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See what it has been selling for by following the link! Check out current prices of these in-demand comics with our price guide! $130.00. The introduction of the "new" X-MEN was a game changer for team books! One of the most dynamic and innovative books of the era, these are getting hot on the collectors market! Learn what the value of your old Hulk comics are in our FREE price guide! See our price guide for details. Superman was SO bankable for DC, that they started giving supporting characters their own titles, LOIS LANE among them. All rights reserved, free account or opt for a paid membership, DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL THE MULTIVERSE WHO LAUGHS #1, BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS HARLEY QUINN #2, STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC #9. High-quality stories and great backups make these 40's issues having collectors clamoring for originals! See the key issues on Quality's price guide! See if you have any of these rare curios in your collection! Comics Price Guide was the first online price guide for comic books back in 1995. She was always there for Our Fighting Boys! All his early appearances go for astronomical amounts! Fox's Jo-Jo Comics started life as a "funny animal" book, but starting with issue #7, it be came a jungle adventure book. Check what early issues and key issues are worth by clicking the title! Superman Gallery#1 $ 275 max 15 found . Between 1952 and 1954, every company put out an explicit horror title. They did manage to survive for a couple issues after the CCA was implemented! Key issues contain the 1st appearances of CAPTAIN MARVEL and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! More obscure, highly valued pre-code gore! See what yours may be worth by clicking the above link... Beginning life as a horror title in Marvel's "Atlas" period, Strange Tales became the home for solo HUMAN TORCH stories, then introduced DOCTOR STRANGE and NICK FURY! Didn't really matter the setting, be it military, old west, air, sea, boxing ring - if it involved men fighting, it was in Two-Fisted Tales! The key issues are #1, #42, and #107 - these are the ones fetching higher prices among collectors! Weekly content and price updates based on actual market values—keep you up to date with the latest information. We provide you with free appraisals and no obligation! A genre-hopping book from Fiction House. The Defenders made their 1st appearance in Marvel Feature #1, making collector demand for the early issues steadily increase in sale-ability and value! ROCK! Download Comics Price Guide and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. One of EC Comics' flagship books, Weird Science is very beloved to collectors for it's superior renderings and visions of the future! Looking to sell your comic book collection? Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #9-Wally Wood EC VF. Supernatural. Comics Price Guide; Instagram; Comic Book UPC Code History and Price Implications. Check your collection and use our price guide. Superboy proved to be so popular that DC gave him his own title in 1949. Quality Comix LLC500 Eastern BoulevardSuite 101Montgomery, AL 36117, Hours of Operation:10am - 7pm Mon - SatPhone: 1-800-548-3314, Site Links: Ultra-rare female-fronted title from Timely! It's consistent originality has made it one of the most important comics, spawning off-shoots. Both incarnations are very valuable! Marvel's series based on the ever popular movie! Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. He started out hating ALL of humanity...until the Nazi's came along, then they became his prime target (thank goodness!). It became a consistently best-selling title for them for over 25 years! 3 reviews for, 3.0 stars: “Never receive my order”, “I've been here a number of years now with over 2000 comics in my database and never had an issue with accessing my account or them losing my info. The Man Without Fear was one of the most original heroes introduced by Marvel in the 60's! Originally a monster/horror series, Marvel introduced IRON MAN in issue #39! Getting rarer daily! Grab 'em up if you see them! Click on the title to see current values! DC's Showcase was their premier title for introducing & re-introducing new characters in the 50's & 60's;FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, AQUAMAN, THE ATOM, THE CREEPER all emerged or re-emerged here! In about a month and a half (on July 16, 2019), the new official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (2019-2020) will be released. Check details above.. Some of the earliest of the genre! Other options New and used from $18.55. Rare early issues are Golden-Age favorites, but all the issues are valuable! The ever-compelling HAWKMAN re-emerged for DC in the 60's. ! See if you may have any of the key issues by clicking the title link! Very hunted-for by discerning horror fans! Jam-packed with great stories and art, market value is high.. "What if we took our most popular heroes, and put them in one book as a team?" AMERICA! See prices - click the link! The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #50 Valiant Heroes HC (2020) Cover by John K Snyder III $37.50 excl tax. $129.99. Several key issues are rising in value! Right on the heels of PLANET COMICS, Fox put forward their take on the sci-fi comic, which tried it's best to compete - they even got Lou Fine to draw covers!Ultimately, Science lasted only 8 issues, by which time had become more of a superhero book... Atlas Comics was so prolific in their offerings of supernatural & horror titles in the 50's. All worth money! Zombies! Although is existed for a while, it was with issue #27 that history was made with the 1st appearance of BATMAN!! Not really a "team" book, Timely did offer some more obscure heroes in All-Winners in addition to their proven faves.We got BLACK MARVEL, THE DESTROYER, THE WHIZZER, & MISS LIBERTY! See our price guide! Have Old Batman Comics? Comic Book Price Guide free download - Simple Comic, Comic Life, Comic Reader, and many more programs STAROS REPORT 1997 new Eddie CAMPBELL great review. See what yours may be worth, just follow the title link! This is the book that ushered in the "Marvel Age of Comics!" Former purveyors of excellent superhero comics, Quality Publications jumped into the horror arena with Web Of Evil, which proved they could really do all kinds of material very, very well! After being introduced in All-Star #8, DC completed their "holy three" lineup (along with Superman & Batman) by giving WONDER WOMAN a permanent home in Sensation Comics! Early issues are most sought-after, and are climbing in value! The FF's popularity virtually changed the focus of the whole industry back to the superhero genre! Earlier issues of young Mr. Andrews' exploits have become very collectible and valuable! See what yours may be worth! Always a top-notch product, and still collectible! Nostomania: free online coin, comic book, and magazine price guide with collection, wantlist, and inventory tracking. Another pre-Marvel Atlas Comics supernatural/horror/suspense title that preceded the Marvel favorites of the late 50's-early 60's. often used the same creative teams that would make Marvel legendary! Copyright ©2020 Quality Comix, LLC.All Rights Reserved. Search through your Marvel, DC, Image, and many more comic titles to see the price of the value of your comic book. Attractive covers by Alex Schomburg were a main draw for this series, which continue to fetch high prices! Fiction House's PLANET COMICS essentially invented the sci-fi comic book! Dubbed "Good Girl" art - that is, stories featuring buxom, scantily clad women either in bondage, or in a position of power over men, Fox's All-Top #8 changed this title from a "funny animal" book, to a Good Girl book! Early issues are going up in demand and price! This book gave the world ECLIPSO, ABEL, and SWAMP THING! The company was at the height of their creative prowess, often using creative teams that would later find stardom at Marvel! Our free price guide is just a click away! This short lived Pre-Code Horror title is among the most grotesque of the genre, and are very sought after! All 21 issues are worth hunting down! Stellar art by heavy hitters Matt Baker and Jack Kamen make this book very attractive to collectors! Horror was their niche, and Strange Tales O.T.U. Adventure. Dubbed THE JUSTICE SOCIETY of AMERICA, All-Star set the standard for all "team" books! Many of his 40's books are very valuable! Early issues are coveted among war collectors, and key issues introduce favorite characters GUNNER & SARGE and JOHNNY CLOUD! Early & Key issues are most valuable-details on our price guide! Top Notch stories and art make earlier issues much sought-out! Check out the link to see the soaring prices this book is demanding! Timely's flagship comic book! When Gods Walked The Earth! Comic price guides are hard to use, but you are not alone. A respectable sci-fi book in it's own right, DC's Mystery In Space, with issue #53, became the permanent home for the great space-hero ADAM STRANGE! Set up a free account or opt for a paid membership, either way, you can see prices for every comic book in our database. You can also connect with others in the comic industry to further and enhance everyone's comic experience. Another DC hero that originated in the 40's, THE ATOM was given a face-lift and re-branded for the 60's. See what prices issues are selling for here! The series ran for 22 years - a testament to the consistent quality of the book! Just 1 issue before it turned into Marvel Mystery. Relatively unknown graphic pre-code horror comic from Trojan Magazines, Inc. So many important characters in the Marvel Universe were introduced within these pages, we can't list them all! You could always expect a high-quality product from Atlas in the 50's before they became Marvel. This title started in 1968 and remains a fan fave, with key issues going for top dollar! With over 1 Million comic books in the system and close to one million users over our lifetime, you will never find a more useful tool for your collecting needs. There are several key issues, most notably #55 which introduced THANOS! Collectors seek these books for their high quality! Ron Cloer ; October 28, 2020; It’s interesting that for years UPC codes or barcodes were overlooked features on a comic. See the respectable dollar amount these issues are demanding in our online price guide! Comics Price Guide Blog. Right on verge of Atlas becoming Marvel Comics, you can really see where they were headed with 1956's World of Fantasy! Phantom Lady is considered the most collectible! $4.95. Straddling the line between horror and sci-fi, underdog publishing house Stanley Morse gave us the fascinating Weird Tales of The Future in 1952. Jon R. Warren was Senior Editor and Co-Author of The Overstreet Update from 1982 to October 14, 1992. Might you have some issues stashed away in your attic? 100 Bullets 1999 issue #26: DC: 100 Bullets: 1999: 26: NM: 2.71: 2.46: 1.76 : 100 Bullets 1999 issue #28 All the 1940's Golden-Age issues are getting harder to find, and demanding high prices! And it was just that - it came out 4 times a year, and featured only FLASH stories, no backup features! But we couldn’t have gotten this far without the dedication of you, the loyal Pop […] Read More… Check Quality's price guide for recent sales! Learn About Comics He was author of the 1995 Wizard Annual Comic Book Price Guide and also the 1996 Wizard Annual Comic Book Price Guide. Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Companion SC (1989) 3rd Edition #1: Overstreet: 1989 Out of stock Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Companion SC (1990) 4th Edition #1: Overstreet: 1990 In stock Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Companion SC (2008) 38th Edition #38: House of Collectibles: 2007 Out of stock Check out what these increasingly collectible comics are going for on Quality Comix's online price guide! (CPG) is the premier online comic book price guide for comic valuations and comic collecting. Giant-Size X-Men #1 is one of the most in-demand comics on the market, and one of the most valuable books of the 70's! The industry put the kibosh on these titles around 1949. Things got weird when Jimmy entered Kirby's "Fourth World" storyline. #14 features the 1st appearance of MULTI-MAN! Riding the popularity of their other hero titles, these early issues continue to be collector faves! Seven Seas Comics notoriously featured overtly gratuitous renderings of sexy gals, and is considered a "Good Girl" book. Automated matching of wantlist and inventory items. Most important and popular superhero created since Batman! Search from close to 6000 publishers from dozens of countries. Hard to find, but potentially valuable, check Quality Comix's online price guide to hunt 'em down! 1941 saw DC's Leading Comics hit the shelves. His early issues are among the most desired war books on the market! Spotlight offered comicdom the first solo appearances of many key figures in the Marvel Universe; including GHOST RIDER, MOON KNIGHT, SPIDER-WOMAN, and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. The Comic book price guide is 100% free to use. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to the largest, most complete comic book price guide with well over 1,000,000 comics in our database. #1 formally gave us WARLOCK!#15 is the 1st appearance of IRON FIST! Read on to find out how to make sense of all the resources available, or to get free help from our team. Another jumbo -sized quarterly offered by DC beginning in 1942! The PPG guide is now home to more than 23,000 Funko items, as well as hundreds of thousands of price points. Check prices using our online price guide! After Superboy, Jimmy Olsen was the next Superman supporting character to be given his own comic. Check going prices by clicking the title link! Top-flight sci-fi comic book from DC, this series gave us CAPT. After the overwhelming success of The Man Of Steel in Action Comics, DC wisely gave SUPERMAN his own title! As new issues and price updates are released every month, you’ll never need to lug around a bulky comic book price guide or other reference material again. Check our online price guide! A consistently enjoyable title, #10 is a key issue in the "Avengers/Defenders War" saga! Ceaselessly collectible, the first 100 issues are the most coveted and valuable! We have put together a definitive article on how to identify what comics you have and whether they have any value. Our free price guide will tell you the value of these rare away! DC Comic Books Price Guide Near Mint. This is the book that introduced MOON KNIGHT in issue #32! See examples of going prices here! The series took a brief left turn in the late 60's when WW gave up her powers, and the book changed it's name to "Diana Prince : Wonder Woman." Yours may be worth money - see the price guide! The number 1 free online comic book community featuring a comic book price guide database, friends, lists, blogs, and more Fawcett's most popular character, after his debut in Whiz Comics, CAPT.MARVEL was given his own title in 1941. One of the most original of the DC stable of stars, issues of his own book are always rising in value! Continental set the horror comic pace in the mid 40's with Suspense. You can pick up our app if you're going to a convention and have your entire collection and want list with you. Tales From The Crypt is often the first title that springs to mind when considering 50's horror comics! Ordering & Shipping The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #50 Spawn/Spider-Man HC (2020) Cover by Todd McFarlane $37.50 excl tax. 89 $29.95 $29.95. Flash Comics, so popular for DC in the early 40's, that they started All-Flash Quarterly. Every year when I get a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, I looked the prices first to see what some of my comic books are worth. Then came GIANT MAN, and THE HULK and SUB MARINER. When Jack Kirby returned to Marvel in the mid-70's, he offered The Eternals from his ever fruitful imagination. Batman And The Outsiders #1 $ 116 max 69 found . Another home for Timely's b-list superheroes - BLUE BLAZE, DYNAMIC MAN, THE BLACK MARVEL, and THE DESTROYER (well, we'll give him a B+!). See what key issues to look for in Quality's online price guide! If you have early or key issues, there is some value there! Comic book grades are listed as Fine, Mint, Good, and Poor. These are getting very hard to find! Check what prices key issues are fetching by using Quality Comix's price guide! EC struck gold once again with their clever stories and superior art! CPG Tutorial Video Series: We're a price guide, so you should be able to find prices, right? Comic book price guides are generally monthly, quarterly, or yearly publications which detail the changes in the resale value of a comic over a period of time. One of the only comic books of the era written and drawn by women - a rarity for the 40's! Action Comics #1 through #200, Action Comics #242 (first appearance of Brainiac), and Action Comics #252 (first Supergirl comic). Collectibles marketplace You know you are in for a treat when the first issue features your hero punching Hitler in the face! All issues of this 40's classic fetch high prices on the market! Examples of key issues and current values are searchable on Quality Comix's online price guide! Read more about collectible Superman comics here and our Action Comics price guide here. FATE, GREEN ARROW, and JOHNNY QUICK in these pages, until switching back to a humor title.The first-rate hero books are most wanted. Debuting in 1940, this comic is most known as the home of KAANGA : JUNGLE LORD! For each sale discovered, we match it to the specific comic in our massive database (which also includes variant covers and printings). See the top prices this one-off is going for by following the title link! See the going prices above! Horror. Issue #27 gave us Henry Pym, who became ANT-MAN, the star of the book. Tintin (french) Tintin En Amerique 1946 $ 6908 max 10 found . COMET earlier on-but with issue #205, the radically original DEADMAN was introduced! Excellent "proto-Marvel" stuff very sought out by collectors! Check out those chilling covers! Often whimsical, there are plenty of cameos from The Big Guy himself! It goes without saying that this is one of the most valuable comic books ever! He battles TIGER SHARK, THE HULK, THE THING, and humankind in general! Find out what all of the best issues are worth! This title may only increase in value over time! Time left 9d 22h left. Again, very obscure, but potentially a big payoff if you happen upon any issues! New Listing Combo Magazine x4 LOT Comics Price Guide Cards Action Figures Video Games Gaiman. See the current price range by clicking the title! Get an idea of what these obscure finds may be worth with Quality's free price guide. DC/National Comics rocked the industry and set the standard with the introduction of SUPERMAN in issue#1; perhaps the most coveted and expensive comic book ever! Get Directions. In the tradition of The Avengers, Marvel introduced "supergroup" The Defenders in the 70's. If you can find one, see the small fortune you may possess by clicking the title for the current going rate! Lovingly rendered by "good girl" artist Matt Baker, these 3 issues are rare and valuable! And for good reason! When IRON MAN was given his own title in 1968, there was no looking back! Sub-Mariner Comics was another huge hit for Timely! Perhaps the most iconic comic book soldier of all time! Steel Sterling, The Web, Blackjack - all favorites of discerning collectors and fetching some high prices! AMERICA in #13! DC Comics in the 40's just seemed to be racking up hit after hit, and when they introduced THE FLASH in 1939, he quickly became one of the most beloved heroes in their roster! Excellent sci-fi/horror offering from Atlas in the 1950's, proving they could survive in the changing market. Their industry leading stories and art make them some of the most sought after and pricey books! Many DC heroes went through the ranks of Star Spangled. FH had great art and writing, making this a notch above other Tarzan-imitator comics! See examples of the extraordinary prices that this classic is fetching by clicking the link! We offer Modern, Bronze Age, Silver Age, and Golden Age comics. No publishers are sponsors of CPG. Iconic and enduring, all of these 40's issues of CAPT. Bound women! Timely title featuring new characters (THE DEFENDER, CAPTAIN TERROR, THE VICTORY BOYS, etc. Challengers of The Unknown was one of the very finest "team/adventure" books when DC first presented them in the late 1950's. They did give us Haunted Thrills, however! From United States. Most issues have a publication run spanning several years, if not decades. Many issues contain backup stories of THE ANGEL. Click the title link above! Paperback $18.89 $ 18. See what these are currently selling for on our price guide... A Marvel monster book that changed direction as superheroes became popular. This Marvel offering was in the suspense/horror vein - but this title is mostly known as the precursor of the comic that introduced Spider-Man (in issue #15, dropping the "Adult"from the title).See what the earlier issues go for by clicking above! Gritty 1950's war title from DC! Early issues =$$$. Issue #87 has the first appearance of the popular feature HAUNTED TANK! Since Marvel brought Cap back from the dead in the 60's, he has remained one of the most popular and collectible characters! A humor book at it's inception, More Fun abruptly changed course when the superhero craze took off. This book's key issues still demand top dollar! They are all desirable and potentially worth money! The Overstreet Price Guide [OCPG], currently on its 49th Volume, was at one time an indispensable tool for the comic collecting hobby. Check out current prices of these in-demand comics with our price guide. There are resources and information to help you grade your comic books according to condition as well as get a value. ‎ (CPG) is the premier online comic book price guide for comic valuations and comic collecting. In 1948, St. John introduced MOPSY, a popular humor-romance comic based around irrepressible flirt, Mopsy. DC's G.I. The rarest of the rare in Golden Age collectibles, this 1 issue of World's Best was the prototype for what became World's Finest Comics - the book that teamed-up Superman & Batman! EC offered the creme-de-la-creme of stories and artwork, and Haunt Of Fear is a book that has gained legendary status among collectors! Key issues fetch big bucks! Price guides are also important tools for collectors looking to sell their collection or determine their collection’s worth for insurance purposes. Silver Surfer remains one of the most collectible characters that Marvel first presented in the 60's. WONDER WOMAN, THE FLASH, & THE GREEN LANTERN were featured in every issue of this scarce comic book! How do I identify what comics I have and how do I figure out what they are worth? These handful of issues are some of the most collectible rarities from our friends in Derby, CT. See what yours may be worth in our price guide above! So many small publishers found themselves in hot water after the crackdown on gruesome and explicit content in the early-mid 50's; and Farrell was no exception. Get the best deals on Comic Book Price Guide when you shop the largest online selection at Scour your back issues and see if you may own any of the issues included in our free price guide! Click the title and follow current market value! If you have it, Quality is buying! This one is more sci-fi oriented - and worth a pretty penny on the market! THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, ENEMY ACE, & MADEMOISELLE MARIE all had lengthy runs in this increasingly collectible title! This became her feature book, making it valuable to collectors! See values in our price-guide! You may be able to retire if you own this one! Stan Lee wrote lots of stories for this rare, rare title! See some selling prices by clicking on the title! The Update ceased publication in late 1993. Another super superhero title from Archie comics. I definitely do use that as a reference. See what they are going for here! We have values for any Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Darkhorse, or Dell comic book that is in your collection. See examples by clicking above! If you're looking for a hard to find back issue, we probably have it. COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #6 - OVERSTREET 1976 - GOOD CONDITION. THE premier sword and sorcery comic book from Marvel's prolific Bronze-age! These Bronze age books are getting hot! AMERICA are holy-grails for collectors! Estimate the value of each Classics Illustrated comic book using a comic book price guide. Our Team With their depiction of voluptuous women in grave danger, these comics are going for top dollar! This comic book solidified Marvel's position as the #1 purveyor of Silver-Age hero greatness! Long considered Marvel's "Marquee" title, it's dynamic storytelling and art make THOR a collectible favorite, with many key issues selling for high prices! Check out the prices these are fetching! Toggle navigation. This in-demand book has been selling for respectable prices! Another of EC's iconoclastic titles from the early '50s, Vault Of Horror again exceeds all quality expectations when measured against some of the lesser known titles of the era! Do you have any issues? We're here to help. Classics Illustrated comic books, unlike most other comic book series, reprinted comic issues often to meet market demand. These are vault-worthy books if you got 'em! Direct Edition, 1st Full Appearance of Invincible and Omni-Man, 1st Appearance of Cindy Moon (Full) as Silk, Origin of Black Knight III (Dane Whitman), Death of 1st Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), John Romita Classic Cover. Don't be scared - we want 'em! Kicking-off the "Mutant" craze, when X-MEN premiered in 1963, it was so different from any other team book on the market. Story Comics, Inc. brought it all to the table with Mysterious Adventures! Original Content © and logo ® 1995-2020, Inc. All other material © and logos ® are owned by respective copyright holders. C … Another winner from EC in the 50's. You may be in the money if you have any of these...check out the prices that this title is demanding in our price guide! Weird Fantasy maintains the high quality of their other books of the time! Harvey's Tomb Of Terror featured extra-graphic cover images of the pre-code horror genre; disfigured, flesh melting emaciated zombies, faces exploding, etc. Debuting in 1941, we got STAR SPANGLED KID, NEWSBOY LEGION w/ THE GUARDIAN, ROBOTMAN, LIBERTY BELLE, & ROBIN's solo adventures! Batman The Dark Knight Returns Tpb $ 82 max 86 found . Updated and added to every day, it will eventually list all significant British comics published and all Marvel and DC comics that were either officially distributed or Non Distributed in the UK.

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