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Pictures of the Most Alien-Like Place on Earth: You won’t Believe This is from Earth


Socotra Island in Yemen might be the most odd-looking place on earth. At least it is not inhabitant. You could end up in this place and not believe this is earth. The tree trunks are big, water is blue and green at places, it has ridges you have never seen before and there are holes in places you wouldn’t imagine.

Socotra Island is one of the most isolated place on our planet. It remains disconnected from rest of the places on earth and has been so since the last 6 million years.

This island wasn’t formed due to a volcano, it used to be part of a continent once. Due to its isolation from rest of the world, the species are nothing like you will see on rest of the planet because the evolutions of the species found here haven’t been influenced by the outside world.

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