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love taza apartment listing

I can’t wait to see more rooms as you get them done! I’m a huge color-lover myself so I always appreciate a whole bunch of fun colors in decorating! I wish you all the best! the gallery wall is probably my favorite wall in our new apartment. I have never been to NY but you make me love it from here! I LOVE this update! So glad you are in AZ!! I know it’s different for each family and living situation, but we have so enjoyed our close quarters in city apartments and feel this amount of space is just right for us. And your house is to die for!!! Are you still planning on releasing a book in the spring? What a massive life change for you guys! whatever. Open 6,014 Likes, 40 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “In my latest blog post, I compiled a list of all our favorite things to do in NYC during the summer…” anyway, it was a fun moment for sure. and we finally have a sofa sleeper! More Info. LOVE ALL THE BRIGHT COLORS, MAKES IT SUCH A FUN PLACE, ESPECIALLY KID FRIENDLY.. THAT HEADBOARD IS JUST BEAUTIFUL I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A GREEN LIKE THAT IS PERFECT.. Yalls apartment is what dreams are made of!! Okay seriously these rooms are so beautiful could cry — not even joking! i do miss the days of putting the camera on a timer and running back into the frame, but we gave samson the remote and he got some of the best photos ever! i will share more of the apartment soon! i’ve been wanting to share a post about urban living, and how we’ve made a 2 bedroom apartment in new york city work for our family of 5. we’ve been in this space for almost 3 years, and since questions around city living seem to be asked a lot these days, i thought i’d share what we’ve learned and how we manage. And the best bit is that I know you and josh are both fully aware of how lucky you are and don’t take it for granted. The home is an old ranch style home, with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. This is Natasa from Greece. Oh my gosh, not going to lie, I have been waiting to see the reveal, because you guys have such a neat decorating style! Love Naomi! Featuring a 24-hour front desk, this property also provides guests with a restaurant. you may not take any images or content from this site without written permission. Thank you for shairing! I especially love the pink chairs, gallery wall and that amazing area rug! HA! I’m super curious about this big change? lots of color, lots of family photos mixed in with favorite art pieces we’ve collected over the years, and more than anything else, lots of comfort. I only wish some of the options were more budget friendly! wow! Love this look! Dusti. While we aren’t adding square footage to the home, we are changing a little bit of the layout (we realized after living in it for a bit that there wasn’t a back door. I wish you never ending happy memories in your new home! love taza / rockstar diaries copyright 2018. all rights reserved. and never ever on my timeline, but such is life! Occasionally muddy. We’ll be doing a full kitchen renovation (we are SO excited about this! and then towards the end we were like, hmmm. we did the same thing with chairs. Love your home posts as I always get so many inspiration ideas that I may be able to get past my husband. You’re apartment and the decor is just perfect. Olga. We are saying goodbye to a lot of the knock-down textured walls so I can apply wallpaper and paint them all fun colors and make these walls really sing! i’m so excited to begin sharing more photos and words about our new apartment now that we are all moved in and officially settled! your living room is absolutely perfect in every way! We are just about to move out of our beloved little 1960’s ranch style home that we re designed top to bottom. And those i love it so much wow :) even your lipstick matches the pink chairs haha I especially love the gallery wall and pops of colour in the living room. It's true you don't need a lease to live in an apartment. We seriously love your bright style! this has given me so much inspo for my room which I’m currently redoing myself :D. It’s hard not to drool over all the architectural details in your new apartment…I can only imagine how fun it is to live there and decorate the space. LOVE the bold colors and these beautiful pictures!! This vacation home has free private parking, a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi. Does that mean it’s from anthro or just arranged by anthro? I wouldn’t worry about the 8ft ceilings- least of your problems!! You bring a light and comforting space to social media which is so refreshing, especially this year. Pingback: Friday Favorites starts with Design Style - Nesting With Grace. The second season switched into a different style approach with episodes aired online, due to its online fan base and polls for upcoming episodes. one of the things i love about him is how he thinks outside the box with stuff like this, as he insisted on holding onto this chair over the years saying he’d find a purpose for it once we had more space. Oh if I could only get my husband to agree to a green velvet headboard! Love what you did with the space- it has you written all over it!! we both fell completely in love with the losange chairs you see in these photos after we sat in them for the first time (and like i said, we sat on a lot of chairs!). Hope you get a cozy fire going in there come snuggling season. Like, sink…” pink chairs… well done josh!! Love Taza 29/3 - Rules Are For Other People. sure. everything look just perfect and so inviting! WOW! 680 SqFt Amenities such as swimming pool, exercise room, theatre room, Bike/Kayak locker, 24 hour concierge A quite boutique sub-penthouse building with 10 foot ceiling. Backing up a little bit, when we first walked through the home (you can read more about that here), we knew straight away it was where we wanted to set up shop for this new chapter as a family because of the yard. I’m so happy and excited for you guys. A good example of this was over the summer when the kids lived in the pool behind the house each day. Stay safe and have a great rest of your year! Love it especially the wall full of kids Picture drawings . I love it, such a beautiful home! I won’t shy away from the fact that being thrown into home ownership for the very first time and the maintaining of anything green has pretty much felt entirely overwhelming like, every thirty hours or so. But I would check out their sofas with the newer/updated sleepers with foam mattresses! Please, it’s so warm and seems so cosy. Time for some moments to myself.…” Whenever I think of you, I think “NYC” so it’ll take some getting used to have you not be in the city. And also, well done Josh on those chairs! Happy demoing!! Because when it comes to good and generous people, they don’t come better than Jenny Komenda (whom I’d first met when her family also lived in nyc several years ago). Where is your cool white bedspread with the fringe from? Argains out there! Your new home looks so warm and welcoming <3 Love all the little details and your kids drawings omg how cute!! The apartment is beautiful. Any advice you can give I would LOVE to hear! You have such fun decorating style and I love seeing little peaks into your beautiful, cozy, and fun home. I get so happy following you working on your dreams! Good luck with your renovation, Anna! Best of luck with the renovation!!! Excited to see where the green sofa will end ;) Maybe you’ve touched on this already and I missed it, but do you have plans to return to NYC? Such a bright and colorful space, Naomi! The green velvet bed and pink chars are just PERFECT! it was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Slightly snea, If you’re wondering, the answer is yes. i’d never want to leave. I'm definitely concerned that their apartment is way too small for their family, and why aren't the kids in school? it is gorgeous when it’s glowing all on its own at night. ;) Love Love Love this! ), it’s always been important to josh and me that every room in our home is kid friendly. just put this here! You lucky things! You are such a beautiful sprint with the most adorable family. I’ve been trying different sites out and still can’t seem to find a site that I LOVE using yet. it was the perfect send off to summer, as we crossed a few last things off our family’s summer bucket list while there. Oh I love this! also, we wanted to try to get a few photos with our entire family in our new living room so josh ordered a remote for our camera. (and photo from our friends who caught us packing up on the street outside an apartment window and texted us! I am enjoying learning about your transition from NYC to Arizona. (i’ll show the lower hanging soffits in better detail in a video soon! What a beautiful home you have! ;). Those chairs are BEAUTIFUL! Also, i really realllly like the fact that it looks like people actually liver there; rather than what we see on other blogs nowadays, where everything seems perfectly placed with no regards to functionality whatsoever. Love following renovations and so excited to follow yours! Love the color combos! That gallery wall is amazing. A reno is not for the faint of heart! I love all the bright, fun colors! that framed poster of the mother holding the baby is by r.c. What a fun space for your kids to grow up in! i love all the color combinations, i think i need more color at my home too :). We are a few months into our new home situation in Arizona and while a lot has happened on the home front in many regards (though never as quickly as I’d like! This sounds like such a wonderful chapter of your lives, something really special to look back on . you may not take any images or content from this site without written permission. We don’t have any plans to add additional square footage. So much design these days lacks fun and LIFE! it almost looks like it’s sparkling because of the seeded glass orbs. Beautiful living space! We’ve always wanted a ranch so you are making my dreams come true! Where did you get your skirt ? so beautiful! Beautifully executed!!! i’m so excited to begin sharing more photos and words about our new apartment now that we are all moved in and officially settled! Even though my style and taste changes, I still own all my anthro pieces, they are just so versatile! the coffee table is the elemental layers coffee table which our home stylist recommended for us since it has a second shelf for book storage and is durable for things like tiny toes (i mean children! oh this looks so happy and so lovely!! More on my stories. speaking of dreams coming true, shortly after we shared that we were moving into a new space last spring, i got an email from anthropologie saying they’d love to help us make this next space a home and i couldn’t write back fast enough. Thank you to those of you who have shared in our excitement for this next chapter. ), so cute and fun! welcoming. I’m overwhelmed like 70% of the time, especially since this renovation often feels last on our list right now with Josh’s new job here and life with kids plus schoolwork and navigating the drastic changes 2020 has brought us by way of a new state and community and chapter of life. Hello! Much love from London, Julie It just summarise it well for me. Love the headboard and accent wall btw. We realized if we put a back door in by the laundry room, it could be the kids’ main entry point from the pool and since we have a water hook up already in that space, we can create a small half-bath right there for them as well. So inspirational:)))))). It’s really beautiful! It’s so cheery & bright you your fam bam. With a big yard and so many dreams to fill it!we started renovating it as much as our budget allows and hope to move in in 2 months! I adore the mixed textures. BEAUTIFUL! I’ll share videos on my instagram (there is already a highlight saved with some renovation progress) and if you’d like, you can check out all my home pins to see some of the inspiration for our project. I love every little bit of it already and I can not wait to see the rest of it! All the best for your family. congrats on the new apartment, and it’s beautiful! Naomi chronicles her life on the Upper West Side with her husband, Josh, and their now-five children to her nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. also, i have a lot of opinions on the matter, so get ready. And also, ultra-randomness… my family totally knew Josh back in the day and I remember as a teenager watching you two whenever you were at stake youth activities and being so envious of your amazing style. Such a great piece. Also, where is your skirt from?? The hotel has both free WiFi and free private parking. What a beautiful life! i know i already talked about the performance fabric we used for the losange chairs above, but if anyone is curious about the color we used, it’s called rouge and it’s one of the wool performance fabrics. I always want to say hi, and a, “ you’ve got this girl!” AZ winters will make you happy, just a short drive and you can ski and play in the snow! I am looking for one :). LOVE this space! I sent you over an email this morning about a collaboration. I'm Naomi (but sometimes known as Taza) and this is where I share bits and pieces of life's adventures - celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food and the simple joy's. My favorite is the gallery wall. i just wanted to let you know how much of a role model you are to me and you inspire me every day! ONE Word …Beautiful, I love everything,thanks for sharing ;), Love it!! 8 Bedroom House. Occasionally muddy. We are here for your journey in growing and (re)building your beautiful new home with your kids in Arizona! this apartment is so gorgeous! Whenever they needed to use the bathroom, they had to run from one side of the home through several rooms to the other side of the home leaving behind a trail of puddles since there isn’t a bathroom anywhere near the pool. We looked at pitching the ceiling and taking advantage of the attic space in the main living areas, but the price (or bid as they call it) for a project like that had a jaw dropping price tag reaching six figures (and we wouldn’t be able to live in the home during that part of the renovation for 9 months or more). world. Anthropologie is my go to as well for decor. Because you are just authentic and show the world — that love wins at the end of every day, no matter how hard the storm might be. SO cool. I am hopeful some simple maneuvers like these will help make the space still feel open and big despite not being able to raise the ceiling and expose the attic beams. it’s so apparent their home stylists really love what they do and are also invested in helping to really personalize your space to you and your lifestyle. now people don’t have an excuse to not visit us. On Saturday, Davis shared with her nearly 500,000 Instagram followers that “after two full weeks in the apartment” her family would be traveling “west” in an RV to leave New York City. 13k Likes, 185 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “Came home from Vermont to the messiest I'd ever left the apartment before a trip. What a dream!!! Many congratulations on your beautiful home!! just another reason why i love him. Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Naomi Davis is a New York City–based parenting blogger and influencer who has been blogging at Love Taza for many years. a few i had in our previous apartment, so we used those but added a few more since they are josh’s favorite thing ever and i knew he’d be so stoked for more. This combined mixture is much more real, gathering the bits of our whole life. but it all turned out in the end and we’re pretty proud of her. this primrose mirror is also from anthropologie. Probably eating take-out tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner since we don’t have a kitchen this week BUT does that even matter when we’re feeling the giddiness Christmas morning often brings as we’re starting our home renovation?! we got the velvet orianna headboard in emerald green and cannot believe how it transformed the space. Those AR, I asked Madalena to hold the door open for me whil. I haven’t shared a ton of words or videos or hopeful plans surrounding the house just yet since we hadn’t really started, but I’ll do my best to keep the progress up to date since we’ve begun! There have been a few scorpion sightings (shaving years off my life!) Having her let us know the home had potential (and wasn’t a terrible idea) helped boost my confidence on the home front since all of this is so new to me. Hugs all the way from Singapore! But only you know what you need. <3. there is also a lot of beautiful old stained glass in the windows which i love they have kept and not torn out. it also ties in a lot of the colors from the gallery wall really well. i love love LOVE this post and your new apartment! I kept wanting to see more! Taza. was tough, but I can’t wait to bring them back to my favorite city one day!!! Xx, SO MUCH COLOUR!!! And then there’s the fun of having two toddlers often found with muddy feet most days running after a chicken or two. i got so nervous!!! i have loved it for such a long time that i was so excited when the measurements lined up and it worked over this fireplace mantle. also fun: playing with conrad on the bed while wearing red lipstick!

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