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Famous People Said This: 20 Quotes by People You Know


Whether you are a student, worker, manager or any other type of professional, motivational and inspirational quotes from famous people always tend to spark something in every person. Keeping that in mind we have collected 20 Best quotes from Famous people, at least one of which will sure serve as a source of sustained inspiration for you.

1. Steve Jobs

One of the most important visionary of the modern era, who in way made personal computing and smartphones possible with his revolutionary ideas and passionate desire to exceed. He has plenty of quotations that are used in preambles to inspire a lot of engineers, artists, businessmen and entrepreneurs all over the world, but we decided to pick this one up because it explains almost every decision of Steve Jobs.

2. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is known for his non-violent words as well as actions. In fact his methods were so successful that he along with his followers were able to bring freedom to their country. One of his quotations listed here can very well be used as a yard stick throughout the life.

3. Bertrand Russell

A British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, and social critic, Bertrand Russell is famous for his work in analytical philosophy. And this quote is probably a diminutive insight into his greater belief system.

4. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Amaru Shakur, a rapper and actor by profession spoke about all the miseries and beliefs through his lyrical masterpieces.

5. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most important geniuses world has ever witnessed and like most of the geniuses he too was judged as incompetent during his earlier academic years. This quotation possibly reflects his thinking pattern that helped through all those stages and helped him contribute so much to the world.

6. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is primarily famous for her role in Harry Potter but she has many other movies and awards on her side. And when she says “Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone pretends to love.” it better be true

7. Christina Aguilera

A Singer and Actor by profession this american beauty has inspired a lot of people around the world through her lyrical pop music.

8. Adele

Adele is famous for her album 21 and with that she ushered a completely different set of feelings into music industry with her charming voice and lyrics; “Not her looks.”

9. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a country singer/writer and most of her songs reflect her life experiences and beliefs, and the same goes true for this quotation.

10. Marilyn Monroe

A singer, actor and model by profession, Marilyn became a sex symbol back in 90’s. But her legendary quotes are followed by women to the word, to this day.

11. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of United States, but his merciful, sincere, loyal and intellectual capabilities were some of his even stronger suits. This quote is a miniscule idea from an ocean of wisdom.

12. Mark Twain

A famous american writer and humorist by profession Mark Twain weighs the importance of persistence in any situation with this quote.

13. Blaise Pascal

If there was a single mantra for success and productivity that you could take from this post, it would most certainly be this thought provoking quote by Blaise Pascal; a famous mathematician, physician, inventor, writer and a christian philosopher.

14. Will Smith

Will Smith is famous actor/singer and links all his success to hard work, not just raw talent. This quotation is just a tiny piece of principle he truly stands for.

15. Thomas Edison

A famous inventor and Businessman, Thomas Edison invented many important things that enlightened the world and continues to do that to this day. Among his inventions are phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb.

16. George Carlin

A comedian by profession, George Carlin is more famous for his critical thinking, writing, acting and a creative blend of all his talents to give audience mental food and a few laughs while they are at it. He has won as many as 5 Grammy Awards for his comedy albums and this quotation is just a minor piece of what he actually offers in his stand-up comedy sessions.

17. Malcolm X

An inspirational human rights activist and muslim minister, Malcolm X stood for black community during the harshest of times, which earned him the title of “ Greatest and the Most influential African American person in history.”

18. Bob Marley

A singer by choice and a humanist by conviction, Bob Marley expressed love through his songs and this quotation is a sneak into his sentimental innocent heart.

19. Jimi Hendrix

Another legendary artist primarily famous for his impeccable guitar skills, Jimi Hendrix speaks of love and emotions through his songs. This quotation explains a lot about his mental thought pattern and possibly also the fundamental truth about the whole world.

20. Abraham Lincoln

To end this post, we bring again a beautiful quote from Abraham Lincoln that just about gives the gist of the meaning of this entire post.

We hope these Quotes from famous people have moved you enough to get through blocks and help you achieve your goals, if only for a day.

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