounds and most women as you say are very much restricted to living their life out on compound. That being said there is currently a drive to make the underwear sections to be more private in stores and to have them staffed by female employees which will provide more opportunities for women in the kingdom to be able to sell nickers and bras. What is found most interesting about women in Saudi Arabia, along with their already existing laws, is how they should dress in relation to wearing a veil and how controversy it is: In Saudi Arabia, Islam permeates Saudi life – Allah is always present, control everything, and is frequently referred to in conversation (Moran, Abramson & Moran, 2014). SAUDI WOMEN: Zainab Al Talib, left, assists legal consultant Tala Al-Hejailan at the law offices of DLA Piper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 8. Strictly a woman should not travel in a taxi or have a driver who is not a blood relative. Follow this link for the very best guide to surviving as an. Your pay will be largely tax-free and you will also enjoy benefits including healthcare, housing allowances, paid holidays and educational support. Your sponsor usually processes the Iqama within 3 months of you arriving in Saudi Arabia. If you do find work you will have to leave the country and return on a work visa. In 2014 it was announced that female lawyers in Saudi Arabia are also officially allowed to serve as attorneys in court. All Rights Reserved. While the oil and gas sectors are the cornerstones of Saudi Arabia’s economic foundations, expansion in the logistics sector as well as retail and consumer goods provide expats with a larger variety of opportunities to pursue. Everything you have ever wanted to ask. You can’t change your job or transfer your sponsorship without the agreement of your current sponsor, so it’s important you seek legal advice before accepting a new contract. From reading your website it looks like this opportunity is not something I should be even considering. Personally I would rather see women working in Saudi Arabia than the men as they are far more friendly and productive! A woman cannot be alone with a man who is not her direct blood relative (brother, father or son) or her Husband. Fantastic friendships grew out of working in such an intense climate. In a society that constantly preaches about not using alcohol and the sanctity of their women's virtue, the queue to leave the country at the end of the working week over the bridge between Khobar and Bahrain is at least 4 to 5 hours long. Thanks alot! Women in Saudi Arabia are known as the biggest part of the population. Most other female workers tend to work in the cleaning industry being bussed from dormitories where they are locked away after work or as domestic staff for many families across the kingdom. Expat spouses need their own work visa if they want to take up employment in Saudi Arabia. At times the way Saudis treat expats can be very inhumane and would lead to a court case in most countries and eventually jail. “Our society can be very conservative,” said Prince Fahad bin Jalawi al-Saud, a consultant to the Saudi …

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