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ik multimedia axe i/o vs focusrite

Did we miss one you’ve heard of? 1. If you want the best-of-the-best, ‘full speed ahead’ interface, then this is the right place. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, ‘Man that display is tiny!’ That being said, it does show a lot. Get more out of your AXE in our AXE for More sale! In many ways, it’s the recording interface guitar players have longed for for many years. and dual phantom powered combo inputs (for use with condenser mics and line level signals), the Axe I/O offers plenty of, er, I/O for recording your, erm, axe. $349 USD Use your 300 Gear Credits to stock your virtual amp room, pick up some T-RackS Processors, or grab a few artist featured AmpliTube collections you've been eyeing. Comes in an 8x8x8 or a 16x16x16 config. Plus you get the option of XLR or quarter-inch for the second input, as well as MIDI in/out, so it might be worth it for you. Note: All prices were current at the time of writing this article. If you need some extra outputs, like to a second speaker pair, or have some hardware you what to use with your DAW, then this is the choice for you. The AXE is a fully-pro 2 in/5 out unit designed first and foremost for tracking guitars faster, better, and more simply than ever before. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a more popular audio interface, based on its 1,000+ reviews. Making electronic music? If you like to record guitar, this is a great option. 31 Amazon customer reviews ... IK Multimedia believes that it has sorted this with its new AXE I/O audio interface, which the company says has been designed from the ground up with the goal of providing the best possible interface for guitar players. While we haven’t tried this one ourselves, it definitely seems to be something to keep an eye on if you want to record classic-sounding guitar alongside vocals, synths and other instruments. While the old series only included 8, 8p and 16 options, the newer x6 model allows producers to choose something a little less pricey while still getting the amazing features that this hardware provides. Hello I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and record on that regularly. The company definitely got their focus right with this one.Puns aside, this interface has been a long-term studio staple for me. Buy Now. Be warned though, this device only works on macOS/OSX. If you liked the One/Duet/Quartet and want the design and reliability in a rackmount format, then this is the one to go for. To be honest, when you get to this level, devices compete less on trivialities like looks and more on features. Although most electronic music producers don’t record a whole lot, for those that do and/or want the flexibility to when needed, this the ultimate no-brainer. Included plugins (Addictive Keys, Focusrite, Softube) Our Take. If you’re the kind of person who wants something that doesn’t clutter your studio space while getting a damn good quality product, check this one out. If you need the cheapest audio interface available that is still reliable, then the UM2 is a great choice. The only downside is no MIDI In/Out. 48-Month Financing* Universal Audio Apollo X16 16-Channel Thunderbolt Audio... 0 of 5 stars. Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB. €295.69. So if you’re an experienced producer with the money to spare, this is your interface. The AudioFuse Studio is the beefed-up version of the AudioFuse we just looked at. Being the bigger brother of both the 24c and 26c, the 1810c packs a lot of power into a seemingly cheap interface. If you’re looking for a middle-to-high end interface that is reliable, quality and has a few extra bells and whistles, these interfaces are probably for you: So we’re back to the pretty-looking ones, are we? But if you like simplicity and don’t mind the input/output configuration (and work on a Mac), the price point might work out nicely for you. The Axe I/O is an affordable interface for guitar players that has tone shaping tools on the front end, re-amping routing capabilities, a built in tuner, and Amplitube 4 software included out of the box. My pastimes include reading, drinking coffee and taking photos. On the feature list, this might look pretty standard. If you need more input and output options at a cheap price point, this is definitely one to keep an eye on. Ahora, AXE I/O Solo trae el mismo grandioso diseño de tono, funciones convenientes y el sonido premium para todos, en todas partes, en un formato compacto y asequible de 2 entradas/3 salidas. £299. One of my personal favourites, the Scarlett 2i2 by Focusrite. No more USB hubs, MIDI interfaces or mixers. FEATURES The IK Multimedia Axe I/O is a two-input/five-output 24-bit/192kHz digital audio interface and controller that provides a good selection of standard I/O device features, including two ¼-inch guitar inputs, two combo ¼-inch/XLR mic/line inputs with phantom power, four ¼-inch line outputs, MIDI Out and In jacks, a USB 2.0 jack and a ¼-inch headphone output. Popis: Neodolatelný produkt IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo snadno pořídíte zde teď ve slevě. Personally, this will be my next purchase. It’s a studio staple for many pro-grade producers and engineers alike. 55 . With the Symphony up to its MKII release, this is another great option for the high-end studio owner. While it’s not the prettiest, it certainly does the job, and the metering section shows you all you need to see. With a bigger form-factor, more input options and even nicer extras, this might be what you need. 4 XLR/quarter-inch inputs with emulated preamps from Neve etc. 0 of 5 stars. The flexibility of the AmpliTube software combined with a well-designed interface makes this quite the offer, especially for under $500. Once again, like with the 2i2, the 2i4 is a great first interface. Roland Rubix24 - The Roland Rubix24 is an audio interface which is really designed for recording and mixing purposes. The front panel of the new IK Multimedia Axe I/O is pretty well loaded up, with dedicated inputs for guitar, but input 1 has a bit more going for it with a section marked Z Tone. It’s available in 4 configurations: 2×6 SE, 8×8, 16×16 and 8×8+8MP. Apogee are renowned for their simple, elegant and beautiful interfaces. Steinberg UR-RT2. If there’s been an interface that I’ve had my eye on for a while now, it would be this one. If these options have you overwhelmed, chances are you’re probably a new producer and don’t know what to choose. 23. Note that there is also the option to select FL ASIO (or something like that) as a device. Surely they would at least include a thunderbolt option? There are heaps on inputs and outputs on this one, so coupled with the nice display, the AVB is certainly a contender for sure. It has an impedance control knob that adds in some color options, like a hardness that’s nice and bright, and as it’s increased, a warmth and a bit of a darker tone. Plus, it still relies on more dated (but still reliable) methods of digital connection. Although, not sure why it’s only USB at this point. Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen. £88. If you’re looking for this kind of studio solution, you won’t find a better option. You might have heard you need an audio interface to produce music. Learn how to master the fundamentals of electronic music production with the best roadmap for new producers, 2 digitally-controlled outputs for monitoring, Easy-access gain and output knobs on the top surface, Headphones Output with dedicated output knob, Comes with a suite of FX plugins included, Inputs/Playback mixer to hear original signal, Includes Studio One DAW, 6GB+ of resources and extra plugins, Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone, 1 quarter-inch input (line or instrument), Gain knobs with intuitive ring singal indicators, Great audio conversion (up to 192kHz sample rate), Included plugins (Addictive Keys, Focusrite, Softube), 2 XLR/quarter-inch inputs with Phantom Power, 2 mic/line inputs with phantom power and Class A preamps, Direct iOS compatability through USB MIDI port, 2 XLR/quarter-inch input channels with phantom power and preamps, 4 XLR/quarter-inch input channels with phantom power and preamps, USB connectivity (with Ethernet for virtual mixing console), Direct iOS compatibility through USB MIDI port. £315. If you’re upgrading to a more pro-grade studio and need somewhere to start, this is definitely a great choice. Although it has been super-seeded by the Apollo X Series, the original Apollo is still an industry-standard in many studios worldwide today. If that isn’t self-explanatory, desktop interfaces can sit on your desk, while rackmount requires a rack to screw the interface into. Similar to its sister device the 2i2, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 is a device you can’t look past.Essentially it’s the same as the 2i2 but dressed up a bit more with extra output options, MIDI in/out and extra switches. Not all interfaces are compatible with all DAWs. Then let us know in the comments or drop me a line at [email protected]. The 24c and 26c both fit into this price bracket and compete with similar models like the Komplete Audio and Scarlett ranges. Axe I/O vs Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. AXE I/O SOLO offers a massive bundle of over $/€1,000 of software and plug-ins, so you have everything you need to track, mix and master your music right out of the box. This is the cheapest audio interface money can buy while still not sacrificing quality. But for electronic music producers, that’s probably not going to be the case. The best part about the Quartet is finally all the I/Os are actually on the device itself, not as part of a dongle. AXE I/O, IK’s award-winning audio interface, set a new standard for guitar-oriented recording interfaces. If you are into the array of apps on iOS as well, this interface is a no brainer. This might be the first interface with wireless capability. More Info IK Multimedia’s AXE I/O 2-channel guitar audio interface is a wonderful device aimed directly at you, the recording guitarist. This is especially true of high-end interfaces (we’re looking at you, Avid). ... IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo + AmpliTube 5. to the product. I just set my brother up with a new rig and he uses it for identical purposes pretty much. Plugins. Though it’s kind of like dongle city (to hide the clutter on your desk) with this interface, it certainly works well. You’ve got to be joking right?Nope, that’s the case with the Scarlett 18i20. It’s been around for a while for a reason. If you have a little more cash to spend, it might be worth it to level up to these interfaces, especially if you want a couple more inputs/outputs or want a bit of a faster connector: You’ve probably noticed that the Scarlett range of interfaces shows up a lot here, and for a very good reason. What does format mean? It seems to be getting quite a bit of hype. Presonus Studio 1810c. If you love to record guitar on your tracks, this amp simulator and audio interface seems to be quite a contender at $449. Most electronic music producers who may occasionally want to record something and need to output to monitors will absolutely love this. Samples. Audio Interfaces are the beating heart of most producers’ studios.They help you capture that perfect vocal or catchy synth line, and allow you to hear it all back through those monitors you just blew your budget on.Chances are, you probably are looking at buying one, but don’t know where to start – there are so many options.Here, we’ve done all the research for you and compiled the best audio interfaces money can buy in 2020. To top their desktop line of interfaces off, the Quartet is a sight to behold. Featuring two instrument inputs (plug your electric guitar or bass guitar in here!) 9 . Now AXE I/O Solo brings the same great tone shaping, convenient features and premium sound to everyone, everywhere, in a compact and affordable 2-in / 3-out format. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AXE I/O 2-channel audio interface with guitar tone shaping, amp output and software recording bundle at Focusrite somehow keeps on delivering. Audio interfaces can come with a variety of features, and depending on your needs, you need to know what to look for.There are five main factors to consider: There are many types of connectors that audio interfaces. If you want really top-notch audio quality with the flexibility of DSP and analog emulation, this is quite a bargain, really (considering UAD’s other interfaces). The PreSonus Studio 24c and 26c are a clear competitor to the Scarlett range but at a slightly cheaper price point. Monitors. AXE I/O, la galardonada interfaz de audio de IK, estableció un nuevo estándar para las interfaces de grabación enfocadas en la guitarra. IK Multimedia is a very underrated audio company. That being said, if the USB-C matters to you, then choose this one for sure. I am having trouble trying to connect Axe FX 2 to Focusrite interface (18i20 in my case). I don’t think I would use Amplitube all that much. Now, this isn’t exactly true. While it’s quite pricey, the features on this are insane. This is very cheap for a rackmount interface with this many I/O options. ... IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo. If you haven’t seen this one before, it’s a beast. IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo. Yep, you bet.Apart from being super sexy, the duet is a very intuitive and fully-featured interface for those of you on macOS. Headphones. For the HD, it’s the Pro Tools integration which makes this the interface of choice for many engineers. You’ll get our best samples (over 700), Serum presets, PDFs and eBooks all for free to help you on your music production journey, at no cost. Sometimes, a manufacturer will make an interface specifically for a certain environment. And that’s a list of the best interfaces available (or coming soon) in 2020! $274. IK Multimedia AXE I/O USB Guitar Audio Interface | Sweetwater Focusrite 18i20 x 2, Novation ReMote 25SL. The good news is, these interfaces are super affordable and still get you studio-quality sound: First up comes the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. This item: AXE I/O 2-channel audio interface with guitar tone shaping, amp output and software recording bundle $349.99 Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Probably going to need more outputs. IK Multimedia AXE I/O USB Audio Interface. The AXE I/O Solo offers one PURE ultra-transparent microphone preamp (with phantom power), and one instrument input letting guitarists shape their tone in powerful new ways. Magix Samplitude Pro X5. While the connector and inputs/outputs determine the bulk of the purchase decision, the extras definitely need to be factored in too.Extras include: Now, let’s dive into these audio interfaces. My 2nd gen Focusrite 18i8 wasn't doing it for due to the dreadful Windows 10 driver introducing audible artifacts that were driving me nuts. Steinberg UR-RT2. NOK 3,999. However, if you want a stock standard interface that does it’s job, at this price point it probably doesn’t make much sense. How about an interface that’s optimized for guitarists, with guitar related software that will … Expand with more interfaces over thunderbolt, Touch screen interface showing all channel info, Built-in UAD DSP with HEXA core processing, 700+ samples for any time of EDM production, A selection of high-quality EDM Serum presets, Our best resources for making music, including the ‘How To Make Electronic Music’ mega guide. Ceny již od 6390 Kč! IK Multimedia AXE I/O Premium audio interface with advanced guitar tone shaping . Not necessary if you’re just wanting a run-of-the-mill interface, though. $339. Probably going to need more inputs.Need to output to multiple pairs of speakers? The form factor on the AudioBox is a little nicer than the U-Phoria, so it’s probably going to be a bit more durable on the road. IK Multimedia AXE I/O IK Multimedia has one of the most well-regarded software guitar amp systems available in AmpliTube. I’d highly recommend the under $300 options as a great place to start.But an audio interface is likely one of many things you are considering.

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