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para 3 review

MIM parts are also capable of high definition, but lack the strength of a forging. I wanted the Colt National Match at $900 that was steep back then. Next to EEA, you can’t beat the price. : If you have a backhoe…you don’t need to call the cops. Why You Need A Para 3 The Spyderco Para Military series changed the game for mid-sized folding knives when it was released to wide acclaim in 2004. But accuracy is superb. I would think you mentioned problem one while addressing problem two and Para wanted to correct everything by sending another sample. It has a premium full flat ground plain edge blade which is manufactured with the remarkable S30V steel as standard. Directed by Martin McDonagh. Are you interested? Sad that Freedom Group, yet another megacorp, has to mess with success, blinded solely by bottom line-only thinking. it all extends from their imperialistic tyranny. I have had mine for the last 10 or 12 years now not one problem!!! I picked up a S/S P14/45 Limited about 10-12 yrs ago for $700 w/1 mag. I thought about it and declined. After that, I’m open to suggestions. Cruwear, S110V and upcoming Maxamet, S90V and other unique steels. When a big conglomerate “gobbles” up a weaker company That’s imperialism! It is made in Golden, CO, and is the first SpydercoI’ve handled that was produced in their new facility. Good bye Para. With a three-inch-long blade and a thickness of just 0.150 inches, the Para 3 performs … The era of polymer framed double-actions was just ramping up. This requires some skill—you can’t just stick good parts together and expect them to work. Might be I just got a good one, lord knows that happens, It’s for range use so I’ll shoot it till it wants me to spend too much $$ to keep it working, then it’s So long Para / RIP. Nose ins, failure to extract, This was with several different magazines. Mine is the Para p 14 in stainless with three dot sights. I know I will get the Para and Kimber apologists ranting and raving but these are overpriced and unreliable 1911s. They were innovators and the guns I bought are great. So off to the local $mith for correction. Spyderco Para3 custom G10 scales (v.12) July 26, 2018. It had several problems right out of the box. Hopefully, that “deal” I got will prove to be a good one. Bought a Nite Hawg for my CCW. It is a Para—and I can find the bones here that would make for a rock solid 1911—but you have to have faith to find them. Yes, I spilled coffee on the targets on the way to the range. One big hole every time I go to the range . 10 round double stacks. But the researchers figured out it was better to be sued by the few cases that could materialize. accident they are “No More”. Mechanical defects should not pop up. I have carried and used the 1911 both as a Line GI (now retired) and in lawful self defense as a citizen for more than 40 years.. Remington is already re-releasing Para products under the Remington name. MSRP was $999.00, I think. Feed ramp was rough finished. The gun integrates a lot of features I consider mandatory for a defensive carry gun. How many are MIM (metal injection molded—not made in Mexico). Their customer service was horrible, and on the 2 occasions I have had to deal with them on behalf of a client (with 2 different representatives), they were rude, arrogant, uncompromising and disrespectful. 84: ‘Diabetes or Tapeworms’, After reading a lot of the comments (and no gun maker is perfect) even s&w,Remington,Ruger,ect… Have had problems with a few firearms but what I am getting at is it seems like most problems with the para ordinance black ops is either mags but that’s most 1911’s stock mags or just out right lack of proper maintenance/cleaning It was with the LPA cut rear sight. This pistol here is a Para Black Ops. Teflon finished, and with “witness holes” on the back side of the mag bodies. After reading these comments, it’s like I’m on another planet! Well, now it is in the hands of a big company, who from my vantage point is very mismanaged to survive in these modern times with cut throat liability lawyers, and bought and paid for government officials looking to disarm Americans. While at Gunsite, I used Galco’s new Stryker holster. Plus Para has a lifetime warranty. From the moment I picked up this Para it seemed to mold to my hand. I dont know about the review but I have a Para 14-45 stainless and its been a great performer. #para-3 #spyderco #knives #para-3-review-spyderco #spyderco-sharpening-angle-para3 #spyderco-para-3-for-edc #should-i-get-spyderco-pm2-or-pm3 see all. −Updates policy for loss of a rating official or rated Soldier for NCOs (Para 2-19b). The Para Black Ops has a nice, clean look. Spyderco strikes that balance with the new Para 3. I see fewer choices and hum drum response to consumer needs in the future, sort of like MicroSoft and it’s questionable goods. I don’t care how many of them are out there, working fine and dandy—I won’t trust my life to a part that I know may break this easily. The parts aren’t so precious that they can’t be replaced, individually, by anyone with a modicum of common sense. I acquired Wilson Combat recoil springs in 10lb, 12lb, 14lb and 18lb and installed a full length guide rod. I have a collection of paras from the p12 to the p14 all limited editions. Looks like Remington will need some more pages in their catalog. These aren’t titanium framed guns, they don’t have Damascus slides, and they’ve never worn unicorn horn grips. 14 round double-stacks. Purchase price of $549.00. The front strap isn’t checkered, but the mainspring housing is. Also noticed that sometimes the full mags with fmj were not fully seated even after pushing them in pretty hard. While I do recognize Para for being one of the biggest “bang for your buck” 1911’s out there, I will not mourn their passing. Technical Specs . Talk about a freakin “Jam”. What’s the point? Why would Remington spend millions to acquire Para and all of their unique (vastly popular) design and utility patents only to kill the line? SALE* $220.00 $179.95: C223GPRGR: Spyderco Plain Edge K390 Ranger Green G-10 Para 3 Bento Box Shop Exclusive You may order as many as you like, no limit. I have 2 of the new P-14 Black OPS 5.5″ threaded match bbl with high sights for a suppressor and I must say they run and run and run with anything I feed them! I’ve got mixed emotions about the way corporate conglomerates gobble up smaller companies. The weapon was cycling properly but it wouldn’t always fire when I pressed the trigger. If I had know they would treat a customer that way, I wouldn’t have called. Order yours today with our always free shipping. Who would spend 1500 bucks gunsmithing on a weapon that they could sell and buy another brand for the same 1500. No one has or carries 10-round, P-10 mags anymore – J bought the last 8 P-10 mags that SARCO in Pennsylvania had a week ago. I have a 2004 Canadian-made Hi-cap Warthog that I love. Threaded barrels and suppressor height sights. Fingers crossed! Is the Spyderco Tenacious Worth It in 2019? SALE* $224.95 I’ve had my Para P13 since ’96. From a ransom rest, it shoots two inches at fifty yards. I don`t know if I am one of the lucky few or QC was much better back then. I purchased a slide from Numrich made by Para in ss. Price-wise, the Charge 3 launched at £129.99 / $149.95 / AU$229.95, which was the exact same as the original list price of the Fitbit Charge 2 at launch. Guys who own other Paras said they’re surprised at the poor quality. It consistantly nose dives into the face of the feed ramp. And if you do, don’t try to strip the mag. I have a few Para’s – love ’em all. Peeing took place at the frame’s slide-stop locking notch. The company grew slowly and specialized in 1911s. Take this as a preverbal shot over your bow. I agree that the thumb safety is a poor choice of a part to cut corners on. Finally, after sparing no expense I had a Match Grade 1911 pistol that in every way even “out shot” the Colt National Match after two years of meticulous care and hand finishing. Quantity . They stick out the bottom of the grip’s mag well a tiny bit, but function flawlessly. The history of Para has been checkered with ups and downs in availability, quality and concerns over the company’s life. Now for those who do not like Paras here is my thoughts. When I began the second half of this review, I had a full 1911, and 99% of a second. Para from Canada were the best out of the box 1911’s . P.S. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 custom scales (US Flag) June 7, 2018. I’d immediately change out the safety. I have a Black ops 1911 .45 with about 6 origianl double stack 14 magazines that I have never fired. Spyderco Para 3 Knives in stock and ready to ship. A mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder when they fail to catch the culprit. When Spyderco created one of the most popular and iconic knives on the market with the Para Military 2, following it up would be a daunting proposition. They can fix that, too. One fell out while being fired. Related Tags: Gus, I have a old Kimber Stainless custom that over the years shot flawlessly and accurately. The only issue I had was with faulty ammo or a lack of correctly holding the gun and producing a fte, but that is my fault not the gun’s. Lets pretend for a moment that this was not simply a review gun, but one I’d intent to carry every day. They should be dominating the market at this price point. As much as we wanted to blame the malfunction on human error it was obviously a defect. I still have 2. but the Para is unreal. I prayed that some how, some where their quality would get better. allow a weapon to leave the factory with such a safety defect. Bought a stainless Expert a couple of years ago, been satisfied with it. I love my Para’s. If you think everything would turn ugly for you always you should not even handle a gun. with them to the extent they need serious repairs continually. No the gun was not recently over oiled. Had a good contact at the company who shipped me parts to replace to try to find some accuracy. The gun shoots incredibly well. From the holster, the Para still performs well. All have very good to outstanding accuracy. The handguns are excellent and accurate. Mr. Stone replied that Para had a habit of drilling the slide stop hole in the frame in the wrong location. So I went to work on this relic of the 2nd World Wsr. Poor customer Service. Nothing will delay a review like a gun that won’t work. The first was with the trigger. slide and frame. called to check on the progress, it took hours to get through I shoot I don’t need company’s like this . To keep the Para 3 slim and pocket friendly, it features a lightweight, open-backed construction style and its stainless steel liners are nested into machined recesses in the textured G-10 scales. I can only hope that if Para is absorbed by Remington, that they will honor the warranty. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The company built its reputation on rock solid, no-frills 1911s. protect our freedom like it was done hundreds of years ago, but we have to be diligent in what we say and how we say say it. I started leaving my thumb on the safety long ago because it seemed I had a more solid grip on the gun.. for me it is now a habit (There are some schools of thought that encourage this I am not sure either way it is just the way I started doing it long ago.) Very fine carry pieces. The only thing I had done is swap out the cheesy plastic mainspring housing with a Wilson Combat stainless version. revolted against their tyranny. Almost one hole. These are very low S/N, so I attributed the problem to early corporate teething issues, but apparently even later guns had same issue. I have carried my Para 13 for about twenty years. Appearance still “Ugly”. What happens when I grab this gun when I’m pumped up on adrenaline? I am into it $1000 probably with all the additional parts and magazines, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one. Even with the ramped barrel, it won’t feed when the slide is dropped with the slide stop. The bighawg 14+1 alloy is my favorite , I bought and sold them 3 at a time for years never had a complaint . From $ 23.00. It is way past time for Para to swirl down the drain. Either way, I doubt we’ve seen the last of Para. LOVE THEM! I have owned 2; the first is a P-14 built from one of the early kits, which, after another $1,500 worth of gun smithing, now works fine. Why do you think we have the right to bare arms! You may know your guns, But, the man is got you fooled. They are tied to some very rich and powerful men that would love to see all guns disappear. The actual act of forging aligns the crystalline structure of the metal, making it more resilient to stress and less brittle. That’s customer service! Free shipping for many products! The gun also has an integrated rail, ideal for mounting lights or lasers. Capitalism is an American way, based on free enterprise and competition in the market place. I for one will not miss this company. The rear of the notch oeened out to where the slide would no longer lock open after the last round was fired. I purchased additional double stack magazines and started loading only 8 rounds in the mags designed for 13 rounds; this seemed to perform well with less feed problems. GM did the same thing before they moved their gs tanks to inside the frame rails. I have a Para LTC Commander and I experienced the same first round feed issue discribed in the artical. Weird…!! Wow ! Now after i bought my para they moved to the usa because of law problems here in Canada . This is a review, after all, so let’s review a gun already. I’m curious if it actually was an EGW HD unit because I just took apart a brand new Para Elite and found it had a standard series 80 extractor. I’ve been shooting for a good 30yrs, but my Para took accuracy to a whole new level. It’s sad that Para is going away. After monkeying with it for a while, I couldn’t solve the problem, so I sent it off to my smith (one of those I mentioned earlier who carries a Para). Initially had feed issues with fmj ammo in a full mag at first range trip. I may have had a few abnormalities at some time I purchased 5/SS mags w/mag bumpers. It was a a WW2 US issue stamped on the receiver and in rough shape, but it shot good, real good. It allows for a less bulky knife that is easy to transport and has the same cutting performance. The Everyday Carry Holiday Gift Guide for 2020. Right out I live one state away and it took them 5 weeks to fix it. What a shooter! Snap. I’ve spoke to Para about the problem and, at their suggestion, tried numerous magazines in the pistol witout much success. I have had a few other brands that needed gun-smithing. Previous post: We Like Shooting Ep. I’ve always heard good things about Para but my own experience with them fell short of the mark. It keeps the textured G-10 material and pairs it with a slight curve along the top for even better handling. Pricks. Once all of the parts are working harmoniously, this is a nice tight gun that functions as it should–for the most part. Rather than appealing to law enforcement, some of the new Para iconography seems to aim for gamers. The wide grooves between the lands allow for a lot of your finger to seat in those grooves, and the sharp milled edges bite like they’re supposed to. I sent the pistol back to Para who adjusted it and returned it to me. I was forthright with the purchaser as to my issue with the piece and don’t know if he sent it into Para to correct the gripe. Could it be a mag issue? Did some upgrades but it is still a Para at heart. Well I like mine. Took it to the range to run some rounds through it and began having issues. Don\’t get your knickers in a bunch over the apparent demise of Para-Ordnance. It is also not sustainable on any scale. The Black Ops is exactly that. While I like the sight picture, I prefer a squared-off sight, or one with a slight hook to it that I can use for one-handed operation of the slide. Quality wise, they are no more special than Taurus and Remington, and personally aside from the double stack, I prefer Remington. That said, I hear a lot of others complain about Kimber, did they take a turn for the worse at some point or did I just get lucky? Sorry to see a brand go, not happy with the big fish gobbling up the little one, nothing good ever came from that. And the purpose of the calls were fairly minor, it wasn’t like I was being unreasonable and demanding things. With a company that sells medium quality 1911’s in a market saturated with them at better than average pricing, they should be killing it. I have settled on Wilson Combat match grade rounds as the best performance in my Para. Carried the 1911a1 in the army for three yrs primary weapon of dog handlers,then carried one 1911a1 Remington as a Chicago Police Officer for about five yrs. I’d probably want to incorporate a beveled mag well extension. This one is holding nicely. I passed nervously and got an ecersise in clearing my weapon. We will never be able to use our “guns” to The quality of the gun is impressive out of the box; so I may just keep it brand new in the case as a collector piece. The other textures on the Black Ops are sufficient. What I have discovered is the thumb safety itself actually torqued, bent several times requiring replacement. Maybe I just got lucky but I’m glad I did because nothing out there can replace what I have with this handgun from Para Ordinance. Really a great gun and will be missed if the company dont produce it anymore. Very little creep, a good reset, and a 4.5 pound break. Prefer to use a Victorinox nylon belt pouch or loose in pocket. Came back “fixed” meaning they could hit a target at 12 yards, which was the max distance of their range. I wanted to have a 1911 with adjustable sight . You don’t. I no longer own the gun and I wouldn’t buy another. Two of the 4 were total garbage. In the Canon EOS R review the significance of the lack of IBIS is described this way "No in-body stabilization further limits usefulness as a video camera" The XT 3's Video capabilities certainly seem impressive in many ways but it's lack of IBIS is a hugely limiting factor for the average user. Wow, The British did it to the world for hundreds of years until we Look at the slide serrations on this dude, and you’ll see what I mean. There are hundreds of 1911’s out there why try with one that has strayed so far from the original design ? Another example of the times we live in with big business going after unrealistic profits at the expense of quality and social responsibility. Prosecuting attorneys say if you hang a light/laser on your pistol and go wandering around in the dark it is no longer self defense, or the castle doctrine…you’ve become an aggressor…a hunter. The LDA trigger is superb and I have experienced NO FAILURES in a couple years of carry service. Review Subject Required. Para Ordnance was founded 30 years ago, in Canada of all places, by Ted Szabo (a Hungarian expat) and Thanos Polyzos (who had immigrated from Greece). I bought a brand new Para P14 custom pro 45. Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.2) July 26, 2018. Imagine an ED Brown in charge of PARA. Remington is a large part of the problem. I bought a Para 1911 Expert 14.45 after the companies move to Para-USA. From $ 23.00. I have had extensive experience with a Para in 40 S&W;a P16 that I bought new. Hi, could you post a picture of that broken “EGW HD” extractor? It will go away for a while, at least. And, like it or not, it is a series 80 style gun, which means it has a firing pin block to prevent accidental discharge. You coulda been a contender. The barrel is ramped, which is supposed to help with feeding hollow points. Pray for new owners to start them up again right in the future. Guess I’ll be keeping these as future collectibles as well. I’ll be passing this gem down when I go. I”m a lefty so I had a ambidextrous safety installed plus a beaver tail grip safety. No real surprise here. Everything old is new again! Fit an finish on this knife seems to be a "cut" above. 12 or fewer rounds in 14 rd mags worked fine. But I have only run 3 mags through it at this point, without a problem.. THE NEW EDC - The Para 3 distills all the features of that best-in-class folding knife into a more compact, carry-friendly package. According to him the Company changed the manual and added a line that said, to point the firearm in a safe direction when taking it off SAFE. I bought a Para P-12 Canadian made. Sent back twice for warranty work and neither one were ever repaired to remedy the problem so had to be tackled locally then sold them! I am sorry to hear they are going away. Considering how big this organization is and how many gun mfg’s. In 2010, a group of us purchased a USMC Para SF-45-A commemorating our deployment in AFG. We support operations by earning commissions when you purchase products we link. I just want to say I hate to see them go. The stainless gun has had some peeing problems – going to a softer recoil spring assembly cured that. I have bought a 38 super ssp stainless with pearl grips this was limited, and was made in Canada near Toronto Ont. competition weekly. Before I’d even gotten a chance to take it apart, I had a couple of hiccups. I still have a Para Limited in .40 and while it’s too big for me to carry concealed it is an excellent shooter. After he’d gotten the gun back into working order, he hit the ambidextrous safety from the ambidextrous side and it sheered off. The first gun sent by Para had a flaw in the safety, which broke off. But those didn’t help. Last(?) And the whole package is finished in Para’s IonBond PVD finish. MY PENIS IS ROCK HARD WAITING FOR YOU REVIEW – I\’LL EDGE UNTIL YOU GIVE US YOUR REVIEW, YOU SWEET CHEEKED MINCING FAIRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. I purchased a new Black Ops in 2013 and had the exact same first round feeding issue as well. Interesting article, and a good antidote to those who might rush out to buy one before they’re gone.

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