Do you know Why Your Productivity is Lacking and How to Fix It

Freelancer is a person who is the boss and employee of his own work. These people love their job because it gives them complete freedom to work according to their own style. The flexible timing leaves an ample scope to show their creativity. Freelancing has become a massive part of the work landscape. Each person faces the issue of low productivity at some point of time. The term productivity in general is a measure to test efficiency of a person, machine etc. by converting input into useful outputs. Not only the teams but each individual’s mistake leads to low productivity. Similar is the case with the freelancers. To succeed in workplace it is very important to be productive and efficient. A freelance should understand  why your productivity is lacking and how to fix it because for them time is not always a same.

Freelancers have to make such an environment at home that neither their work suffers nor their family life. Creating a balance between the two will enhance their productivity. Are you feeling that your productivity is low? The reasons of less productivity are multiple. Every person suffers from different problems in life. Each of these could affect your work in a number of ways. As a freelancer, issue of low productivity is a matter of great concern. As freelancers work alone from home, they have to fix their problems themselves. There would be no one coming to guide them through their mistakes. You all might have tried a million of times to enhance productivity. Some of your techniques may have given you some fruitful results, while others might have just wasted your precious time. In this article we have tried to find out some of the reasons why your productivity is lacking and how to fix it.

Not Following Regular Routine

Not Following Regular Routine

Productivity of an individual could suffer because the person might not be following regular routine. Such freelancers think that they have ample time with them, so they get up late, follow a lazy schedule, roam here and there throughout the day and work at night. Working late night disturbs their routine for the next day. Suppose a day might come, when they follow this usual routine and somehow they face problem at night. There could be no electricity or any unexpected guest could arrive. What would ultimately happen is that your work for the day would remain pending and on the next day you will have to complete the whole work. In order to be productive, follow your regular routine and be strict while doing work. Don’t leave the place until you finish your work.

No Fear of Deadlines

No Fear Of Deadlines

Another factor which leads to low productivity is no fear of deadlines. When a freelancer starts thinking that he is the only boss, he starts giving the work to his clients according to his own wish. Such a freelancer sees his own comfort zone first. One should work according to the timelines mentioned by the clients.In fact I personally feel, set your timelines much earlier than the deadlines of the clients.

Satisfied with the Present Job

Satisfied With The Present Job

If the freelancer is satisfied with his present work, he would lose interest in all other works. This thing could be a positive point for all regular jobs but in case of freelancing, such a behavior towards work is not appropriate. Freelancing is such a profession which has a large number of tasks at some point of time but at other times you may have to face lack of work. To overcome or avoid such situation, search for new opportunities regularly so that there is a constant flow of work and you need not sit idle at any point of time.

Spending Unnecessarily

Spending Unnecessarily

Low productivity could also result because of spending money on less important things. A week may be financially sound due to a large amount of work and you plan to spend money. Now in another week you are just stuck with one or two clients. A situation may arise when you have no money left with you. At that point you would realize to save money. Make it a regular habit to save extra money. The money could help you in bad times or it could help in expanding your business.

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