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QR Code Business Card Inspiration: 40 Great QR Code Business Cards


A QR code business card uses a QR code, or Quick Response code, is a specific matrix barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.  The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background that can encode text, URLs, or other data.  QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in advertising as a way of interacting with potential clients, but they have recently become trendy for business card design as well.

A QR code business card can encode all of the data on the QR code, or just a certain bit, but one things for sure, a designer with a QR code business card is communicating about their cutting edge knowledge of technologies.

In this QR code business card inspiration series, we’ve gathered up 40 great QR code business cards to inspire you.

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Enjoy this QR code business card inspiration roundup!

QR Code Business Card Inspiration:

New QR Code Business Card

23rd and 5th

Bert Haymens QR Code Business Card

Ben Business Card

Chocolate Graphics

QR Codes and Design Ideas

Geng Gao


Rodion Kovenkin QR Code Business Card

Casey Templeton QR CodeBusiness Card

Michael Silber QR Business Card

QR Business Cards

QR Business Cards

Dekonstructiv Studio

Christine Songco

Think Technica

Tom Neal Film



Night Owl Craft Works QR Business Card

QR Codes on Business Cards


Commando Nerd Patches

Drew Hornebin

Junzi Funds

Jared Earle QR Code Business Card

Planet10 Tech QR Code Business Card


Letterpress QR Code Business Card

Erik Wiegers QR Code Business Card

Big in Japan

Not Dan Wilkerson

Photographer QR Code Business Cards

Niteshade Labs

Personal QR Code Business Card

Wine Bottle Label Business Card

Philippe Creux QR Code Business Card

Andy Piper Business Cards

Stephanie Obodda QR Code Business Card

Yup QR Code Business Card

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