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25 Great Peace Backgrounds


Peace has become a very rare commodity these days. The world, at large, is enveloped in so many different kinds of struggles that our minds are always in a state of disturbance and thus, not at peace. Peace, if pieced together, implies a state of harmony or lack of violence. The notion of peace itself is a great leveler in present times and we are always looking for some or other source that will give us that much-eluding peace of mind. Peace has been traditionally associated with symbols like white roses, dove flying with twigs in its mouth or that widely popular circular peace logo with a running vertical line joined by two short diagonal lines.

Since we are not at peace with ourselves, we try to look for ways that would bring it in our lives. One such way is to use peace background wallpapers on our desktops and laptops. Here we present a medley of twenty five peace background wallpapers with this very logo in front. The designs have been creatively merged with the logo to give you a sense of peace and calmness. You can use them as your desktop and laptop backgrounds to create a positive aura in the otherwise mechanized and bland-looking screen. Have a look and check out the variety.

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Light of peace

Starlit cool background with peace embossed on the edges of the peace logo.

Cool Peace Background

Paint it red

A soldier stands guard as another paints the peace logo.

Banksy Peace

Rest in peace

A blue orange in halves similar to the peace logo resting on a wooden surface.

Blue Peace Sign


Wall painting background with blue green climbers hung behind the solid peace symbol Liner.

Navy Peace Sign

Solid peace

Metallic peace logos sharing space together.

Metal Peace Signs Background

Peace bubbles

Multi colored peace logos hanging on a white surface Liner.

Peace Sign Background

Let peace prevail

Peace logo reflecting the shine of universal objects.

Peace Light

Bliss of peace

Multi colored butterflies flying around the peace circle in perfect consonance.

Butterfly Peace Background

Aroma of peace

Pink heart shaped rose petals joined together to spread the fragrance of peace.

Heart Shaped

Strength of peace

Lightning waves encircle the peace logo to protect it from the darkness of violence.

Peace Fights The Darkness

Decorative peace

Eye soothing peace logo with floral embroidery on a sea green background.


Constructing peace

Tri colored wooden planks joined together to construct a peace logo.

Piece Mark

Peace bracelet

Soft green bangle holding together the peace symbol.

Peace Bracelet

Cultivate peace

A peace logo carved on a green landscape.

Peace In Nature

Peace collage

Various definitions and perspectives on peace from different people.

The Art of War and Peace

Give Peace A Chance

Graffiti on wall with victory sign in corner soliciting a chance for peace.

Give Peace A Chance

Warmth of peace

Simple and bright peace logo with sun rising from green background.

Peace And Love

Peace conquers

Silver colored peace logo with multi colored bullets in background.

Silver Peace

Sound of peace

Yellow grey autumn background conveying the silence of peace.

Peace Earth

Spread peace

Newspaper cuttings of world peace news with the peace logo in front.

Newspaper Peace Background

Wings of peace

A white dove flying in the azure blue clouds carrying the message of peace.

Dove Peace Background

Floral peace

Floral print wallpaper background with the peace logo pasted on it.

Peace Flowers

Peace in danger

Cracked white peace logo on a black background.

Peace Symbol

Pass it off

Bright and radiant background conveying the energy and aura of peace.

Colorful Peace Background

Search for peace

Palms embossed on sea life background in search of peace on the horizon.

Peace On The Horizon

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